How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

Anyone who dreams of living in a comfortable environment that includes a comfortable house, a pleasant and stable microclimate. Particular attention in such buildings is paid to the quality insulation of the building. This stage is of great importance for owners of log houses. How to properly tile the house so that in the future you don’t have to redo the erected creation? The answer to this question is trying to find a large number of private developers.

How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

A caulking iron from a bar is necessary for its warming.

After searching for a sufficient amount of material on this topic, you can find the statement that it is not necessary to use such a method of building insulation. Such arguments are argued by the following fact: the wood undergoes special treatment before use, and buildings erected from it should not shrink. Hence, the appearance of cracks in the buildings of the bar is excluded.

Despite this view, profiled beams occupy a central place in the rating of building materials, and they also have a pleasant price. Any timber is a wooden base with all its inherent characteristics. It can dry out if a material with a natural degree of moisture is selected for construction.

Despite the fact that in the gap between the logs a heater can be laid, it will not save the wood from drying, as a result of which its dimensions will be significantly reduced, and the gaps will become more noticeable. If you do not cut the log house, the heated air from the room will be on the street. Work done on time will eliminate the appearance of dampness on the walls and the rotting of the surface.

Necessary devices for working

How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

Tools for logging caulking machines.

Do I need to caulk a house from a bar? Yes, it is necessary to do this, because a properly carried out process will relieve of cracks in the space between the bar and at the points of the crowns' connection, the heat will be stored in the room, there will not appear drafts and icing.

The material used for caulking must meet certain requirements. In terms of quality indicators, it should be similar to a tree and have a clean, in terms of ecology, basis. Such raw materials are not peculiar to changing external data under the influence of high humidity and temperature indicators. Through it should not pass the air, at the same time, the source must absorb moisture from the ambient air and dispose of it in a timely manner. In such material there should be no rot or pests. An important indicator of such a source will be the preservation of valuable indicators as long as possible.

Among the materials used to insulate the seams of houses, has long been used swamp moss, sphagnum, flax tow, hemp hemp. Modern achievements of the construction area have provided for mass use of new material, jute. One of the best options is marsh moss, which reliably protects the walls of the building from putrefactive processes, fungal manifestations.

How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

Types of caulking tools.

As a result, buildings last much longer. Moss is able to actively absorb moisture, and if the need arises, it fills the wood with it. Its base is perfectly breathable, has antiseptic properties. Moss can be attributed to flawless materials for caulking. However, it is rather difficult to finish them with seams in the wooden house. Yes, and to collect such raw materials in the right amount is not easy.

Linen tow and hemp hemp are also used for house caulking, but their quality indicators are much lower than the one considered. These options are classified as industrial waste, have a similar structure, hemp has thicker and stronger fibers. The lack of such materials will be a residue in the form of fires, it begins to crumble over time, and there is a need for re-work.

Jute is an imported product, it is used in construction not so long ago. Any house will be reliably cleaned with this kind of materials, providing it with a special strength, hygroscopicity, and excellent air conduction. Jute is not able to rot, become covered with mold, its strong base does not allow birds to pull the fibers out of the cracks, which is often observed when tow and hemp are used.

Jute in ribbons and fibers is sold. The first form creates comfortable conditions for determining them in the space between the crowns in the wooden house. Pure jute fiber helps in the construction of a uniform compactor. But such material will have a high enough price. To make it cheaper, flax becomes an integral component of jute, which does not in the best way affect its quality indicators.

Technological features of caulking buildings

How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

Caulking Technology.

How to caulk a house from a bar? To study this question, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the procedure.The process of sealing holes in the structure is not as easy as it seems. Beams must be clearly and stably fixed and strengthened. To connect the crowns of the house, you need to use a layer of insulation material, the thickness of which is equal to 5 mm. A frame built from a material of a natural degree of moisture can increase these figures up to 10-15 cm. When building a building from a profiled bar, the heat-insulating layer is placed in the space of spikes and grooves.

It happens that a bar-shaped joint resembles a combination in a wooden house, their lower part has a relief plane, and the opposite concave shape. In this case, the space between the logs is filled with insulating material, its edges are required to hang down 4-5 cm from the outside. A block construction that does not allow the material to be fixed in the gap between the beams, the gaps from the inside and from the outside are insulated one by one.

How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

Difference of caulker bar and log.

Traditionally, a blockhouse is caulked, starting from the top, gradually moving down. The ideal way out of this situation would be to attract assistants, well, if they start working as four people, that is, each of the walls is occupied by workers. In this case, you can not worry about the distortion of the building, on the contrary, its height can increase slightly, up to 15 cm. To carry out this process smoothly and in an organized manner, for work use:

  • caulker;
  • ordinary knife;
  • spatulas.

The caulking blade has the appearance of a flattened blade of wood with a long handle and a narrowed base. One side looks like a pen, the other - like a spatula.

Options for caulking a house from a bar

How to caulk a house from a bar: options, features (video)

Methods of caulking tools.

Similar activities are carried out in two ways, which depend on the width of the gaps. For the most part, these gaps are very small in the interval between the logs, so here it is advisable to apply the technique of "stretching". Thanks to it, the heat-insulating fibers are placed along the opening, then with the help of a caulker knocked inwards. Thus should continue until the gap finally disappears.

The presence of large gaps between the seams gives rise to the use of the “in set” method. Insulating material is twisted in the form of thin and long ropes, the thickness of which corresponds to the slot. Clearances must be completely clogged. To check the quality of work, you must use a kitchen knife that you need to push into the slot.

When it penetrates the slot by 1.5 cm or less, one can speak of a good quality of insulation. With the deep penetration of this object, you need to add another layer of insulation material. In the process of work, care should be taken: excessive efforts can lead to the separation of the laid timber.

Caulking at home with jute gives good results.

It is worth noting that the process of building insulation by clogging cracks with insulating materials is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Efforts for the quality of the work needed to make a maximum, should be clogged layers 3 times: first at the time of construction, then after 1 year and after completion of the process of natural shrinkage. The period of caulk can stretch over 5 years.

These activities must be carried out on time, which will save from drafts, condensation and wood rotting. Qualitative work contributes to good sealing of joints and the complete absence of cracks in the walls.

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