How to connect gas pipes

Currently, there are many modifications of products used specifically for the supply of household gas, the choice of which is determined by the peculiarities of laying gas communications. In addition, our industry also produces universal pipes that can be used in gas supply systems of the most diverse classes.

At the same time, you should be clearly aware that the safety of operation of the entire trunkline will largely depend on the quality of the connection.

But before you do the joining (regardless of the method of their articulation you choose), you should familiarize yourself with the existing varieties of the products used.

Types of pipes

How to connect gas pipes Polyethylene pipes

In recent years, when laying gas networks increasingly used products made of polyethylene, successfully competing with traditional metal. Their feature is that their production technology involves pressing the source material under high pressure. Due to this, polyethylene products have the following indisputable advantages over metal:

  • high operational safety (due to lack of electrical conductivity);
  • resistance to destructive processes (corrosion and cracking) ;
  • high resistance to aggressive media;
  • low weight and ease of formation of joints.

Immediately make a reservation that polyethylene products are allowed to be used only within an apartment or a private house. External lines of gas supply are carried out, as a rule, on the basis of traditional metal.

Connection methods

How to connect gas pipes Pipe winding

The most important characteristic that determines the choice of method gas pipe connections, is their cross section. The following options are possible:

  1. For sections from half an inch to 2 inches inclusive, welded steel products with a threaded joint should be used.
  2. For sections exceeding the indicated values, seamless seamless ones are used in a special jute shell. For their installation can be used as a threaded connection, and a special method of articulation.

Depending on the material used, you will need to choose one or another method of welding, as well as the appropriate welding equipment. So, for work with steel billets, a typical electric welding apparatus will be required, while a special heating device must be used for polymer welding.

How to connect gas pipes Fittings for steel pipes

In addition, in gas pipelines (by analogy with water mains) fittings already familiar to us may be used.

How to connect gas pipes Sealing of steel pipes To seal all the joints formed during this joint, special fibers are used, impregnated with linseed oil or linseed oil.

Domestic fittings produced by the domestic industry can have very different designs, while ensuring a reliable fit of the elements.

At the end of all repair work, you will need to invite a specialist who will have to perform a test check of the pipeline for leaks. For this purpose, air is pumped into the products;

Finally, we note that when working with pipelines (before the connection) you should take all the necessary precautions that must be taken when handling an explosive substance such as gas.


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