Single Shed Roof System: device, options and recommendations

Roof construction is a solid and extremely responsible matter. Any oversight in the calculation or assembly of the truss system can lead to unnecessary results, significantly reducing the safety of operation of the building.

Single Shed Roof System: device, options and recommendations

Types of roof truss systems.

A shed roof system is a fairly typical solution for commercial or other non-residential buildings.

Rafters for a shed roof

A rafter system is considered to be the shed of a shed roof. Its arrangement depends on the size of the spans. The task of such a system is the uniform distribution of loads from all kinds of precipitation, wind and the weight of the roof.

Single Shed Roof System: device, options and recommendations

The connection scheme is rafter.

When drafting a project for building a shed roof, these loads should be taken into account with a margin. Recently, there has been a tendency to increase the maximum thickness of precipitation growth per day and the winds began to blow stronger.

Flat roofs have low windage, this allows them, in comparison with other options, to carry a large load.

Shed roofs have gained popularity due to their simplicity and economy. Possessing less wind load and leaning on walls having different heights, the rafters of the roof of the garage and other buildings with a slope hold on tight. This helps to increase the durability of the building and gives it uncommonness.

Installation of a shed roof

According to the masters, its installation can be done even by inexperienced builders. Option shed roof is widely used in the construction of the roof frame of the garage, cottage. For this, it is necessary that its slope be on the windward side. This will contribute to maximum protection from various environmental influences.

The shed roof system of a shed roof attracts with its:

Single Shed Roof System: device, options and recommendations

The scheme of the truss system of a shed roof.

  • utility;
  • affordability;
  • using a small amount of materials.

Work on the construction of the frame is carried out at a height, and it is imperative that you comply with safety regulations. It is necessary to have rescue belts and strong lifts.

A single-pitch roofing system contributes to the most reasonable use of the room, because there is virtually no attic, and there are no uncomfortable balconies.

Often they are used in the construction of the roof of the garage, extensions, various sheds and structures for the economy. Often such requirements are put forward in order to minimize the discharge of water and snow to the pedestrian part. In homes for housing is also the skeleton of the shed roof, to change the design or save.

Versions of shed roofs

Shed roofs of the garage and other buildings are:

  • with ventilation;
  • without ventilation.

Non-ventilated are used in the construction of terraces. The shed roof frame in this case has a slope of 3-6%. On the terrace you can arrange pools, shrubs, flower beds, for which in winter there is a lot of care.

Single Shed Roof System: device, options and recommendations

Scheme for calculating the slope of a single-pitch roof.

In all other cases, for example, in the construction of a garage, ventilated single-pitch roofs are constructed. Their slope ranges from 5 to 20%. The void formed during the construction of the frame, located between the heat and waterproofing layers, prolongs the life of the building due to the presence of ventilation.

On the sides of the roof of the garage or other structures being erected, there are openings through which airing occurs, regardless of the direction of the wind. Such roofs are also constructed, when thermal insulation also sets the angle of inclination.

However, having saved on the construction of such a roof frame, the slope angle of which is insignificant, in the case of a snowy winter there is a possibility of constant cleaning of accumulated snow. If the frame of the dacha roof has one ramp, then its construction will be cheaper, the savings will affect the cost of materials and work.

The structure of a single-slope roof frame with a slope depends on:

  • the overlap of the secondary walls and the attic room;
  • the external configuration of the building - garden, garage;
  • distance of the largest span;
  • wall plan, which are defined for the support.

Rafters for a single-sloped roof

Rafters are the framework that helps distribute the weight of the roof to the inner walls and pillars. A crate is put on top of them, and then the roof. When constructing roofs, the spans of which are not more than 4.5 m, they use roof trusses without braces. For the rest - with struts.

Single Shed Roof System: device, options and recommendations

Knot supporting the rafters on the wall.

According to the class of fastening the rafters are divided into:

  • with a slope;
  • trailing:
  • with a slip.

The shed roof system of the garage and other structures depends on the shape of the roof, the size of the span, the location of the internal supports and the attic floor.

On such roofs, in addition, curbs are constructed to prevent wind prying. It is placed only on the waste side. Other parties are to protect this element. The entire curb is blocked with galvanized iron or tiles, so as not to dampen the wall.

The distance between rafters also affects the reliability of a single-pitch roof. The smaller it is, the greater the design load that the roof can withstand. However, an unnecessarily small step can lead to an increase in the weight of the structure, respectively, and to a load on the foundation and walls. A very long distance will not give the roof resistance to external influences.

Recommendations for the construction of a shed roof

The construction of a truss system of a shed roof should be started after the material is selected. It is crucial in the final slope of the roof. Taking into account the chosen material, the whole calculation of the rafter system will be performed, including the distance between the rafters.

Today it is possible to use:

  • slate;
  • ondulin;
  • metal profile;
  • roofing material;
  • metal tile;
  • shingles.

The angle of inclination for:

  • slate - 20%;
  • roofing material - 5-10%;
  • tiles - from 25%.

It is necessary to know that snow and water will not linger on a slate or tile. The metal tile does not possess such property.

Roof safety directly depends on the ability of the material to be cleaned.

It is also necessary to consider the place where the building is located.

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