How to remove scratches from furniture

Quite often, with careless use of furniture made of wood, scratches on its surface form damage. If in places inaccessible to the eyes you can do nothing, then on visible surfaces with an unarmed eye you should remove the problem. To date, there are many ways to remove both minor damage to the surface, and the obvious grooves that spoil the overall appearance of the object. In this article you will learn how to remove scratches from furniture at home with the help of improvised or professional tools.

Professional tools

How to remove scratches from furniture

If you have the time and money, then you should seek the help of professionals who are engaged in repairing wooden furniture. But you can do it on your own. Since even during production or transportation, scratches are often formed on furniture, manufacturers have developed special tools with which you can remove some defects on a wooden surface.

The most simple and affordable tool is a furniture touch, with which you can correct scratches not only on wood products, but also on laminated surfaces. The cost of the stroke is available to everyone, and a large assortment of shades allows you to choose the best option that will successfully mask the defect. Use the tool is exactly according to the instructions on the package.

If you do not know how to seal the scratches formed on the surface of MDF, chipboard, which are very common in the furniture industry, then you should consider such an option as wax. When choosing it also should take into account shades. The damaged surface is thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, and then rubbed wax. By means of an edge knife the surface is leveled. After complete drying, wipe it with a soft and fleece polishing cloth. Waxing is also used to remove scratches from lacquered furniture, which helps preserve its brilliance and color.

How to remove scratches from furniture Wax pencils for removing scratches on furniture

When choosing any tool, it is worth it to start to test it on a hidden area, this will determine the similarity of the tone of the professional tool that will mask the scratch.

The available tools

How to remove scratches from furniture

In addition to professional tools, you can find many options for removing defects on furniture in the home. For example, for dark coatings, you can use regular iodine, which is diluted in water, and then applied with a brush to the damaged area. If the first time to achieve the desired shade failed, the procedure is repeated. Walnut is also a common available remedy. Half a walnut is necessary to rub the damaged area, and after a few minutes it will darken in the tone of the furniture. To fix the result obtained use a small amount of varnish.

Some types of scratches can be removed with steam, but in this case, the surface may be damaged. To do this, you need an iron and gauze, which is folded in several layers, and then with the help of an iron steam is released, the wood swells and the damage disappears. This method should be used only with minor damage. How to remove scratches on a white surface? For this fit a simple shoe cream.

Everyone knows that after cleaning a young walnut, the skin on their hands darkens a little, acquiring a yellow tint, which is why it is used when removing scratches from wooden furniture.

Masking deep cracks

How to remove scratches from furniture

With the formation of sufficiently deep cracks, all the above-described tools will not work, since it is necessary first of all to fill the damaged area so that there was no void. The scheme of action in this case is very simple:

  • the crack is cleaned and wiped from dust;
  • the emptiness is filled with wood putty;
  • the well-dried surface is cleaned with emery paper;
  • if necessary, the place is painted with stain, and then opened with varnish.

To remove deep cracks, you need to use professional tools, and you should choose them carefully, because only this way you can expect a positive result. When restoring or repairing expensive furniture, it is better to contact specialists.

Useful advice

How to remove scratches from furniture

If you want to not only remove scratches from the polished furniture, but also reduce the amount of dust accumulated on it, you can use a special solution :

  • 1 tbsp. l vinegar;
  • 3 tbsp. l water;
  • 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil.

With the help of a cotton pad with the resulting solution, you must wipe the damaged area and the entire surface. After complete drying, it is worth polishing it with a lint-free napkin to add shine.

This procedure can be carried out once a year for all wooden furniture, in order to spend less time cleaning it.

There are many ways to solve a problem with scratches on furniture, and each of them is effective. It is necessary to carefully study them and check how they will interact with a particular surface. This will allow you to choose the right shade and protect the product from more damage.

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