installation on the floor and on the ground

The design of the subfloor of wooden houses may be different, but in all cases it is a combination of several elements, including the underlying, leveling, intermediate and insulating layers. The first of these layers takes the load from the coating, transferring it to the walls and spreading it over the base. As this layer can be a carrier plate or soil. Leveling is a dense layer that levels the errors of the underlying.

installation on the floor and on the ground

The device of the subfloor on the logs.

If necessary, ensure the slope of the floor - it may be necessary for the house in the space of the bathroom - it needs to be equipped at this stage, which can be achieved by using a screed. The intermediate layer in the framework is represented by a layer connecting the coating and other components of the "cake". In arranging the floors, insulating layers are also used, which give the structure heat, moisture and noise insulation characteristics.

For work it is necessary to prepare:

  • crushed stone;
  • brick;
  • shovel;
  • tamping equipment;
  • grooved board;
  • nails.

Floor installation on floor

installation on the floor and on the ground

Installation of a dry subfloor on logs on the floor slab.

The process of arranging some of the floors inside the timber is carried out on interfloor ceilings, which are almost not affected by changes in humidity and temperature. This eliminates the need to provide additional heat and vapor insulation to the structure.

For such floor constructions, noise insulation will be needed, and if there are bathrooms on the floor, it is necessary to provide the ceiling with leakage protection.

If the floor in a log house is located between the residential floor and the unheated basement, it is recommended to warm it.

The flow of warm air masses is directed from the heated room to the basement, therefore, a protective vapor barrier needs to be strengthened over the heat insulating, placing it under a decorative floor covering.

Otherwise, the heat insulator will become wetted after the formation of condensate and lose its heat-shielding characteristics.

The device of the floor system

installation on the floor and on the ground

The device of the bases for the floors on the ground.

The floor can also be made on the ground. Most of the others in the log cabins produce installation of floors on the supporting pillars. Before you begin to equip the system on the ground, you need to make sure that it is dry. The floor on the surface of the supports must be mounted exclusively when there are no load-bearing beams in the walls. Such a floor is represented by a floating structure independent of the walls.

The installation of the described construction should be started with the removal of the top layer of soil from the underground, going deeper by 50 cm, the bottom should be filled with rubble. The pillow should be moistened and compacted. Now it is possible to make installation of support. In the role of material, it is preferable for them to use a brick, which should not be silicate, but red. If the height of the supports is not more than 250 mm, their installation should be made in 1.5 bricks, whereas if the height is 250 mm or more, the laying should be represented by two bricks.

Initially, you need to install supports around the perimeter of the house, removing them by 60 cm, the level will allow you to check the position. After should proceed to the installation of the remaining supports. Then their ends need to be protected with a hydro insulator, which can be ruberoid, laid in 2-3 layers. Only then begin to lay load-bearing beams - solid logs. Their position also needs to be checked by level. Gaskets or wedges can be laid under the base for correction of the horizontal, which then need to be strengthened together with beams with nails. Now you can start laying the subfloor in the house. The wooden house at this stage can be supplied with a grooved board. On the draft floor, you can lay the floor covering by the type of linoleum or carpet.

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