Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home

Building a smart home with your own hands can be tough for a person who does not have a special education. Of course, everything can be done much easier by buying ready-made modules of a smart home. However, it is better to create a system yourself.

What is a smart home

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home What is a smart home

Before than to begin work on the independent creation of various amenities, it is necessary to figure out what a smart home system is and what it can do.

A smart home cannot be characterized by two or three functions. For a shorter definition, it should be said that in such a system all communications are connected to a computer and are controlled by it. The system carefully monitors the temperature in the rooms of the house, monitors and captures images from video cameras. With the help of computer technology, you can adjust the light, the temperature of the floor or batteries, include various electrical appliances and much more.

The degree to which the house is equipped with various modules is determined by the connected equipment or the imagination and creative skills of the master.

Why is it better to start arranging such a system in your own home? Because at the same time the owner himself will be able to regulate various modules, complicate and modify them. He will have in his hands an open source code that can fix it on his own. Ready-made modules and kits do not give such freedom of action. They are completely dependent on the developer company.

Another plus of self-development is that the wizard does not spend a lot of money either on the installation of modules or on repairs. If the ready set is delivered, then any completion will cost quite expensive. In addition, the kit itself will also become a significant expense item.

What the smart home system can do depends largely on the fantasy of its creator.

Where to start

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home Start arranging the smart home

Start arranging the smart home necessary with the most basic things.

  1. You need a computer.
  2. You will have to create a site for your home, where various functions will be reflected.
  3. It will be necessary to install special software (programs). To do this, you need to clarify the compatibility of the software with the computer ".
  4. Chart.
  5. The first plug-in functions can be the simplest. You can start with a home monitoring system and temperature control in the rooms.

Arrangement Details

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home Details of the Smart Home Technology

  1. Local Installation server on Linux.
  2. Apache server setup.
  3. Using Linux, you can set up a video surveillance system using ZoneMinder.
  4. On Apache, you need to create a site for a smart home.
  5. To observe You can install various alarms, USB cameras, install temperature sensors, and install the appropriate software.

This is the minimum set from which the smart home can start. more complicated things. In order to inexpensively create a full-fledged system for managing various communications and equipment functions in the premises of a house, there is no need to invent something. On the Internet, you can find a lot of solutions to create comfort and coziness.

Some masters have long been laying out their designs and offering to test them for users.

Creating a site

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home

Creating a site for your home may seem like one of the most difficult issues. In fact, the finished module of the site can be found on the Internet today. Those who want to do development on their own should do the following.

  1. Understand php and learn how to work with MySQL.
  2. At the core of the smart home function management system will be various scripts. They do not need to develop, most of them are available to users. You just need to understand the installation sequence.
  3. Scripts will run regularly and update information about the state of the system.
  4. The jQuery library is also useful. With it, you can even create a great look of the site, without studying the cascading style sheets.
  5. Work with databases can be facilitated by using the engine to manage the site.

Functions of the smart home

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home Project functionality

Functions and features smart homes are almost limitless. Therefore, it is necessary to consider only some of them.

Light control

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home Light can be adjusted using multiple devices. For example, dimmers can be set to control the light level. Such devices, however, will work only in certain cases. They will not work in fluorescent lamps.

The lack of dimmers is a constant light background noise.

Switches are installed at the place where the light switches are usually located. With their help, the light can be turned on and off.

Household Appliances

Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home Electrical Appliance Control

Household appliances can be turned on and off with using the same switches as in the case of light adjustment.

Do not make all systems at home completely automatic. It is better to leave the possibility of the usual manual control. Otherwise, in case of problems will have to work.


Smart home do it yourself - how to make smart home Surveillance System The surveillance system can be equipped so that cameras located in the house can be monitored even from the workplace. This is not very difficult, the camera system can be installed as the first function of the future smart home. The essence of this technology is that the signal from the cameras is transmitted to a specific computer. Data from sensors and cameras can be obtained even on portable devices.

Motion sensors can be installed simultaneously with video cameras. They will work on the same principle. To adjust the software in the computer, you only need to download the corresponding modules with open source. In order to be able to regulate and modify the code in the future, you will have to understand a little about the structure of such systems. It is easier than learning programming.

Desire and work will help overcome obstacles in mastering the fascinating science of creating a smart home. It is only necessary not to be afraid of the new, and in time, even a process enthusiasm will appear.


We bring to your attention the following videos on the subject of creating a smart home:


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