How to raise the roof of the house - technology features

The roof of the house performs the most important functions of protecting living space from rain, wind, snow and other external factors. Therefore, it is made from quality materials. However, in search of additional residential square meters, many decide to raise the roof. Immediately it should be said that this process is quite complicated and requires special equipment. But on the other hand, if you wish, it is quite possible to do the work yourself. This article will discuss how to raise the roof of the house.

Preparation - the key to success

How to raise the roof of the house - technology features

Before you raise the roof, you should make a thorough preparation. First, make sure that the base of the house is secure. If not, then work is required to strengthen it. For this purpose, take a channel 14U. In addition, you must purchase metal rods Ø14 mm.

The metal ears should be welded to the channels, through which the bolted joint will be made. If we talk about transverse channels, their number should be two times less. The resulting design is quite able to hold the roof. In general, the channel bars will be heavy, about 2 tons. Therefore, all fasteners and connections should be as reliable as possible.

Installation of the support leg

How to raise the roof of the house - technology features

Installing the support feet will reduce the likelihood that the roof will move to the side. The legs will serve as guides. They are made of channel 12U, 4 pieces are enough. They are connected channel 8U horizontal. Also used legs weighing 350 kg each, which are connected horizontally channels. For an inclined strut at 45 °, use channel 10U. The length of the selected channel will directly depend on how high the roof will be raised.

Provided that you use the material with these parameters, the foundation for holding the roof will be truly powerful and stable. Moreover, it will be able to withstand a wind load of up to 73 m / s and a weight of up to 100 tons. With all this there is a small margin of safety. Such supports are mainly located on the supporting walls, as well as additionally on the partitions, whose thickness is half-brick.

Raise the roof

How to raise the roof of the house - technology features

Next, we will consider the instructions for lifting the roof. This will use a hydraulic jack with a capacity of 12 tons.

If 2 jacks are used, there is always a risk that the roof will lose its stability, so be extremely careful.

Also, be sure to select the square tube that will be used as the substrate between the crossbars. So, the work is as follows:

  • At each point we begin to raise the roof in order of priority. At one time you can raise up to 50 mm in height.
  • So, having passed in a circle, when the height reaches 250 mm, weld the cross-pieces to the supports.
  • When the roof is raised to 1,850 mm, parallel to the laying of the outer wall should be carried out. But pre-fill the armored belt, and then, lay a brick on it.

How to raise the roof of the house - technology features Support of the roof of the house

If you plan to make a full floor, then the roof will have to be raised to 2870 mm. This, on average, may take about 12 days.

When the roof is completely in its new location, be sure to complete the laying of bricks. As for the under-roof space, a number of works should be carried out in which thermal insulation is included. For this you can use mineral wool. Depending on the roofing material, the thickness of the air gap between it and the insulation is determined. Also the heater is protected by a membrane film. In general, you should make a roofing cake, which also includes vapor barrier and waterproofing.

How to raise the roof of the house - technology features The roof is raised, now you need to build walls

The use of this technology is also possible in a wooden house. We and our readers are very interested to know whether you have a practice in doing this work. If so, be sure to share your experience, because practice is much more effective than theory.


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