Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself

The need for a new meter may arise in different cases:

  • Replacing the old model that does not meet the current requirements of the power company.
  • There was a need for multi-tariff electricity metering.
  • 380 volts were brought to the house.
  • Transfer the instrument to another location.
  • The old device broke.

Whatever the reason, and the essence is the same - you need to connect a new device. Can an electric meter be self-installed? Yes, but under certain conditions.

Who understands this

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself An electrician with a tolerance of

You should immediately make a reservation that different cities may have different requirements, or rather, the requirements are the same, but the approach to their execution and verification of work performed may differ depending on the city of residence. What to do in this case? How to connect?

The replacement of the device can be carried out by a professional electrician who has an approval of at least 3 electrical safety groups.

First of all, you need to get accurate information about who can do this work. Most often, there are no problems with this, but in some cases energy sales require that the connection and sealing be carried out by a company representative, the controller. If you do not take into account these requirements, you will have to prove your rightness and defend in court.

Whatever decision on whoever installs the new device will be made, for someone who decides to break the seals without permission, is fraught with large financial costs to pay the fine. In addition, if the absence of a seal is detected, then you cannot prove that it was just done. In this case, it can be said that the seal has been torn down with a view to stopping, and the cost of the “stolen” electricity will be added to the amount of the fine.

Types of meters

We will not dwell on the device and the principle of its operation, since this is what very few people are interested in. Consider the types of modern devices, because it is likely to have to buy for your money.

Single-phase electronic energy meter

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Single-phase electronic meter

Single-phase can be divided into 2 types of display of indications:

  1. With LCD display.
  2. With wheels that have numbers.

Here, as in the old rule: "The sum does not change from the change of places of the terms." To put it more clearly, it can be said that the instruments are different only in the way of displaying data, but due to the fact that electronic with an electromechanical counting mechanism is cheaper, the demand for it is greater. If you live in a private house or apartment, and you need to put a new one in place of the outdated one, then this is the best option. Model selection is a matter of convenience and personal desires.

Multi-tariff counter

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Multi-tariff single-phase counter

If it is planned at night intensively use electricity, then we can consider the option of purchasing a multi-tariff device. Now it is possible to connect:

  • two-tariff;
  • three-tariff.

What is their difference? Dvukhtarifarny takes into account day and night energy consumption. This expense is charged at different prices. For the energy consumed at night you need to pay less. Accounting goes from a certain time, and not from whether it is light on the street or dark.

Three-way operation works on the same principle, only the time of day is divided into several periods of time:

  • night (the lowest cost);
  • peak load on the power grid (highest cost);
  • day (average price).

The device is expensive, besides it needs to be programmed, which also costs money. Under conditions of normal power consumption, there is little confusion from him. If there is no large nighttime electricity consumption, then in the end you can pay even more than with the same power consumption, taken into account one-rate device.

Three-phase counter

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Connection diagram of a three-phase counter

Name already speaks for itself. In addition, this device is designed to account for the amount of consumed energy of 380V. For domestic needs it is not worth buying.

If you need to install three-phase, then you can watch the training video at the end of the article.

Standard marking

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Accuracy class and power of the counter

On The box and the front panel are parameters:

  1. Operating voltage.
  2. Power.
  3. Accuracy class.

As for voltage, there are no additional questions here - you need 220 or 380 volts. The power of the device is usually more than enough for domestic needs, even for working with a welding machine. If we talk about the accuracy class, then this figure should not be greater than 2, otherwise the meter will not be connected to you, because these are the minimum requirements.The smaller the number, the higher the accuracy of the purchased device.

What to look for when buying

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Choosing an electric meter

Today you can purchase counters of various companies, but it is preferable to stop the choice on domestic products and there are a number of reasons for this:

  1. There are good and high-quality imported electric meters, but they may not be designed for our conditions, and, for example, not to withstand a voltage surge, because in civilized countries there is simply no such disgrace. The warranty service will be refused to you, due to "non-compliance with the operating conditions", and then you will have to pay your hard-earned money for the repair of this imported equipment, and there will be no guarantee that this will not happen again. If you want to buy only imported, then find out how it is adapted to our conditions.
  2. Chinese-made products can also be classified as imported. Immediately it is worth mentioning that in fact, Chinese products are of high quality and are in demand in many countries, but this applies only to factory-made, certified products. We also get products designed for backward countries - cheap and low quality. You can buy a branded Chinese device on the market, and then they will say in the workshop that there are no spare parts for it, since it is assembled from what is unknown.
  3. Pay attention to the date of manufacture (or its calibration). It may happen that instead of connecting and sealing you may be forced to hand over the device for inspection, since it has been in the warehouse for more than one year.
  4. Mounting method. Mounting may differ - on dinriku or screws to the surface. When choosing a shield (or a counter for the shield), it is necessary to take this into account. Some units are equipped with additional devices that allow installation of the device on any surface.

It is recommended that there be a voltage control relay close by which you can protect not only light bulbs, but also many other electrical appliances. According to unofficial statistics, in 90% of cases of failure of household appliances the cause of a breakdown is a power surge.

Connection work

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself The installation of the counter

Dismantling of the old the device is not difficult, but, as we have said, without the permission of the seal can not be removed. Need to turn off the power of the apartment. Then unscrew the bottom cover, and, loosen the tightening screws, remove the wires.

Residents of private houses may have to install the device under voltage, as the wiring goes directly from the pole.

What kind of trouble can I face right away? Removing the meter, you are likely to find old, outdated aluminum wiring. If this is exactly what happened, then it must be replaced. If the wiring is old, then it no longer meets modern requirements, and it must be replaced with a new, larger section. Laying the wire is not performed at an angle, but only horizontally and vertically.

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Such a shield can be mounted into the wall

Now no one installs appliances on a wooden shield (yes and on the metal, the old sample too). Modern shields have a seat for the installation of the shield and machines. The shield itself, if it interferes or damages the look of the room, can be mounted in the wall. In the photo you can see how it was done on the example of Mercury. It is clear that under it will need to prepare a place. It is also necessary that the meter be at such a height that it was convenient to take readings. It is worth making a mistake once, and then constantly putting a high chair under your feet.

If there is an electric stove in the house, then it is necessary to draw a separate line of corresponding power and ground wire from the panel to it, connecting it to the contact plate and to the panel if its body is metallic. In addition to the electric stove, many more modern household appliances need to be grounded. If the wiring changes, then you need to take care of this in advance.

Now the meter queue. It should be fixed in the shield, depending on the method of attachment (this was mentioned above). Further, according to the attached documentation, the wiring is connected. The wires must be well clamped, but not squeezed, as such actions can lead to its squeezing and breakage. Outgoing phase wire, supplied to the machine.

If the body of the shield is metal, then it must be connected to the ground wire. Usually product designers take care of this.

Installing an electric meter with your own hands - how to install an electric meter yourself Electricity meters in a common shield

When installing the meter in a common corridor, you do not need to install a shield for electrical equipment, as it is mounted in a common shield. When located outside the living area, an electrical switchboard with automatic switches is installed inside the room.

By installing and checking that the wires are not shorted anywhere, you can try out the assembled system.


This video shows the installation and connection of a single-phase single-rate electricity meter. Energy meter CE101 R5:

Watch the training video on connecting the three-phase single-rate electricity meter Energomera TsE6803V :


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