How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

Dacha and suburban construction from time immemorial attracted not only the possibility of a good rest away from the bustle of the city, but also an independent arrangement of its housing. Of course, in some moments during the construction of the cottage and the plot of land there are certain difficulties that need to be solved with the help of craftsmen, however, if desired, and with due patience, you can build some elements of the house structure yourself. Having finished with the foundation and walls, each owner is faced with the questions of how to properly equip the roofing system.

In this article we will tell you how to make a horse on the roof with your own hands, consider the options for a roof made of slate, corrugated board, metal tiles.

Fundamental differences and ways of implementing

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

Starting to study the procedure for the construction of these elements, you should understand the difference between such concepts as "ridge of the roof" and "roof ridge". The first is formed at the intersection of two roof slopes, and the second is a separate element, which is selected depending on the type of roofing material.

The main purpose of the roof ridge is to provide ventilation and removal of moisture generated on the inner sides of the slopes. The operation of this element is achieved by laying the roofing materials, so that there is a small gap between them at the top closing point.

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Ridge Roof of Slate

Today, the device of the ridge can be done either with ready-made kits, and do it yourself by preparing the necessary materials. In the first case, the owner saves himself from taking measurements and preparing the metal for installation. If you have everything chosen, it remains only to choose a form that is represented by figured, relief, conical, semicircular, and other types. Self-production of the skate involves cutting the metal on its own and making a smooth fold, which in most cases is difficult to accomplish at home.

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Ridge ridge

There are many ready-made solutions for both metal roofing and others roofing materials. As a rule, manufacturers of one or another product suggest using their material prepared specifically for their coverage. It should be said that the acquisition of ready-made elements of the skate is the optimal solution, providing an accurate fit of every detail and that will help to create an excellent aesthetic appearance. In this case, the owner is required only to raise the cut blanks on the roof and, in accordance with the instructions, install them.

The construction of a roof ridge should be started only after all the roofing work has been completed. Its fixation is carried out on the prepared coating, which requires, in the variant of the insulated roof, to perform insulation before the process of placing the ridge.

Features of the design

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

When you are going to equip the ridge, first of all you should understand what this element is and how to install it correctly. Roofing ridge includes the following parts:

  • bar - it ensures the retention of the external coating, which protects from the harmful effects of environmental factors;
  • wooden or metal racks.

As already mentioned above, the ridge provides roof ventilation. However, we must not forget the fact that small gaps between this element and the roof slopes can cause birds, rodents and insects to appear in the attic of the house, therefore protection against them should be provided.

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) A ridge on a metal roof

To solve this problem, it is more rational to use special grids with small cells . As a basis for it, you should choose a sufficiently durable material, for example, aluminum, because it has sufficient strength and flexibility.

When finished with the arrangement of the skate, do not forget about the plugs that are installed in the end part of the structure. Their fastening is carried out by means of self-tapping openings between the slopes.

The variety of ridge elements

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

The modern range of goods in stores in this area is large. In some versions, the ridge is placed on racks of timber, located on the ceiling or screeds. In another case, it is formed by covering the boards at a certain slope, which are placed close to each other. Today there are the following types of skate:

  1. Ridge (profile horse). Its main purpose is the combination of two roof slopes and protection from moisture and dirt. The abundance of colors allows you to pick up the ridge in tune to the roof and provide a unified harmony of the overall color. During the installation work, one should not forget about the installation of a special seal.
  2. Mortise and crossed.These types of skates are often used in the construction of a hip truss system. Fixation of elements is carried out by inserting into the roof slopes or installing intersections.
  3. Half round. Not much different from the first type, but has a more aesthetic appearance. In addition, special end caps are installed at the ends to prevent the entry of debris and precipitation.


How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Defining nuances when installing

During execution works it is necessary to take into account that the provision of ventilation of the space under the roof covering is achieved due to the gap left. Having finished with facing of slopes, it is necessary to start laying of the ventilating material providing reliable protection of a basic bar of the future fad against penetration of an atmospheric precipitation.

At the same time, the intermediate layer also solves another important task - it eliminates the penetration of insects and birds into the attic room. As a basis for this element, it is more expedient to use special seals, mineral glass wool, etc.

When installing the ridge, the use of assembly foam and sealants is prohibited, since they prevent air circulation under the roof.

Preparation and collection of consumables

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

After weighing all the characteristics of the material and determining its choice, you should purchase the necessary amount of the ridge, as well as its accessories and fasteners. As a rule, the ridge element includes a ventilation partition and a belt, fasteners for the lightning rod and a gasket.

