How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent

It is impossible to imagine modern construction without performing excavation work with specialized equipment that not everyone has available. You can use the rented equipment. There are a lot of such offers. However, in this industry, as in many others, there are nuances and pitfalls, therefore, we will consider how to rent an excavator with maximum benefit and relatively inexpensive.

What you need to consider

How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent Excavator fleet

In order to rent exactly the equipment that you need, pay attention to such factors:

  1. Landlord reputation.
  2. Rental price.
  3. How many objects do you have?
  4. What is the ground.
  5. What will be dug - a trench or a trench.

Let us dwell in more detail on these points.

What is known about the landlord

Do not neglect to learn more information about the reputation of the owner of the equipment, because the whole further course of work may depend on it.

Pay attention to the quality and operability of equipment, as well as how differences were settled (or were not settled at all).

Rental price

How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent Rental price of special equipment

Depending on the choice of equipment will depend on the rent. But, as experience shows, the cost of renting the same equipment in different companies may differ significantly. The condition of the equipment, the terms of the lease, according to which, instead of the broken equipment, another is immediately given, and the appetite of the company itself can affect the price. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the terms and conditions before starting a transaction. In addition, with the simultaneous lease of several units of equipment, the price can be significantly reduced (for wholesale), and eventually the fee will be lower. This must be considered when comparing.

A large number of attachments are produced for excavators, the work of which can replace other special equipment. Ask about possible retrofitting of such units rented excavator. As a result, it will be possible to clean the snow with one excavator, or break concrete with a hydrohammer.

How many objects do you have

How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent Scope of Work

If there are several objects, then perhaps the excavator will need to be moved from place to place. In this case, you need to learn, not only how to rent an excavator, but how to choose. It is preferable to rent not tracked, and wheeled vehicles that can quickly move independently from one object to another.

What soil

How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent Features of the soil

At choosing machinery, take into account the fact with which the soil she will have to work, and also clarify the nature of the work. There is a ground on which only tracked vehicles can work, so you may have to refuse to rent a wheel excavator.

What will be dug - a ditch or a trench

How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent Digging a ditch

This question also cannot be ignored, because different excavators have different capabilities. For example, when choosing equipment for earthmoving, the depth that an excavator can dig is the decisive factor.

If any excavator can dig a trench, not every excavator model will be able to dig a five-meter trench.

Assistance of specialists

How to rent an excavator - we take an excavator for rent Possibility of demolition of buildings

If you are going to rent an excavator not from “Uncle Vasya”, who has another one in the garden, but in a reputable company, then you can count on a qualified consultation, where you will be offered various options for equipment of various configurations. In order not to miss anything, think over in advance and describe for what purposes, besides the direct purpose, you can serve as an excavator. It may be necessary to demolish a building, unload building materials, break concrete, or cut asphalt, and much more - renting an excavator will make work on the site more comfortable.


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