laminate or floorboard, comparing the characteristics of two coatings

When people start redecorating in the house, which involves changing the flooring, many do not know what to choose: laminate flooring or floorboard? Of course, much preferable flooring. She is very impressive with her natural look and external nobility. But after all, for all its high prices, there are problems. For example, easy swelling in places of absorption of moisture and chink formation.

laminate or floorboard, comparing the characteristics of two coatings

In order to decide which flooring to choose for finishing the room, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each material in more detail.

Many of these nuances can be challenged, saying that everything depends on the manufacturer and those who are laying the material. And anyway, before making a choice in one direction or another, it makes sense to examine the issue from different angles.

Comparison of the characteristics of two coatings

Let's try to compare the laminate with the floorboard.

Parquet board is a completely natural material and requires special maintenance. And all due to the fact that it is highly susceptible to the perception of environmental conditions. Under conditions of high humidity, it is deformed, and even the formation of mold. For these reasons, this material is not the best for the kitchen and bathrooms.

laminate or floorboard, comparing the characteristics of two coatings

The structure of the floorboard.

However, it is ideal in many ways for a children's room, bedroom and living room. Such a coating on the floor, provided it is protected from scratches by furniture legs using special plugs, will serve its owners 20-25 years old.

Laminate is a modern industrial product that consists of several components: sawdust pressed into a wood chipboard, decorative paper or cardboard, and a layer of acrylic resin that is highly resistant to wear on top. Only now a good scratch will remain on it forever. Laminate can be used for about 7 years. After that, it is possible to change it to a new one, picking it up under the changed situation in the dwelling.

Each of the two coatings presented has only inherent properties and qualities. Laminate is a functionality, relatively low cost and wear resistance. Susceptibility to impact laminate is almost twice as much as the quality of oak. Although manufacturers officially mark the useful life of about 7 years, and nevertheless, in fact, with a careful attitude, the coating can lie without significant damage much longer - from 10 to 20 years. Although the duration of its existence is largely determined by its class. High-quality laminate will last as long as hardwood flooring. If not much longer.

So, let's compare.

If the choice fell on a laminate

laminate or floorboard, comparing the characteristics of two coatings

The structure and characteristics of the laminate.

  1. The constituent materials are: particle board or fiberboard as a base, on top - cardboard with a pattern, painted with acrylic resin.
  2. Disadvantages of technology: impossible future restoration, swelling and deformation with prolonged water influence (more than 4 hours under water during a flood). Material class below 31 preserve scratches.
  3. Advantages: budget option (price - 300 rub / m²); material is not affected by fungi and bacteria; has high moisture resistance; not allergenic; resistant to mechanical and ultraviolet effects.
  4. Lifetime - 5-7 years.

When the parquet board is selected

  1. The materials included in the composition are exclusively natural wood planks across, with a veneer of precious wood from above.
  2. Disadvantages of technology: high cost (1000 rub / m²); the chance of scratching; demanding care; susceptibility to decay and fungal infection; deformation when in contact with moisture (especially in rooms with a humidity level of over 60%).
  3. Advantages: warm and natural floor, eco-friendly; its restoration is possible. (grinding, applying polishes and varnish).
  4. Lifetime - 20-25 years.

As it becomes clear, both coatings are endowed with their own advantages, as well as disadvantages.

It is difficult to make a final choice. But let's all the same reason to be logical. The first thing to rely on when choosing - personal preferences. It is important to note that the board is nobility, elegance, respectability, and high cost. If there are no limitations in means, it is better to prefer a board. Especially if the rest of the furnishings are distinguished by luxury, high quality and value. Imported expensive door structures and pieces of furniture require floors that are not inferior in quality and price.

If you want to save money, you should, without any doubt, purchase laminate. The particular difference in the operational period is unlikely to be noticeable.

And in the intricacies of the installation work between these materials, there are no big differences either. A perfectly aligned surface is required in both cases.Otherwise, both of these coatings will start to creak. In the process of installation it is important to adhere to absolute purity so that the grains of sand and dust particles do not settle on the locks. The complete picture of the paving process is identical.

laminate or floorboard, comparing the characteristics of two coatings

Layout of the floorboard.

An important difference of laminate is its variety in the proposed decors: wood, tile, natural stone. For the floorboard there is a single decor - under the tree. But here they achieve a certain diversity by the image of various tree species.

There is no definite unambiguity in the pricing question when it comes to laminate. After all, you can find products that are quite affordable for the average consumer, and you can pick up quite expensive ones that are comparable in price to a board. In other words, the cost is determined by the collection of the material. The cost of wood flooring affects the price of veneered wood that adorns the panel. Beech and oak are rated lower than walnut, wenge, birch.

Another important advantage of the floorboard should not be overlooked. More noisy material is considered to be laminate than solid wood. Parquet can also creak, if the installation is not done according to the rules. Although, all other things being equal, the coverage (that is, subject to high-quality styling) laminate voiced movements on it a little louder.

If doubts are still gnawing, then a weighty argument in favor of the amazingness of the aromas of the newly laid tree will definitely bring you under the purchase of parquet. Environmentally friendly and natural - the faithful companions of the floorboard.

Standards provide for the presence of 4 layers of varnish applied using a special technology and after installation, no coating is required before the planned restoration. You can look at the floorboard produced by Karelia, Tarkett, Kahrs.

Provide a thick and level surface for it, and an excellent floor is ready. Everything is as simple as in the case of laminate.

By stopping the choice on the floorboard or laminate, it is useful to find out for yourself the subtleties of care for each coating. Almost immediately the parquet board will show its capricious character. She does not like moisture, as well as temperature fluctuations, dirty traces of children's shoes and pets' amusements. Demands on detergents. Small accumulations of moisture must be immediately wiped to the fullest gloss and dryness.

It is possible to influence laminate when wet cleaning with different detergents, with the exception of highly abrasive. He is able to transfer moisture without changing its original properties for 4 hours. And only after this period of time will begin to swell. This refers to a quality coating of a grade not lower than 32-34. Scratching it is not easy.

Finally, a few more words. If you need beauty plus practicality, then this is laminate. If the emphasis is on warmth, naturalness, eco-safety - this is a floorboard.

What combination of qualities is most needed in the house, then choose.

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