How to make a plastic ceiling + video

Gradually, obsolete methods for finishing ceilings, such as whitewashing with lime or water-based paint, are fading into oblivion. Modern manufacturers have flooded the construction market with various finishing materials, one of which is plastic panels. Since this material is practical and unpretentious in the care, many prefer it when finishing the ceilings in the corridor, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, on the glazed balconies and loggias. Before you actually start the repair work, you need to understand how to properly make a plastic ceiling so that it blends harmoniously into the interior.

Where to start

How to make a plastic ceiling + video Plastic panels for the ceiling

First you need to calculate the amount of materials required. Make sure that the color of the plastic panels you choose matches the color range of the room.

Experts advise against using white plastic due to the fact that dust, cobwebs and dirty spots are clearly visible on it.

So, from building materials you should buy:

  • seamless plastic panels 25 cm wide;
  • metal UD and CD profiles;
  • starting plastic P-profile;
  • metal tapping screws and press washers;
  • hangers required for fixing the profile to the ceiling;
  • dowels;
  • wires and necessary accessories for wiring;
  • lamps.

How to make a plastic ceiling + video Suspensions for the ceiling

Tools Required:

  • hammer drill;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian.

We make a frame

Wood is a wonderful natural material that, unfortunately, can be deformed, especially in rooms with high humidity. Making a choice between a wooden and metal frame, give preference to the latter.

  1. To keep the ceiling strictly horizontal, mark the walls on the walls with the help of a reliable assistant, the building level. To use room height economically, lower the level to the minimum distance.
  2. Next, using dowels, use a perforator to nail the UD-profiles on the walls according to the marking. Remember that UD-profiles can only be used on walls.
  3. After that, insert the CD profiles that make up the framework of the framework into the guide profiles. CD-profiles should be fixed to the UD-profiles with self-tapping screws with a drill or press washers (80-100 cm increments). For example, in the bathroom it is quite possible to do with one CD-profile with a width of one and a half meters, securing it in the center of the room. For a room more than two meters wide, you will need two profiles.
  4. Attach the CD-profile to the ceiling with special hangers. Suspensions are fixed to the profile, as a rule, by a simple snap, and to the ceiling - with the help of dowels or anchors (60-80 cm steps).
  5. In the case of mounting to the ceiling of the chandelier, you should take care of the presence of a metal hook in the ceiling.
  6. If you decide to decorate the ceiling with spot lighting, then you need to lead the wiring to all places of the future location of the light bulbs.

We sheathe the skeleton

How to make a plastic ceiling + video Layout of the ceiling of PVC panels

  1. On metal profiles, fasten plastic profiles into which you will later insert plastic panels. Cut U-shaped profiles in accordance with the size of the walls and screw them to the bottom of the UD-profiles using press washers. Please note that plastic profiles should be as close to the walls as possible. You can do without them - in this case, the installation of the ceiling will be faster, and financial costs will be less. But know that in this case there will be gaps between the panels and the walls, which will have to be closed by foam corners using glue like "Titan", and later it will be quite difficult for you to complete a complete disassembly of such a ceiling.
  2. In the next step, you need to install the panels on the assembled frame. Cut plastic panels of the required length and insert them into the fastened plastic profiles. The first panel must be inserted in the direction of the spike to the wall. Each panel must be attached to the CD-profile with screws or press washers. The panels are interconnected by the inclusion of the spike of the next panel into the groove of the previously installed panel. In this way, you should assemble the entire ceiling.
  3. In the assembled ceiling, make holes for the placement of spotlights with a drill with a special round nozzle. Then output the wires into the holes made to connect the lamps. For a chandelier, one standard hole will be enough, into which you will lead the wire to connect it.
  4. The most difficult moment in installing a plastic ceiling is inserting the last panel. Usually it has to be cut both in length and in width. For this procedure, use a sharp knife, which is usually used for cutting drywall.The width must be calculated in such a way that there are no gaps or gaps in the ceiling when clicking the last panel into the groove of the previous panel.
  5. At the final stage, install and connect electrical appliances.

How to make a plastic ceiling + video Sheathing of the frame with panels

Plastic ceilings are valued for ease of installation, a fairly modest cost, ease of care and excellent appearance.


Video instructions for mounting PVC panels on the ceiling:


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