Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands

It is extremely difficult to imagine life without various trifles, which allow you to improve your home with comfort and coziness. For this reason, when creating an interior, it is extremely important to think over where exactly such a small but important item as a shelf will be located. The shelf has the greatest value in the bathroom, because it is in this room that there are a large number of small items. In this article we will look at how a bathroom shelf with your own hands can be made. At the same time, at the beginning we will also talk about what types of bathroom shelves are available.

A large variety of shelves for the bathroom

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Variety of choices

Direct selection of the shelf will depend on personal taste. Although in some cases the choice is fairly obvious. So, according to the method of fastening the shelves for the bath can be:

  • wall mounted,
  • angular,
  • floor standing,
  • suspended,
  • fixed,
  • removable.

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Shelf in a niche

As for the location of the shelf in the bathroom, everything is also depends on the size of the bath. For example, in some cases, you can install a shelf under the bathroom or under the sink. In other cases, the shelf is hung on the wall. Shelves may also differ in appearance, for example, closed and open lockers. As for the use of the material for the shelf, here you can use wood, drywall, glass, plastic and metal. Each of these materials has its positive and negative sides, respectively. Now let's take a closer look at some of the technology of manufacturing shelves in the bathroom and find out what functions the shelf in the bathroom performs.

Why they are needed

It should be noted that the shelf in the bathroom plays an extremely important role. For example, it is able to provide security. From what? Glass jars, bottles that stand on the bath itself can fall and break. If you have a regiment, then all this can be prevented. Moreover, a shelf in the bathroom can save considerable space. If you compare them with the lockers, they will not occupy usable space. This is especially important in small baths.

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Everyone needs

Corner, suspended and wall shelves significantly increase the space in the room. Another plus shelf in the bathroom - aesthetics. If you think out its structure correctly, you can decorate the general interior of the room. Let's see how to make the shelf yourself.

Glass shelf!

As regards the manufacture of a glass shelf for a bathroom, there are some requirements and rules. Moreover, the shelf can be made of glass with your own hands of any shape and size. So, for the manufacture of such a shelf, you first need to determine its size, namely the width and length. After in the glass workshop you can order the necessary piece of glass. Ask the craftsman to smooth out the sharp edges of the glass. If you have a built-in niche of plasterboard, then you just need to insert the workpiece, using special mounts for glass. Usually glass is fixed with the help of decorative holders. Previously, using a level, they should be fixed on the wall strictly at the same level. After these holders are installed in the glass harvested.

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Glass with decorative holders

It is important to consider the future load that will affect the glass shelf. You should take care of its strength. The thickness of the glass shelf should be at least four millimeters.

Everyone understands that glass is very dangerous, especially when it is broken. If you have small children, the probability of this increases several times. To prevent the worst, for example, injury by small fragments, it is recommended to pre-glass the glass with a special transparent film. Moreover, some use this film for decorating glass. So, without putting much effort, a shelf for a glass bathroom can be done within a few hours, provided that all the preparatory work is done.

Drywall Shelf

Drywall Shelf is one of the simplest and at the same time inexpensive options. To make it, you will need CD and UD profiles. A frame is made of them, which is fastened with special screws. If in the bathroom plasterboard sheets are mounted on the walls to align them, then small niches can be made. They will serve as shelves for all the necessary items. When the frame is ready and sheathed with plasterboard, the surface can be lined with tiles. Moreover, if desired, this design can be combined with glass. In the built-in niches on decorative holders glass is mounted. So it turns out the shelf for the bathroom, which is perfect for the interior.This shelf can be supplemented with LED strip, which will be an addition to the main lighting. But in this case, instead of decorative glass holders, you will need to purchase an aluminum profile. It is in it that the LED tape will be mounted.

Corner shelf made of chipboard

In the event that the bathroom has a free corner, you can build a corner shelf. Chipboard can be used as a material. All work should be divided into several successive stages.

