ways, materials (photos and videos)

Sad as it may be, but our favorite things eventually age and lose their former luster and beauty. This also applies to furniture.

ways, materials (photos and videos)

Over time, the kitchen table loses its attractive appearance. In order to breathe a second breath into it, you can simply decorate it.

Favorite and practically turned into an integral part of family life, the large kitchen table also loses its brightness with time, dims and reminds of how fleeting life is. But in this case, there is still a wonderful way out - you can restore the table with your own hands, using various methods.

We decorate the table using the decoupage technology

ways, materials (photos and videos)

For decoupage there are special pictures that are applied to the surface of the table by gluing.

This method was especially common in the old days. Currently, the market offers a sufficiently large number of special materials, allowing to engage in the implementation of this method of decoration, thanks to which an ordinary tabletop can turn into a kind of fragrant garden. This is the essence of decoupage. For decorating the table, various images can be selected, which sometimes complement the interior of the room. For example, it is possible to decorate a kitchen table with menu pages, colorful wine labels, etc.

Table decoupage technology involves preparatory work, which consists in thorough surface treatment by thorough cleaning, removing dust and subsequent application of primer. Thanks to the use of a special colorless primer, the color gamut and wood texture are preserved. Some craftsmen use clear acrylic paint. In case of decoupage of an old table, intensive decor with rich colors is applied.

At the first stage of creating a decoupage, the table is painted. Based on a given shade, a set of jewelry in the preferred style is completed. In most cases, the decor is applied not only on the countertop, but also on the entire surface. Then the selected decoupage is covered with several layers of lacquer, the varnish is applied to the other elements. To achieve the effect of inlay on the side walls of the product with the help of glue is also fixed the appropriate material.

How to decorate a table with a mosaic

ways, materials (photos and videos)

To glue the mosaic to the table, use special glue.

Before purchasing a mosaic, consider the fact that it can be of different thickness. On the market there are packs of 900 square meters. cm square. When laying the pattern small mosaic is chosen in such a way that it is harmoniously combined with a large pattern.

The entire styling procedure requires certain skills and artistic skill.

The process is divided into several stages. The work will need the following materials:

  • alcohol;
  • abrasive paper;
  • glue;
  • grout;
  • flannel rag ;
  • vegetable oil;
  • beads;
  • mosaic.

So, at first, the surface of the table top is wiped with alcohol. Then it is cleaned with sandpaper. Then begins the process of forming a mosaic pattern from the outer edge of the table. Beads are glued. After the glue dries, the grouting is diluted and the seams are sealed.

The implementation of the next stage begins only after the solution has dried.

The finished mosaic is wiped with a flannel cloth soaked in vegetable oil.

Beads are used to seal the space that forms between a mosaic of different sizes. This is the best option, much better than just filling the space with a grout.

Thus, the table acquires a new life and pleases the household with the pearl shine of beads and the original beauty of the rainbow mosaic.

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