Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

Ladders can have a different configuration, for their manufacture they use materials that differ in appearance, in their properties, and ease of processing. Usually carried out the manufacture of stairs from natural wood, ranging from the frame and finishing plating. Such models are attractive and durable, they can be given any desired shape and appearance.

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

The design of the straight mid-flight ladder.

The simplest are straight stairs and single-sided ones; there is a kind of attractive screw, combined structures, which in their appearance are not inferior to luxurious marble. Unlike natural stone, such stairs are easy to assemble with your own hands, you only need to have some carpentry skills.

Wood for the ladder

For the ladder you can choose the wood of such species:

  1. Beech of a light gray and red-yellow shade, you can choose any suitable option. The tree structure is not very pronounced. Beech is sensitive to moisture, so it needs protection from water. Similar models can be installed only inside well heated rooms.
  2. Spruce has a low cost, beautiful appearance. This wood is durable, not subject to the negative influence of external factors.
  3. Oak is beautiful and durable, but its cost is high.
  4. Larch is considered the best option, it is resistant to mechanical stress, but its cost is above average.
  5. Ash is often used instead of oak, its characteristics are even higher.
  6. Maple has no pores, which provides high performance properties.

The manufacturing process of the stairs

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

Step calculation scheme.

In order to make a staircase with your own hands, you first need to make a design of the structure, on the basis of which elements will be cut. Prepare all necessary things in advance, as in the process of work breaks will only increase the time of construction. In the manufacture of stairs, which will be based on the string, you must remember that they must be massive, withstand the weight of the structure. You have to cut them manually, it is advisable to first create one pattern, by which it will be possible to equal the rest. All sides must be even and neat, otherwise the structure will be skewed during assembly.

Then, according to the prepared scheme, the construction of the feet is started, they are mounted according to the prepared project. Then cut out the elements for the railing and supports. The assembly begins with the marking of the steps, after which the bowstrings are mounted to the wall (if the ladder is attached exactly to the surface of the wall). The result is a reliable frame, be sure to check the horizontal position.

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

Option of fastening balusters.

The steps are fastened with screws and wooden spikes, which are additionally fixed with glue. It is recommended to use metal corners that make the steps more reliable, able to withstand the weight of a person. When installing the railing, you must first fasten the balusters. When their manufacture begins, it must be remembered that the posts adjacent to the rail will go at an angle. Therefore, you should use a circular saw to cut at a strictly defined and pre-measured angle. If the balusters are ready, you can start fixing the railing. They are fixed on wooden spikes, glued for the safety of PVA or wood glue.

The final stage in the manufacture of wooden stairs with their own hands is a decorative finish. There are possible a variety of options, ranging from the usual paint and ending with oils and varnish. Before you begin to paint the surface, it should be processed with a grinder, cleaned of dust. After that, the tree is carefully covered with a layer of paint or varnish of the selected shade. For varnish, you can pre-use the stains that will give the tree a beautiful shade. The varnish itself can be selected matte or glossy, manufacturers offer various options for finishing.

Useful tips on the construction of stairs

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

Example of dimensions of the mid-flight ladder.

In the manufacture of wooden stairs with their own hands, it is important to consider that they are designed for fairly intensive use. They should be not only beautiful, but also durable, reliable and convenient to use. Steps should not be too steep or narrow, it is necessary to provide for the presence of stops or rails, which will ensure safety during ascent or descent.

Experts advise to use the following useful tips while planning:

  1. The height of the step, comfortable for a step, should be up to 22 cm, the depth should be from 25 cm, but not more than 40 cm. To determine such dimensions, you can use a simple method. It is enough to measure the length of the foot, then select the optimal size using a special table with data.Based on the data obtained, the design will be planned.
  2. During the calculations it must be remembered that the upper level must coincide with the level of the floor. Otherwise, the use will not be very convenient, the climbers will stumble.
  3. If there are children in the house, then it is necessary to plan the structure so that it is safe. It is desirable that the railing had a special bottom row for focusing the children's handle. This is done at the most optimal height, the stops can be made in the form of a decorative range, which will harmoniously fit into the overall appearance.
  4. If it is necessary to save space, then the ladder should not be made too steep, it is best to prefer a screw structure or a combined one. This staircase will be safe and convenient.

Types of wooden stairs

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

Construction of a spiral staircase.

To make a staircase out of wood, you must first select a constructive option. This is influenced by various circumstances, which include:

  • the presence of free space for installation;
  • complexity of installation;
  • the appearance that the staircase should take;
  • ease of construction, the need to install railings and more.

Making a spiral or circular staircase with your own hands requires certain skills, without experience it is difficult and often impossible to build such a structure.

Of the advantages it is important to note that the spiral staircase can be located even in the most confined space, for example, on a patch of one and a half meters. This allows efficient use of space even in a small house. The appearance of such stairs is attractive and stylish, it is perfect for any interior. Of the minuses, it is necessary to note the complexity of the construction of such a ladder, the high consumption of materials, the need for complex calculations for the fastening of the feet and the central part.

Marching Stairs

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

The device of the Marching Staircase.

The manufacture of wooden flight stairs of the marching type is distinguished by its features. Such a variety involves dividing into one, two, three, or three-mid-flight ladders; there are multi-mid-structures, which are used for houses with a large number of floors. The design is classified into swivel and straight models. Ladders can be located in the middle of the room or on the side near the wall. The choice of location depends on what kind of layout in the house, how much free space can be allocated for the stairs. For the direct form, you need a lot of space, turning in this sense are more convenient.

Marching stairs are recommended to be divided into two parts; if the number of steps is more than 10, the span between them is divided by a small platform. This not only increases strength, but also makes use of the design more convenient. Up from the square, the design can go off with a turn to save space for the rest of the situation. Not platforms, but steps of other form, for example, zabezhnye can be used. When turning 360 degrees, such a wooden staircase will already be considered a spiral or circular one.

Combined staircase models

Making wooden stairs with your own hands: useful tips

Combined staircase layout.

Combined wooden stairs can be attractive and unusual. Applicable to similar designs for any interior. At first, the arrangement is straight one-way, but at a certain stage the spiral staircase features are already used. The design can be based on kosoura or bowstrings, depending on the features of the structure. It’s quite difficult to build such a ladder with your own hands. The exact calculation and experience in the manufacture of such structures is necessary.

The construction of the staircase should be started with the design, it is best to use special programs where you can create a three-dimensional model. It is important to immediately make all the necessary measurements, since they depend on the shape, the turning point. When planning the size of the steps, it is necessary to immediately consider the convenience of their use, the width of one step, its length, which should be perfectly combined with the general appearance of the whole structure. Attention should be paid to what railings will be used for the stairs.

Wooden stairs are very popular, they are attractive and durable, they can be easily assembled with your own hands. When planning the design, it is necessary to correctly calculate everything to the smallest detail, taking into account the size of the feet, the rules of fixings. It is recommended to use special programs where you can simulate the appearance of the structure, take into account all the necessary data.

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