How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands

When building a house, it is often necessary to build a staircase. After all, most of the projects imply the presence of the second floor. Stairs between floors can be built from different materials. However, the tree is one of the most simple, eco-friendly and convenient. A beginner can handle this stuff.

Of course, the work will take some time. However, the work will quickly pay off, because the design, made with the soul, will serve for many years to the joy of the owners. In addition, the construction of the stairs with their own hands - this is a significant savings.

Types of wooden stairs

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands Views of

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands You can select two main types of wooden stairs:

  • screw;
  • flight.

Marching stairs are the simplest ones, so it is best to begin construction of such a design for the construction of such a structure. Spiral staircases are very complex, they require careful calculations and measurements. One mistake - and the design may fail.

Marching ladders are divided, in turn, into two types: one-mid-flight and two-mid flight. Both types are not so difficult to make them yourself.

The straight staircase

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands The straight line

Before you make a wooden ladder with your own hands, you need to purchase materials and prepare tools.

From the materials it is necessary to take:

  • thick boards (they will go to the steps);
  • bars of a sufficiently large section (about 40 mm);
  • screws.

Before you make a wooden staircase, you need to think over its construction on paper.

It would be very unwise to build without a drawing, so it is necessary to take measurements and make a rough plan before building the stairs.

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands Dimensions

When measuring, consider:

  • the height of the stairs ;
  • the angle of the structure;
  • the number of steps;
  • width.

It is possible to make a similar scheme in electronic form. There are special computer applications that allow you to create such models. Professional software for construction purposes can even have a 3D function. However, it is not necessary at all - to create such a clear example when calculating a simple ladder.

Bowstring or kosour?

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands At the kosoura

Simple flight ladder can be installed on kosourah or on bowstrings. The difference is that the bowstrings are located on the side of the steps, and the strings are under the steps.

A simple staircase, as a rule, has two side bows. Steps are mounted on both sides. The construction described here will be arranged in this way.


  1. How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands Scheme of the ladder on string A detailed diagram of the ladder and each of its parts is drawn up.
  2. It is necessary to pre-cut the steps from the plank, make 2 bowstrings and supporting bars.
  3. Steps are connected with string. Under each step you need to make a supporting bar.
  4. Bowstrings are mounted to the floor and walls.

Painting the stairs

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands Painting The whole process of painting the stairs can be divided into three parts:

  • preparation;
  • painting;
  • protection (varnish coat).

First you need to prepare each element of the ladder for painting. This implies two types of work: puttying and grinding. Hard putty is made by special mixes which are intended only for wood. Use of compounds that do not fit under the tree is prohibited.

When the putty has dried, you can begin to grind surfaces. Grinding is done in two stages. The first stage is rough, superficial. After it, you have to wait a couple of days. It will very soon become noticeable that villi are rising on the surface of the wood. Before the second grinding they need to blow air.

After grinding work, the board becomes perfectly flat and smooth. Now you can proceed to the coating.

When the surface of the stairs is ready for the floor, you need to decide how it will be. Before you paint the wooden stairs with paint, apply a coat of primer. It is better to choose a primer in tone to painting composition.

The choice of paint is best made among alkyd and urethane types of coating. They are ideal for painting the flight of stairs. From the colors it is preferable to take something light.

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands Elements If there is a desire, you can use wood stain instead of paint. The advantage of the stain is that it perfectly emphasizes the unique pattern of wood. Stairs will look just great. Natural drawing is always preferable. Why hide it with coloring compositions when it can itself serve as a decoration.

The stain can be selected with varnish. When buying, it is advisable not to save. After all, the better the composition is, the longer the construction itself will serve.Wood stain - not only decorative furnish. This compound perfectly protects against various factors.

When the paint has dried, a finishing coat of varnish is applied to the surface. It is better to choose a matt varnish; a semi-matt variety is also suitable. Varnishing is done in the case of a ladder in three stages. The composition is applied three times, and before each new application the previous layer should dry well. If bubbles have formed on the lacquer, they should be sanded.

Spiral staircase in the house

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands

If you still want to make a spiral staircase in the house, you can try the simplest installation option. The advantage of this design is that it significantly saves space.

When building, it is important to take into account that the stairs do not turn out to be too steep. If there are elderly people and small children in the house, then it is more reasonable to refuse such a construction, because it can be dangerous.

The easiest way to install a spiral staircase is to buy a ready-made, already dimensioned kit, and just mount it. Saving on installation will also bring substantial benefits.

The design of the spiral staircase consists of three main elements: the rack, railing and steps. Steps are better to choose oak. They are not only one of the most durable, but also have high aesthetic characteristics. Moraine and thermo oak also look very good.

Before buying, you need to measure the dimensions of the future ladder in order to choose the structure exactly for your house. A more expensive option is to hire a specialist who will measure everything himself, and then place an order for the design. If you have the skills to work in construction, you can make the steps yourself, ordering only the rack and railings. Most often racks with railings are metal, but there are also wooden varieties.


How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands Device

  1. The steps on one side have place for mounting to the rack. On the other hand there is a hole for the railing.
  2. The stand is most often metal. It has a flange to which the steps are attached.
  3. The simplest design of the spiral staircase is “in the duck step”. It assumes a special form of steps.
  4. The rack is mounted between floors. It is attached to the floor with anchor bolts.
  5. When the stand is installed, the installation of the steps can begin. The distance between them should not exceed 20 cm. This is necessary for safety reasons.

When mounting the steps, it is necessary to calculate so that the latest one goes exactly to the floor of the upper floor.

The spiral staircase also has a lot of decorative details. And each set can have its own decorations and various fastener elements. When installing an ordinary flight of stairs, the calculation is carried out differently, the geometry of the opening here is rectangular. At the spiral staircase staircase is a circle.


You can learn more about the process of building wooden stairs in the following videos:

If you decide To order the manufacture of wooden stairs to the second floor, contact a proven company, with good reviews, compare prices for wooden stairs. Buy ready-made stairs or make your own to decide.


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