Wiring in the garage with their own hands

A garage is a great way to protect your car from theft or damage, from precipitation and burning paint. Also this room can serve as a place where it is possible to arrange a repair pit, so that with its help it is better to take care of your transport, changing the failed parts in time. To carry out such work, good lighting is needed, so you should learn how to make electrical wiring in the garage, especially if there is no extra money to hire a professional electrician.


Wiring in the garage with their own hands Wiring diagram in the garage

Do not think that in the garage you can get by with one lamp, a switch and a pair of sockets.

No, not everything is as simple as it seems. To properly design the wiring, you need to calculate everything. First, let's look at the dimensions of the garage - if it is rather big, then you need to install a lot of lamps, or you will need lamps of greater power. What light sources are best to use? There are several options:

  • small searchlights with motion detection;
  • ordinary round luminaires of the “Tablet” type;
  • lamps under fluorescent lamps (18 or 36 W) .

Application of lamps

Wiring in the garage with their own hands Wiring diagram of through switches

If to speak About the first type, the lamp with a motion sensor is great in cases where the gate opens automatically, and go far to the switch, but nothing is visible. Such a lamp will turn on itself for a short time, which is set on the sensor by a knob that can be adjusted to glow the lamp from 5 seconds to a minute or more. By the way, this is not the only way to illuminate dark places. It is possible to use several pass switches that will turn on the light in one place, for example, at the entrance, and turn it off at another (at the gate), and vice versa.

When buying lamps, you should pay attention to the diameter of the base, and the convenience of replacing the lamp.

If the base is non-standard, there may be problems with the purchase of lamps. It is also important whether the length of the luminaire allows it to be placed under the cover covering the body with a large lamp. If it does not meet these requirements, it may be better to look for a more practical option. In most of the luminaires, the lamps can be easily replaced, just turn the cover or just unscrew the fixing screws.

Fluorescent lamps - this is a great option to illuminate the garage area with bright light. There are some drawbacks of such lamps - by putting them in the garage, you can soon encounter the fact that the starters in them often fail, which is why the lamp starts to flash or does not light up. Therefore, to ensure reliable operation, it is necessary to purchase these consumables and lamps from reliable suppliers, preferably not made in China.

Location of the luminaires

Wiring in the garage with their own hands Luminaires in the well

This is also an important point. You can place lamps anywhere, even in the floor, if you use special floor-standing devices for lighting. So where is the best place to hang them? Usually the lighting places can be:

  1. walls;
  2. ceiling;
  3. pit walls;
  4. floor (as mentioned above).

Wiring ки 4>

Wiring in the garage with their own hands Wiring

Wiring may be different type:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • mixed.

For garage, it is undesirable to use open wiring. Of course, this option is easier and faster to install, but less reliable. The reason is that the wires laid in a corrugation or a box can be hooked, broken or will be constantly exposed to dampness.

It is best to hide the cable in the wall, so the wiring should be laid in advance, even before plastering. This will help plan, which must be drawn up at the beginning.

Where to place the switches? The first one should be near the entrance, the rest should be installed near the lamp so that anyone who enters the garage does not have to guess what and how it turns on. Sockets are better to install near the doors, gates and above the desk, if one is provided in the garage. The most qualitative are those sockets that have spring-loaded contacts, because the plug, even of the Soviet type, will not warm up or fall out. If the plug is made according to European standards, then the springs will move back, fixing it, and after extraction will be in place. Agree, it is convenient, besides, this outlet will be more durable.

Street lighting

Wiring in the garage with their own hands A lamp with a motion sensor

It is equally important to take care of backlight on the street.It is clear that the owner does not care much about passers-by, but you need to think about yourself, because every time it is not very convenient to illuminate the garage door with lights, so the lamp with a motion sensor will be very useful. It is worth mentioning another nuance - the gate on an electric drive. If you plan to do this convenience, do not forget to power up the installation site, otherwise you will have to redo everything!


This video tells how to install electrical wires to illuminate the garage or other auxiliary ones premises.


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