To eliminate discrepancies in size when joining, as well as to ensure quality joints, it is necessary to purchase all the materials for the roof from one supplier.

To successfully complete the task and reduce the time for preparation, it will be necessary to assemble the required tools and accessories in advance, namely:

  • a sliding construction ladder;
  • construction level and tape measure;
  • a screwdriver or a drill with a set of drills and bits for working with roofing screws;
  • a nylon cord;
  • metal shears or a Bulgarian.

The use of an electric tool greatly simplifies any installation, however, in the absence of appropriate equipment, it is easy to find an alternative to it from an everyday tool.

Height calculation

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Calculation of the height of the ridge

Getting started the roof, the necessary measure is to calculate the height of the ridge. This will allow you to make all subsequent calculations of consumables that will be required during the construction of rafters and roofing. This indicator is determined using geometric parameters and is calculated based on the angle of inclination of the cladding roofing material and its type. So, in the production version of reed or other type of soft roof such materials are stacked with a slope in the range from 12 to 85 °. However, slate and other materials are fixed with a slope of 15-60 °.

At the same time, the general aesthetics of the building should be taken into account - the height of the roof should be optimally coordinated with the proportions of the house. Too high or prohibitively flat roof can spoil the whole look. For our strip, it is more rational to use the slope of the roofing material at 30-45 °, otherwise the lining will be subject to increased wind or snow loads.

To perform the necessary calculations, you will need to refer to the geometry and calculate the values ​​using a simple formula. So, it is necessary to take a right triangle and calculate the index of the leg length, which is equal to the length of his second colleague, multiplied by the tangent of the angle at the base. Having a house with a width of 6 m and an angle of inclination of 40 °, we find tangent values ​​in school tables - in this case it will be 0.83. As a result, we get the formula: 6/2 * 0.83 = 2.49 m - the optimal height of the ridge element.

Fastening technology

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

The construction of the ridge is started after the roof fastening procedure has been completed. Decorative components to the place of placement are delivered by means of a winch mechanism or rope. To fix the ridge element it is necessary to install from the outside between the slopes a timber with a cross section of at least 80 * 100 mm. Further, to each of its sides the crate bars are fastened and the ridge bar is installed.

To simplify the subsequent process of laying the parts, it will not be superfluous to attach special brackets to the central support bar and place running bridges on them. In addition, for the most snug fit of the roofing material, it is best to use a ridge beam with a rounded edge.

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Bar for fixing the ridge

Protection against decay, development of mold and fungal formations - an integral process during the installation, which provides for the upholstery of the ridge bar along its entire length with roofing material or a special sealant. This practice can significantly extend the life of not only the ridge, but also the entire roofing system.

In the case of making a roof made of slate, it is more rational to pick up the ridge from a similar material - asbestos cement, or use galvanization.

Fastening is carried out directly to the ridge beam by means of slate nails or self-tapping screws, so that the imposition of parts goes from the front of the house.


How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes)

For example, take the placement of a ridge element on the roof of a metal tile. For high-quality work to ensure reliable operation is performed in the following sequence:

  • make sure that the ridge axis is even - the place of closing of the edges of the slopes (allowable discrepancies are up to 2-3 cm);
  • complementary roofing parts, it is worth remembering that it is necessary to lay a small layer of heat-insulating material in the ridge grooves;
  • to lay the first and last ridge element on the prepared beam flush with the outer edges of the roofing coating be a buddy, which will greatly accelerate the entire process of installation);
  • stretch nylon cord therebetween;
  • hold fixation composite ridge elements by means of screws (screwing step should be mild about 40-50 cm).

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Fixed horse

The ridge elements should be chosen with a shelf width of 15 cm, because parts with smaller edges will not be able to reliably protect your attic space in the winter season from the ingress of snow.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the process of installing the ridge on the equipped roofing is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Taking into account the fact that all work is being carried out at a substantial height, then, having no installation experience in such conditions, it is best to seek the help of specialists.

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In the provided video material, you can learn about the intricacies of mounting a roof ridge:


The diagrams show the details of the installation of the roof ridge:

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) The drawing of the ridge of the mansard roof

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Sketch of a slate roof

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) The ridge of the hip roof

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Mounting the ridge of metal

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Organization of ventilation through the ridge

How to make a horse on the roof with their own hands (+ schemes) Structure of the ridge of the roof


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