Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo)

Many owners of garden plots dream of building a bath on their own, which would correspond to all the wishes of the owner, that is, was planned completely "for him". Nowadays there are all conditions for such dreams to become a reality. All a novice builder needs is to follow certain instructions.

In the article we will tell you about how you can build a frame bath with your own hands, consider the main stages of its assembly and finishing, as well as what project to choose for a frame bath.

Note that we have chosen the presented type of construction because of its cheapness and simplicity, since it is based on the use of ready-to-use wood logs.

Materials and construction plan

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) Construction plan

In preparation for the construction you it will be necessary to purchase the following materials:

  • bar 100 * 100 mm;
  • planks 50 * 150 mm;
  • waterproofing and insulation materials (roofing material, mineral wool or penoizol);
  • elements of the inner lining (clapboard);
  • materials used for the outer skin of the bath (clapboard, LSU and others)

After all the materials purchased - you can proceed to the main construction work, guided by the following melee plan:

  • clearing the construction area and laying the foundation foundation;
  • erecting frame walls;
  • arranging the roof;
  • installing the floor and interior decoration premises.

The foundation of the frame bath

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo)

The frame construction of the future bath is a construction of three-meter-long racks, inside and outside covered with boards, between which the one you choose is placed insulation.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) Brick Column Foundation

For a frame bath, laying the column foundation is sufficient, the depth of which is determined the quality of the soil in the place of construction. So, for sandstone and loam, you will need to go at least 1.5 meters deep, while for clay soil there will be enough depth of 30 cm.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) The device of the column foundation

The width of the foundation supports is selected taking into account the expected thickness of the walls (the recommended width is 270 mm). To enhance the support base under the bath, it is allowed to fill over the pillars of the additional strip footing (for the entire width of the frame).

Installation of frame walls

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo)

The construction of the frame construction of the bath begins with the preparation of the binding base. To do this, pre-treated antiseptic bars 100 * 100 mm are mounted around the perimeter of the building and fasten between themselves with staples and nails.

On top of them, supports are installed from the same beam, which are then tied around the building with boards of 50 * 150 mm. At the same time, the verticality of the installation of supports is necessarily controlled by the construction level.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) Thermal insulation of the frame bath

It is advisable to install intermediate stands in increments corresponding to the size of the workpieces (plates) of the selected insulation you. In addition, when installing them, you should focus on the areas where there will be openings for windows and doors, as well as the place of junction of the walls.

To increase the strength of the frame structure, all the supports during assembly are fixed using additional spacers.

Roof construction

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo)

The roof of the bath is made of the same boards with a section of 150 * 50 mm. At the same time you can assemble the truss system on the ground and install it on the top trim already in ready-made form. But before that you will need to install and fasten a special timber (mauerlat) over the strapping, used as a supporting base for the erected roof.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) Types of battens

After you install the truss system, you can proceed to the arrangement of the batten made of boards with a thickness of 20 cm. Upon completion of the crate (which is usually conducted, starting from the ridge), you can proceed to the laying of your chosen roofing.

Interior work

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo)

When implementing the project to build a frame bath with your own hands, you should also remember the internal work, first of all, the flooring, which is organized as as a rule, according to the traditional scheme:

  1. First of all, cross-section bars of 50 * 50 mm are attached to the strapping logs.
  2. Then a rough floor spreads on them, covered from above with a layer of roofing felt.
  3. After this, mineral slabs are placed on the ruberoid with a thickness of about 100 mm, which is covered over the top with a clean floor from a cut board.
  4. Upon completion of all these procedures, you will need to install a special ventilation pipe that will allow the fumes to be drawn from under the floor.

Please note that in the washing compartment the floor must be gathered from one of only folding boards, well fitted one to another.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) Door installation

Having finished the flooring work, you can proceed to window decoration and doorways, as well as to the installation of all partitions laid down in the project. The ceilings in the bath rooms are covered with boards or clapboard, under which the vapor barrier and insulation material is pre-laid. Exterior and interior walls of the building are also organized according to the classical scheme.

Frame sauna do-it-yourself (+ photo) Interior decoration

We have presented to your attention a brief instruction on the order of execution of all works on the construction of a frame bath . Maybe you have additional material for our article? Leave your comments.

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You can see how to build a bath frame in the presented video:


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