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Corner shelf of chipboard

Part preparation

Chipboard thickness should not be less than 16 mm. Mark the center on the sheet and draw a circle, the center of which will be this point. You can choose any radius, in our case, let it be 25 cm. Further, the resulting circle should be cut out with a jigsaw. With the help of the square it is necessary to draw a line, dividing the circle into equal two halves. After each of the halves should be divided into two parts. Thus, it should be equal to four parts. When you cut the circle completely, you should cut it using drawn lines with a hacksaw. As a result of the preparatory work should be four identical corner shelves.

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Angular design scheme

Making grooves in a rail

At an angle where shelf will be installed, put a wooden rail. On it you should note the location of the upper and lower shelves. Next, you need to divide the distance between the upper and lower shelves proportionally, so that you get the shelves of the same height. When the marks are on the rail and shelves should be made grooves. Attach a shelf to the indicated place and paint it on both sides with a pencil. Next, you should make a cut on the specified labels. The depth of the cut should be no more than half of the rail. Such a cut is made for each of the shelves sequentially. It is imperative to ensure that the regiment is entering the groove with difficulty. At the next stage, such a cut should be done on the shelf itself. Having drawn the lines, you will see where and how many cuts need to be made. If the shelf is difficult to enter the groove made, then the edges can be slightly polished.

Mounting a corner shelf

There are several options for fixing a corner shelf. For example, you can use mounting bolts. If you do not want to drill tile, you can use mounting glue. But for this you need a special glue that connects the wooden rail with tile. Apply a strip of glue to the back side of the rail. To prevent the rail from sliding on the tile, double-sided tape can be used, which is glued in several places, for example, from above, below and in the middle. When the glue is dry, it remains only to install the shelves. Due to the fact that the shelves fit snugly in the grooves of the rails, it is not necessary to fix them with glue. Additionally, the shelf can be painted or pasted decorative and moisture-resistant film. Despite the simple design of such a shelf is strong enough, therefore, will be able to serve for a long time.

Hinged shelf

Another option for a bathroom shelf is a hinged shelf. Consider how to make a shelf in the bathroom with a length of eighty centimeters. If you need another length, then just take the slats of a different size. Moreover, you can add the number of sections, making it wider. First you need to prepare the required construction material, as well as tools:

  • 5 rails, preferably from pine. Their length should be 112 cm, width - 3 cm, thickness - 1.5 cm.
  • 8 blocks also of pine. Length - 3 cm, width - 3 cm, and thickness 1.5 cm.
  • Special glue for wood.
  • Ruler.
  • Drill.
  • A set of carpentry tools.
  • Special wood screws, 13.5 cm long.
  • Several dowels for fastening the shelf to the wall.

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Suspended

So, five consecutive steps to make such a shelf:

  1. On each rail, you need to measure ten centimeters from two ends and put marks on it with a pencil.
  2. According to marks, blocks are planted on glue between the slats. If the block size does not match the rail, then the block should be filed.
  3. In the next step you will need a drill. In the middle of each glued block should make a mark. As shown in the figure below, it is necessary to make holes. At the same time, the block and rail are drilled at the same time.
  4. At this stage, the entire structure should be assembled into one. To do this, take a long screw. Through the drilled holes poke a screw with a screwdriver. It is extremely important to carry out this process carefully, otherwise the wood may burst and you will have to redo this or that rail.
  5. When the whole structure is assembled, it remains only to hang. If desired, you can pre-open it with varnish and stain to give it a more attractive look.For its installation you need to use a level and a tape measure. Having noted the places of drilling, drill holes, drive dowels. Using a special mounting mounted on a hanging shelf, carry out installation. This shelf has several advantages over others. For example, water will never accumulate on it, so for the bathroom it is a great option.

Photos of the manufacturing process:

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Production

Shelf in the bathroom with their own hands Fastening elements

So, we have considered, perhaps, the most common types of shelves that can be made with your own hands. If you have fresh ideas, write about them in the comments to this article. So, you can share an invaluable experience.

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