How to make a coffee table yourself: materials and tools, process

How to make a coffee table with your own hands? You can buy a coffee table in the store, the choice is now very large. But we must not forget that the cost of such a table, as a rule, is rather big (at least, if we are talking about a really high-quality product). And some people find it difficult to choose the color and size of such a table. And to make a coffee table with your own hands is easy, the work is creative, and the financial costs will be insignificant. Very important is the fact that you can make a table of this size and color, which is fully consistent with the taste preferences of the owners.

How to make a coffee table yourself: materials and tools, process

Scheme of assembly of the coffee table.

To make a table with your own hands, you will need the following:

  1. Laminated chipboard.
  2. Drill-screwdriver.
  3. Tape measure.
  4. Furniture fittings.

First of all, you need to look at all the models of coffee tables in magazines of the appropriate content (furniture catalogs are not rare today). Do not rush, choose a model.

Now you need to draw the table itself, and you should note all the dimensions: length, width and height. As for the sizes, they can be both standard and arbitrary (but the proportions must be taken into account). This factor is one of the most important in the independent production of furniture.

The process of making a coffee table

How to make a coffee table yourself: materials and tools, process

The size of the coffee table.

It is necessary to understand the dimensions of all parts and their number. The sides of the elements on which it will be necessary to glue the edge should be marked. It is very important not to forget to specify the location and diameter of the holes that are intended for drilling.

The next step is to find a company that offers high-quality chipboard (you should choose laminated materials, it is from them that more modern furniture is made). It is necessary to order all the necessary parts. If the company, in addition to sawing, offers drilling and chroming, this is very good. But you should consider the cost of work: if such services are too expensive, then you can do everything yourself.

While the order is expected to be fulfilled, you can purchase accessories that will be needed for the table. We are talking about confirmats, screws, wheels and eccentrics. It is necessary to make calculations in advance of the required amount of such material.

In the meantime, all the details for the table will be ready, but you need to carefully check whether everything is in order (the presence of chips, scratches, etc. is unacceptable). If all is well, the order can be paid.

It is necessary to prepare a place where you plan to make a coffee table. Wrapping paper is spreading on the floor (you can use plastic wrap instead of it), these measures are taken so that the table top is not scratched. Details must be decomposed in the order in which they may be needed, the sequence should not be broken. You need to prepare the tools, after which you can begin to collect the coffee table.

The table top is placed on the glazed floor with the front part at the bottom. Now the side legs and walls are screwed to it, if necessary, it is possible to fasten a shelf (or shelves). Now it's the turn at the bottom of the table and the wheels (they are not always made, however the option with the wheels is much more convenient and functional). When asking how to make a coffee table yourself, you should start the assembly process from the bottom.

Useful recommendations

As regards the processing of such a table, this process can be carried out in different ways. You can make a tint stain, burn the flame of the burner. It is very beautiful when the color of the cap is significantly different from the color of the wood of the legs and the frame. It turns out an interesting contrast that contributes to the creation of the original effect. If you plan to varnish the table, then you need to know that before that all its surfaces should be cleaned with fine sandpaper. Due to this, the quality of the coating becomes much better.

It is possible to decorate such independently made furniture using shells, stones and souvenirs brought from vacation, it all looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Now we can assume that a beautiful and comfortable coffee table is ready, without spending much time and money. You can give advice to relatives and friends about how to make a coffee table yourself.

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