How to make a wall chaser yourself

Already passed those times when all engineering communications were laid outside. Now pipes, wires and the like are hiding in the walls wherever possible. In those cases when communications cannot be hidden in the wall, plastic boxes are installed, in all other cases grooves are made. They can be done using different tools, but the simplest and most effective method is to use a wall chaser. In home appliances stores you can find many models of wall chasers, the price of which varies from 5 to 50 thousand rubles. However, in order to save money, this tool can be made independently. This article will discuss how to make a wall chaser with your own hands.

What is a wall chaser

How to make a wall chaser yourself

To simplify the task of laying pipes, wires, and other communications in the gates, the wall chaser was designed to quickly cut gaps. In appearance, this tool resembles a Bulgarian. However, it has structural differences:

  • In contrast to the Bulgarian, a wall chaser can simultaneously make 2 cuts.
  • Two cutting blades work simultaneously.
  • A wall chaser can make the same strokes depth.
  • There is a restrictive regulatory platform on the wall chaser.
  • Also wall chasers are equipped with a dust extraction outlet.

How to make a wall chaser yourself Protection

After the wall chaser has been working, it is necessary to remove material between the two channels using a perforator in the wall. It will take relatively little time to complete this work.


How to make a wall chaser yourself

The speed of work of the wall chaser, unlike the Bulgarian, is twice as high. Pay attention to the fact that it is an uncut device. As a result of his work, the groove for the laying of communications is smooth. The cutting elements are based on two diamond discs. Between them you can adjust the gap. Also regulated and cut depth shtrob.

To perform work in accordance with safety regulations, discs are closed with a protective casing. Also on this casing there is a pipe to remove dust. Through it, the device is connected to a construction vacuum with a hose.

Homemade wall chaser: step by step

How to make a wall chaser yourself

After reviewing the device of the wall chaser, let's start studying the instructions for its independent production. Thus, you can make a manual wall chaser for a relatively small amount.

For the manufacture of home-made wall chaser you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Bulgarian;
  • 2 diamond discs;
  • nuts;
  • protective cover or sheet of metal for its manufacture;
  • vacuum cleaner with hose.

How to make a wall chaser yourself Casing with a nozzle for removing dust

So, when manufacturing it is important to adapt to the grinder two diamond wheels. The first is fixed in the usual way. As for the second, then for him to fix an additional nut with a ring of the same diameter. It turns out that the second disc is installed on the first nut and is fixed on top of the additional one.

It is important that there is enough thread to fix the second disc. 2-3 turns are enough.

To increase the distance between the discs, install a spacer sleeve or an elongated nut. So, you can make the grooves of the desired width.

A dust collector should be built to collect dust. For this purpose, a casing is made, on which the branch pipe for dust removal is mounted. The casing can be bought ready in the store or cook by yourself. You can learn more about this from the video presented at the end of the article. The casing can also be made from a pan, the diameter of which should be slightly larger than the diamond discs. The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • First of all, the casing is made, to which the grinder will be fixed.
  • It is important to cut off all unnecessary and protruding elements.
  • A branch pipe Ø up to 3 cm is welded to the casing to remove dust.
  • A sewer plastic branch can be installed on the branch pipe with a transition corresponding to the diameter of the hose, which has a sealing gum. Due to this, there will be good traction.
  • A hose is attached to the nozzle and is connected to the vacuum cleaner.

How to make a wall chaser yourself Metal sole

When the entire structure is finished, it should be disassembled and painted. Pre-remove all existing defects. Dust suction will occur simultaneously with the wall chaser.

It is desirable that the hose going to the vacuum cleaner be at least 2 m long. A very short one will restrain your movements. As a result, two outlets will be required at the same time for the manufacture of gates.

So, we saw that the principle of making wall chaser is relatively simple. The main advantage is cost savings. You will be able to make straight strokes for laying those or other communications and, most importantly, without wasting a lot of time.Such a device is suitable for aerated concrete, brick and other building materials. The subtleties of making a homemade wall chaser you can see in the presented video:


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