Installation of wooden doors: the rules for installation

Wood is usually used for the manufacture of interior doors. Entrance wooden doors are a rare phenomenon due to insufficiently durable and reliable material. Therefore, the installation of wooden doors usually refers to the installation of interior doors.

Installation of wooden doors: the rules for installation

Installation scheme of a wooden door.

The quality of installation depends on many factors. It is very important to carefully assemble the door frame. This part of the design is responsible for the convenience and safety of operation of the door structure. The door leaf is attached to the fixed box with canopies or hinges.

It is not recommended to install the opening to be closed immediately after the delivery of the order to the residential premises. You need to unpack it and leave it in this form for about a week. Only then can the installation begin. If the door does not stand, then after installation it can be deformed.

Before installation it is recommended to prepare all the necessary tools, locks, as well as accessories. Tools and materials may require:

  • a hammer;
  • a screwdriver and screws;
  • a knife;
  • wedges;
  • building level or plumb;
  • polyurethane foam.

Preparation of wooden linen

Installation of wooden doors: the rules for installation

Tools for mounting a wooden door.

Hinges should be installed on wooden doors. For this, special samples should be prepared on the canvas. Such indentations on a quality product are neat and even, so it is easy to install loops in them. The hinges are screwed with screws of suitable size. Before fastening the hinges, you need to disconnect and fasten the corresponding elements on the canvas and box. The number of hinges on which the door is hung depends on its weight. For light wood species, as a rule, 2 loops are installed, and for heavy ones - 3.

Next, a box is installed in the opening. Fixing the box to the base surface should begin with a stand with hinges. For fixing, spacers are used. They are hammered into the space between the wall and the box.

Installing and securing the box

To perform further actions, it is required to check with the plumb line the vertical position of the plane of the door frame from the side of both rooms into which the doorway leads. If there are any inaccuracies, you can trim the box. To do this in certain places you need to tap with a hammer. Under the hammer you need to put a wooden beam. This is to protect the surface from damage.

To fix the box in the opening in it, you need to drill holes for the screws. One hole in the top bar and another 3 in each side stand will be required. The depth of the hole should be 5 cm to be immersed in the wall. Screws are screwed into the finished holes.

First, a vertical post with hinges is fastened with screws. Then the door leaf is hung, then the tightness of the door closing is checked. If there are any defects, then you need to adjust the position of the door frame and only then fix it with screws. The crossbar is fastened last.

Install horizontal struts out of the timber pieces from below, in the middle and on top of the box so that it maintains its position when the assembly foam cures, which needs to be filled with gaps between the wall and the box elements.

After hardening of the foam, its excess is cut off. A section of the wall with a foam strip is required to be plastered or concealed with platbands.

The installation of the doors is completed with the installation of fittings and the lining of the platbands.

The platbands are simply fastened with screws along the entire perimeter.

Door installation can be performed independently even by a novice master. During operation, you must follow certain rules.

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