How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video

The roller is much more comfortable than a regular brush for several reasons. First of all, it significantly reduces the cost of coloring compositions. In addition, it is very convenient to use. Before painting the walls and ceiling with a roller, you must first select the tool itself.

Types of rollers

How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video

Rollers exist for a very long time. The first time they were made from natural materials. In particular, sheepskin was used for this. Over time, the production of sheepskin rollers was reduced, because this material is quite expensive. Manufacturers decided to use more modern and economical materials. Today there are several varieties of rollers.

  1. The most common material used in the manufacture of this tool is foam rubber. Foam rollers of various thickness can be found on the market. When choosing, one should remember that for painting surfaces with varnishes, as well as paints based on acrylate or water-based compositions, it is better to choose such rollers.
  2. Mohair is another popular material for the production of rollers. Such products are great for painting surfaces with natural resin compositions.

The rollers may have different pile lengths. A long nap tool can hold more paint.

The roller in the process of work, regardless of the length of the pile, still need to be pressed on a special grater or grid. Otherwise it will lead to increased paint consumption.

Painting walls and ceiling

How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video

People who have not dealt with this tool often wonder how to paint the walls with a roller or roller to paint the walls, and how - the ceiling. Someone thinks that only professionals can use this tool.

In fact, there is no need to use any professional tricks when working with a roller, because the process of painting them is very simple. Even a person who has never engaged in repair, will be able to master the work with him within five minutes. To produce staining in two ways.

The first way is to apply the paint like this:

  • roller down from top to bottom;
  • from the bottom point hold up to the starting position.

This method allows you to perfectly paint the surface, avoiding bare patches.

How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video

The second method:

  • paint the surface horizontally;
  • apply another layer vertically.

With this method of painting it is necessary to capture the entire area of ​​the wall or ceiling. When painting in any way, you should not forget to squeeze the roller. It is possible to apply paint on a surface in one - two layers.

After staining with this tool, you must complete the process with an ordinary brush. Because the roller is not able to paint over different corners and joints.

Despite the fact that working with a roller is a very simple process, this does not mean that it cannot be used to create something really beautiful. This is, after all, a professional tool. Many interesting effects with it can be obtained by varying the force of pressure during staining.

Roller parameters

How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video Parameters

Rollers differ not only in material, from of which they are made. When choosing a tool, you must also focus on its width. For an ordinary city apartment, an instrument with a width of no more than 25–30 cm is suitable. If you take a too wide roller, it may cause difficulties in operation. This tool will be very difficult to paint, besides it will require too much paint.

When purchasing a roller, you need to think about its components. It is very important to purchase a pen extension in advance, which will facilitate the process of coloring. You should also buy a special grater to remove excess paint.

The rollers have one drawback - they can roll. If this happens, the tool will become unusable. Therefore, you should choose special rollers that have steel threads. They certainly cost more. But such tools serve much longer.

Care of rollers

How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video Press roller

How to paint the walls and ceiling roller + photo, video Care After the work is finished, you must send the tool to storage. To do this, it must be cleaned so that it can last longer.

  1. After working with water-based paint, the tool is washed in plain water. After that, it should not be wrung out, otherwise it will simply lose its original shape and become useless. Better after cleaning to hang it to dry.
  2. If the work was done with varnishes and acrylic paint, then a special composition will be needed to clean the roller. It is better to buy in advance to carry out the procedure immediately after work. It often happens that the master is too concerned about how to paint the ceiling with a roller or how to paint the walls with a roller, but forgets about the subsequent maintenance of the tool.As a result, then even the most excellent tool fails ahead of time.
  3. Any roller needs careful maintenance regardless of whether it is made of foam rubber, mohair or other material. Without cleaning, the tool will become unusable in the future.

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The technology of painting the ceiling with a roller is discussed in detail in the following video:


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