How to sheathe an iron staircase with a tree: features

Wood and metal: agree, a good combination. Many designers use it for their projects. And it's not just about the stairs. But today we will talk about them and how to sheathe the iron staircase with wood. Such a combination of materials is a win-win. This is due to the fact that the frame of the ladder, made of metal, is of high strength, and the aesthetic appearance of its design is made of wood trim.

How to sheathe an iron staircase with a tree: features

Scheme of plating of a metal ladder.

And there are practically few tools. These are:

  • hacksaw;
  • chisel;
  • level;
  • tape measure;
  • brushes for applying varnish or paint;
  • screwdriver.

Before directly considering the process of trimming an iron staircase with wood, you need to know which building materials are suitable for this.

What to pay special attention to when combining metal and wood?

How to sheathe an iron staircase with a tree: features

Calculation scheme for a metal ladder.

Natural wood - this is what will emphasize the style and comfort of your home. Its appearance fits almost any interior solution, but it is not recommended to make a choice in favor of a fully wooden staircase, as the metal construction will serve you much longer and will be distinguished by its reliability. Choosing a metal staircase, you can not worry about the load on its structure, and you will also like the variety of shapes. But what if you want comfort and warmth that radiates natural wood. That's just in this case, the best option would be a combination of a metal frame and wood. Sheathe metal stairs with a tree can be quite independently.

It should be noted that iron stairs, compared to concrete, look more elegant and not so rough. But in the absence of additional finishing, there is still a feeling of incompleteness and massiveness. And one more minus of the iron structure of the staircase: it has a high risk of injury.

So, experienced experts believe that it is best to sheathe the iron staircase with wood. A metal frame can be made of any fairly light but durable material. And in the upholstery of the stairs is best to use several types of wood. For example, for the steps, the most appropriate option would be hard woods, and for decor those that have less wear resistance, which means that the price will be more affordable.

What material is better for trimming?

How to sheathe an iron staircase with a tree: features

The design of the flight of stairs.

So, we have already found out that wood and metal are perfectly combined, and the result of this combination is a solid, beautiful and safe staircase. In addition, the wooden parts will play the role of soundproof material that will save you from the ringing of the metal when walking. Before you begin to sheathe the stairs with a tree, consider the following questions.

First of all, you need to decide how much you can spend on the material for covering the stairs. Indeed, the final cost will directly depend on the type of wood you choose, and on the design of your future staircase. Everyone can choose for themselves a suitable option: either cheaper, or exclusive and expensive.

Let's get acquainted with some of the most popular types of wood. These are:

  1. Oak. This breed has a fairly wide range of colors, plus this quality is especially durable. This means that its service life will be rather big. It is these properties that make oak one of the most popular and common wood species. Oak, grown in different climatic zones, is distinguished by its characteristics. Over time, this type of wood turns darker and noble.
  2. Beech. The tree is distinguished by its special refinement and refinement. Like oak, beech has a uniform density. The elasticity of this material is small, but high strength is evident.
  3. The Horn. Another representative of wood. The main thing is that in the process of its preparation was properly made drying. Only in this case, its characteristics will surpass even oak in strength. In another way it is also called white beech. This material is great for decoration.
  4. Ash. The characteristics of this wood include high elasticity, wear resistance and relatively high strength. In addition, it has a well-defined texture, which is important for the decor.
  5. Trees of exotic origin. A number of breeds can be attributed to this list: tick, wenge, abash, and others. All of them have high strength and a very diverse and beautiful palette of colors.
  6. And finally, coniferous woods. This material is ideally suited for plating risers, creating reliable fences. Pine, cedar and other species can be attributed to this series.

Please note that no matter what type of wood you choose, the main thing is that it should be dry. The permissible moisture in blanks cannot exceed a threshold of 12%. If this requirement is not complied with, wooden structures can be deformed during operation. Another prerequisite is the absence of defects in the form of cracks. And, of course, you need to follow the rule, which recommends that all wooden elements be treated with an antiseptic composition, which will significantly increase their service life.

The procedure for covering the iron structure of the staircase

How to sheathe an iron staircase with a tree: features

Scheme of the full covering of the metal frame.

So how do you trim correctly? A clue in this case will be information regarding the nuances of the technological rules for the implementation of the cladding. The first thing you need to do is:

  • choose the design of the staircase, in particular, to determine whether it will have risers;
  • choose the tree species to perform the plating;
  • to choose the best option for creating fences (railings), as well as to determine their design solution.

At the next stage of the work, it is necessary to make measurements of the frame construction under the steps, as well as determine the size of the steps and treads. It happens that these parameters are slightly different from the size of your metal frame. After completing the measurements, in accordance with them make the part of plywood, which performs the function of the substrate under the tread. With it, you can avoid small distortions. From the selected wood species you need to cut out the details of the steps. To prevent the risers from delivering much trouble, you need to tread a little larger size so that they protrude slightly above the frame.

Some features

Fixing of the substrate is made with mounting glue. But the fastening of wooden elements by using screws, designed to work with metal structures. The first step is mounting the treads. Their attachment can be done either above or below. And only then proceed to the installation of the risers. Their fixation is also carried out with the help of screws directly to the upright frame racks. Another mounting option involves fixing straight to the treads.

Please note that the caps of the screws used should be placed in the wood, to be as if recessed into its surface. At the next stage of work, they will be disguised with a putty. Another masking option involves the use of special plugs for furniture.

After that, you can proceed to the installation of the fence. What it will be, decide independently in accordance with the design project.

The fence is fastened either to the treads, or to the front part of the march.

It depends on how wide your staircase is.

At last, they go to the facing of the back and side of the stairs. For these purposes, lining or a material such as particleboard is well suited. Subsequently, you will only have to finish all the wooden parts with varnish, and your staircase is ready for use.

Now you have seen that it is quite possible to sheathe the iron staircase with wood and this process is not difficult if you know some of the nuances of the facing works.

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