How to install balusters on the stairs: instructions

Balusters are called supporting columns on which the staircase handrails are laid. Any design of this kind carries not only beauty and aesthetics, but also additional rigidity and reliability. All railings of any stairs must be carried out in strict accordance with the rules of their installation. The integrity of the future ladder as a whole largely depends on this.

How to install balusters on the stairs: instructions

Wooden baluster drawings.

Installing balusters is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Here the main thing is to choose the right tools and materials, as well as get instructions. It will be given below. We'll talk more about how to install balusters on the stairs.

Tools and materials

How to install balusters on the stairs: instructions

The scheme of fastening balusters to handrails.

You will need the following to work:

  • bars;
  • measuring and drawing tools;
  • shkanty;
  • glue;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer.

This minimum will be enough to produce work associated with installing balusters on the stairs.

Workflow Manual

It's time to refer to the instructions, which will tell you in detail how to install the balusters on the stairs. All the work can be done by hand, as the installation process is quite primitive.

Any ladder consists of a handrail laid on balusters. Yes, yes, these are exactly the bars of the bars, which everyone can observe on the stairs of standard execution. These structural elements also have an aesthetic function and give the structure additional rigidity. It should immediately be said that all components of the stairs must be made of homogeneous wood.

How to install balusters on the stairs: instructions

Options for attaching rail-posts to railings.

If the main structure is made of oak, then balusters with balusters should be made of the same material. Otherwise, a change in the external climatic factors may lead to an uneven perception of this effect by the elements. Here the probability of occurrence of cracks and other defects.

It is necessary to install the balusters themselves on the steps of the ladder at certain intervals. They should be thought out in advance. The design must be sufficiently rigid to withstand the loads created by the person when moving up the stairs. All balusters are divided into 3 types: supporting, angular and starting. The distance between them is regulated by the relevant documentation.

Glued laminated timber is excellent for use as a base for this element of the staircase. In some cases, balusters need to be further strengthened. For these purposes, a metal pipe is added to the glued laminated timber. It will create a very rigid structure that will be difficult to break or damage.

Balusters can be of the most diverse thickness and height. It all depends on the ladder itself, to which they will be attached. Most often, the thickness varies from 30 to 80 mm, and height - from 800 to 900 mm.

The construction itself does not exert any pressure on them, so they can have any shape. They just have to perfectly match the surrounding interior. Before fixing the baluster, it is necessary to make a preliminary marking. It is necessary to clearly note the place where it will be mounted.

Dowels are used to fasten the balusters.

How to install balusters on the stairs: instructions

Fastening the balusters to the bowstring.

These are wooden round pins. They can be purchased, and you can make yourself from a bar. In this shkanty should be large enough. The diameter of this structural element must be less than the diameter of the baluster by a quarter. The length of the stud should be at least two of its diameters. It is very important to take this fact into account when designing the stairs. At the same time for mounting each baluster will need two dowels.

Now you need to prepare the balusters for the installation of studs. For a start it is worth making a hole in the lower part of the bar, the diameter of which will be equal to the diameter of the dowel. The depth of the hole should be half the length of the stud. To make a hole can be a variety of methods.

To do this, use a chisel and a hammer, as well as a drill with a drill of the appropriate diameter. This will get really the right size. If there is no suitable drill, then it will be possible to modify the hole with other improvised means. On the step you also need to make a hole of exactly the same size as in the baluster. This will be the option of mounting this ladder element.

Next, the lower shkant is installed in the hole on the step. It should be pressed as hard as possible. For these purposes, you can use a wooden mallet. In no case can you use a hammer, as it can damage both the baluster and the stud. Shkant is planted on glue. In this case, you can use the PVA.

At the same time, after the installation of the stud, wait until the glue is completely dry. At this point, you can align the structural elements. Then the same manipulations are made with the top shkant, after that it is safe to attach the handrail cover.

Some features of mounting balusters

How to install balusters on the stairs: instructions

The scheme for attaching treads and balusters to kosour.

Installation of balusters can be made by a slightly different method. For this installation is made in the lower groove of the handrail. It is cut in shape and size equal to the top of the baluster. In this case, a bar can be fastened between them, which will fix the balusters in a certain position. For this kind of attachment need to use nails without caps. Fortunately, these days there are no problems with their purchase.

So now we can state the fact that the balusters are installed. As is clear, there is nothing difficult in the process of their installation. The most important thing is to follow the instructions clearly. Then all the work will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. For carrying out the whole complex of events it is often enough several hours.

The most important thing is to set the starting balusters correctly. Then it will be possible to mount all the other elements relative to them. Shkanty is best done independently. For these purposes, use the same material that is used in the manufacture of balusters. In this case, they should be done as carefully as possible. Only in this way it is possible to achieve high-quality performance and installation.

It is worth noting that balusters are an essential element of any staircase. Here we are talking not only about the standard options that are used in our apartments. They are mounted on spiral staircases. Here you just can not do without them.

Any spiral staircase creates a potential hazard to human life and health. Here comes the need for protection. Especially if the house is inhabited by small children. Balusters perfectly cope with the task. Of course, if they are correctly and correctly installed.

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