How to drain the water from the boiler

In apartments, private houses and cottages, storage water heaters are often installed, thanks to which tenants can be provided with hot water. If we talk about apartments, then the use of a boiler in them is in demand only in the summer period, when hot water is turned off for seasonal communications repair work. In houses, as a rule, centralized provision of hot water is not provided, therefore boilers are used regardless of the season. There are several reasons when you need to drain water from the drive. Therefore, it is very important to know how to drain the water from the boiler. This will be discussed in the article.

Reasons for which you need to drain

How to drain the water from the boiler

Before draining water from the water heater, make sure that you really need to hold this event. There are situations when it is undesirable to do it. About situations in which you need and do not need to drain the water and talk further.

When you need

How to drain the water from the boiler Situations in which you need to drain

If you need leave the boiler for the winter period in an unheated room, then the water from the boiler must be drained. The fact is that water already at a temperature of + 5ºС begins to crystallize. If ice forms in the storage tank of the water heater, then the device is likely to break.

It is possible to drain the water yourself, repair the boiler or replace any spare parts only after the warranty period has expired. You can do this work only if you drain the water from the tank.

How to drain the water from the boiler Drain

Before cleaning the scale, the tank must also be freed from water. This procedure should be repeated at least once every 5 years. But, if the quality of the heated water is below average, then the heater should be cleaned more often.

In a tank with sediment, water heats up much more slowly. And this means that you will pay more money for electricity due to the increase in energy costs. The same principle works in the operation of any equipment for heating water.

When you do not need

How to drain the water from the boiler

If you need to turn off the device for the summer, that is, for the warm season, which does not involve low temperatures, then drain the water from there is no need for it. This is not even advisable, because the water tank without water is more susceptible to corrosion. Moreover, if after a vacation it happens that you forget about the lack of contents in the tank and turn it on, it will simply burn.

Suppose you had a boiler off for some time and the water in it stagnated. In this case, it is not necessary to merge it. Simply pass cold water through the tank several times.

It is recommended to rinse the tank once every 2-3 months. This can be done by passing about 100 liters of cold water through it.

How to drain the water from the boiler Self-draining

If the water heater is still under warranty, then it is better not to drain with it water yourself. The fact is that if in the future you will need the maintenance of the device by service workers, then after your initiative, they will not take into account the validity of the warranty card. And for the service you have to pay. If you need to fix the damage, then contact the service center, and do not be wise how to do everything yourself.

If you wanted to disassemble the boiler out of curiosity, then perhaps you should not. Remember, household appliances and adventure concepts are incompatible.

Differences of the drain depending on the design

How to drain the water from the boiler

The manufacturers of boilers launch devices with their own design features on the market. It is worth noting that the instructions for use of the heater has instructions for draining water. Next, we consider the nuances in the implementation of the drain on the example of popular models of boilers.


How to drain the water from the boiler

Before draining the water from the Termeks water heater, familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to the device, if, of course, you have not purchased a used device. Even so, do not despair. The following describes how to drain the water from a Termex boiler:

  • Disconnect the device from the power supply.
  • Shut off the valve through which cold water enters the boiler.
  • Drain. To avoid getting burned, it is better to wait until it cools.
  • To relieve internal pressure in the tank, open the valve on the hot water supply in the mixer, which is installed closest to the boiler.
  • If the water is already glass, then close the mixer tap.
  • Unscrew the nuts at the water supply point at the bottom of the check valve. The easiest way to do this is with an adjustable wrench.
  • Then a hose should be connected to the released branch pipe, with which you can drain the remaining water into the sewer system.
  • After unscrewing the nut from the nozzle, air enters the tank and water flows out through the hose.

If the water from the tank is already glass, turn on the cold water and then rinse the tank.


How to drain the water from the boiler

As for disconnecting from the mains, when the boiler is de-energized, Ariston does everything in the same way as when working with a Termex water heater. Step-by-step instructions for draining water:

  1. Unscrew the plugs from the top of the mixer.
  2. Shut off the cold water supply. Close the mixer taps, and then remove the hose from the shower.
  3. Twist off the valve and plastic nuts at the inlet / outlet pipe.
  4. Remove the mixer cap, then loosen the screw. After you need to remove the mixer handle and gaskets.
  5. Disconnect the housing from the internal storage tank. Please note that it is not removed until the end. Do this carefully so as not to damage the tank box.
  6. Get to the stub and open it. Through this hole and drain the water.
  7. When draining water, the boiler Ariston must be in an upright position.


How to drain the water from the boiler

The principle of draining boiler water from gorenje is similar to the cases described above. As well as believes at first it is necessary to de-energize the device. Then open the valve on the hot water mixer.

After the hot water has drained, connect the hose to the cold water tap. At the same time, send its opposite end to the nearest sewer drain or to a suitable container.

After opening the drain valve and supplying air to the tank, the water heater will begin to empty. All this will take you about 10 minutes.

Another option for draining water from a Gorenje boiler is through a safety valve. This, of course, is an easy way, but if time is more expensive to you, it is better to drain the water as described above. Since the water flows through the safety valve for a very long time.

Some models of water heaters do not have a special flag on the safety valve. If this is the case in your case, then find the spring inside the valve and squeeze it out with a tube. Do not unscrew the valve.

As can be seen from this article, it is not that difficult to drain water from the boiler. But before the expiration of the warranty period is undesirable. If you have questions, write them to our expert. Comments can be written at the end of the article.


In this video, you can clearly see how to drain water from the boiler:


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