How to remove the smell from the sink

Many people constantly, almost every day, face the fact that they smell a terrible smell coming from the sink in the kitchen or the sink in the bathroom. The causes of occurrence may be mass, however, if you do not understand, because of what exactly the smell occurs, it will be difficult to decide how to remove the smell from the sink. Consider what causes this unpleasant phenomenon and what can be done.

Washing the pipes with household chemicals

How to remove the smell from the sink Household chemicals

Causes smell, can be very diverse, so most often determine the cause of the outright is not easy. If there is a smell, you first need to do the simplest thing - to clean the drain hole of the sink, because the accumulated food and fatty deposits can spoil the air in the room.

Consider how to get rid of the smell coming from the depths of the sink. Tools such as Odorgon, Mole or Domestos can be used for cleaning. Such tools can be purchased at any household chemical store. However, when using them you need to take some caution. For example, it is worth protecting the face and hands, since they can cause harm to a person if it comes in contact with the skin.

In addition to chemicals, you can use what is in everyday life. Such funds are in the kitchen of most housewives. So, you can pour salt in the pipe - the most common, cooking. After some time, it is washed off with water. Also sometimes used another way - two tablespoons of soda (table) diluted with water, heated to a temperature of 100 ° C. The mixture should be immediately poured into the sink.

How to remove the smell from the sink Home remedy

Soda can be used not only by itself diluted in boiling water, but also together with vinegar. To pour it all into the pipe, first use soda, and only after it pour vinegar inside. The hole is tightly plugged for half an hour, after which it is washed with tap water. By the way, this procedure can be carried out without waiting for an unpleasant smell to appear in the kitchen or in the bathroom. So such a cleaning, if it will be carried out once a week, will not hurt.

In addition to fat deposits, there may be certain defects in the sink, which also lead to a foul odor. What are these reasons?

Inspection and elimination of plumbing breakdowns

How to remove the smell from the sink The sink siphon

may clog

First of all, the siphon is often clogged. To clean it, it is necessary to turn the siphon in the direction of the thread with one hand, and with the other to hold the pipe coming from the sink.

A siphon is a device that is necessary in order to prevent stagnant air from entering drains from the sewage system inside the room. It contains some water, due to which the smell and does not pass. Removing the siphon, you can spill water on the floor - to avoid this, it is better to put a bucket or a bowl under the sink.

In some cases, it also happens that it is better to replace the siphon - if it is cracked, it passes water, or it passes air from the sewer along some other wall. You can seal the siphon with silicone or wrap it with tape, but this repair will not be durable.

Another reason for an unpleasant smell can be a malfunction of pipes or blockages inside them. What you should pay attention to? It is important to check the following places:

  • pipe joints;
  • pipes themselves.

How to remove the smell from the sink The cause may be leaking joints

If in some place the pipes are loosely joined , it could be the cause of the smell, which, it was thought, came from the sink.

It would not be superfluous to listen to the sound of water as it flows through the pipes. If there is any rustling or water gurgling, it may indicate that the water trap has been torn off. In this case, you need to get to him and check that everything is in order. If the siphon is completely or partially missing water, it is broken and must be replaced. If everything is OK, then we are looking for the problem further.

The cause of an unpleasant smell can be a vacuum in the pipe due to the fact that the fun pipe is not working or clogged. A similar problem also arises in those cases if the riser has a very long length, and the pipe lines to it have very sharp inclines.

The smell can penetrate into the apartment from the pipes even if the ventilation system is organized incorrectly or is completely absent. In this case, most people do not do it on their own - you will have to seek help from the team of plumbers who will do all the work, correcting the situation.

Useful tips

How to remove the smell from the sink Hydraulic lock

Some helpful recommendations from experienced plumbers will help eliminate the smell coming from the sink:

  1. In cases where the visual observation of pipes and siphon did not show anything, that is, these parts are in good condition, but the smell does not pass, it is possible that water is evaporated in the water seal due to infrequent switching on of the faucet.
  2. When leaving home for a long time (on a business trip or on vacation), it is imperative that you pour car oil into the trap. Due to the fact that it evaporates slowly, the liquid from it will not have time to evaporate before the owners arrive home. If the water seal does not dry, there will be no bad smell.
  3. In general, once and for all, remove the unpleasant smell from the sink, as well as prevent its occurrence, it is enough to put a bottom valve on the drain hole. During operation, it will not interfere with the passage of drains, as it will create a stopper for the smell. However, such a valve can be clogged, so it is necessary to clean it from time to time.

When using chemicals for this siphon, it is worth remembering that its gasket must be replaced afterwards.

How to remove the smell from the sink Mustard powder

You can also apply such methods that are known as "folk" ways:

  • take a little dry mustard powder, fall asleep in the drain, and then pour boiling water;
  • apply ready-made products (in a liquid or granulated state) that do not need to be mixed with water or
  • use a liquid solution of chlorine;
  • a more primitive method, but also effective - the use of air fresheners and various aerosols - the problem is not fixed, but this t for some time to remove the smell to receive guests or in those cases when there is no time to engage in sewage.

Sometimes come across cheap air fresheners, which are mixed with an unpleasant smell, do not eliminate it, but increase it.

In the end, which one to choose the method - everyone decides for himself, based on his capabilities and desires. Remember that it is necessary to monitor the sewage system in a timely manner, cleaning it and checking its integrity.


Useful advice to get rid of the unpleasant smell from the sink:

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