How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands

A private bath is the desire of many people. This is not surprising, since from time immemorial this outbuilding was not just a place of hygiene, but also had an almost mystical meaning. But times go and it is increasingly possible to see how someone refuses to build a bath in favor of installation, for example, a shower stall or limited by bathroom equipment. It is good or bad for everyone to decide, but one thing is almost certain that nothing can be compared with a bath for its therapeutic effect and the special atmosphere that is created there. However, in order to enjoy all its capabilities after the bath is built, it is necessary to solve a number of technical issues, one of which is how to install the stove in the bath with your own hands and what rules and features exist during this process. This will be discussed further.

Types of stoves

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands Stoves for the bath

In order to respond to the delivered The above question needs to begin by saying a few words about what types of stoves for baths are. Many types of work will depend on what type of bath stove will be chosen to a large extent.

First of all, furnaces can be divided into several groups, based on the type of fuel used in them. So you can designate:

  • Solid fuel stoves. This type of furnace is quite common and the oldest of all the others. As it is easy to guess, such a stove uses solid fuels for work, such as firewood and coal. This type can rightly be called traditional, since it was such a bathhouse furnace was originally. Among the indisputable advantages of this option can be identified environmental friendliness, clarity and ease of use, as well as the versatility of use.
  • Liquid fuel stoves. Another type of stoves installed in the bath, using as fuel, for example, kerosene. It can be used in most cases, but it is important to understand that such furnaces will have an increased fire hazard, and therefore their use must be carried out in compliance with all safety precautions and safety regulations.
  • Electric ovens. In principle, this type of furnace can be considered one of the safest, among other things, but it should be said that for the operation of the heating elements will require a very decent amount of electricity, which would entail not only the costs of payments, but also the completion of the wiring.
  • Furnaces on gas. This option is quite practical and very simple, but you need to constantly monitor the health of the equipment. Otherwise, dangerous situations may occur.

In order to understand how to properly install a furnace, you need to know that they may differ in their materials of manufacture.

So, for example, metal, stone and brick kilns became widespread. The process of creating a brick or stone furnace requires a separate detailed consideration, but the installation of a metal stove can be considered within the framework of this material.

Electric furnace

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands

One type of furnace used for installation in a bath is an electric furnace. Among the most significant performance characteristics of stoves of this type can be mentioned:

  • Universality of use.
  • Aesthetic appearance.
  • Safety of use.
  • Relative ease of installation.
  • Does not require additional maintenance.
  • Does not need additional storage space for fuel.

Simplicity and ease of operation

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands Elektrokamenka for home bath

The list of positive characteristics can be continued, but the main thing that is worth noting is that in order to be able to fully enjoy all the advantages of the device, the stove must be correctly mounted and installed. It is worth saying that the process is not particularly complex, but nevertheless it is worth considering the algorithm of actions.

  1. Before starting work on the installation of an electric furnace, care must be taken to install a strong and level base under it. To do this, on the surface area intended for installation, to hold a concrete screed.
  2. The electric oven consumes a fairly large amount of energy, which means that for its comfortable and safe operation, you will need to install a separate power point (water-vapor-tight socket), equipped with its own grounding.
  3. Since the electric furnace (especially models equipped with remote control) is a rather complicated device, it must be assembled in strict accordance with the attached instructions. Assembly is advisable to carry out immediately at the installation site, but if for some reason this process is difficult, then you can bring and install on the basis of the already assembled product.
  4. After installing the stove, it must be connected to the mains and conduct a trial use. Here problems and difficulties should arise.

As an additional precautionary measure, you can install a protective screen of wooden slats, which should be used to close all elements that are directly heated.

Cast iron stove

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands Furnace for bath with cast-iron firebox PB 03

B The bath, along with other options, can be installed and a cast iron stove. This option is quite interesting and rational. The cast iron stove has the following performance characteristics:

  • Easy to install.
  • High heating rate of the room, due to the good thermal conductivity of the material.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Possibility of dismantling and moving, if necessary.

The installation of such a furnace boils down to the following:

  1. First you need to make a solid foundation. Cast iron - the metal is quite heavy and the average weight of the stove from it will be about 200 kg. In this regard, the implementation of a concrete screed or additional reinforcement of the floor are simply necessary.
  2. Next, you can proceed to the assembly. Separate parts of the furnace can, in principle, be carried alone, but still, it is better to invite someone else to help. The furnace is assembled in accordance with the instructions attached to the product.
  3. After installation of the main elements of the furnace, it is necessary to mount the chimney. When performing work, it is necessary to monitor the tightness of the joints of elements.
  4. Stoves for a bath, most often supplied with a special place for laying the so-called "heater". It should be added here that for these purposes it is necessary to use only clean, washed stones.

After the work has been done, it is necessary to carry out a trial ignition of the stove and, having made sure that all the elements are mounted qualitatively, the product can be used.

Installation of a metal furnace

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands A homemade metal stove for a bath

note that a furnace made of metal can be installed independently and in premises of almost any type, that is, wooden, block or other. At the same time, both purchased models and self-made variants can be used. Among the most significant performance characteristics of a metal furnace can be identified:

  • Relatively small size. This circumstance allows you to install the stove in almost any room, while other options require initial planning of the location.
  • Versatility of use.
  • High efficiency.
  • Relatively light weight, so there is no need to strengthen the foundation.
  • A fairly large variety of models.

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands The lining of the furnace is brick

But there is also one rather significant negative - the walls of the furnace, made of metal, will quickly cool down compared to their counterparts, therefore, to ensure long-term effect, the room in which the installation of the stove is planned requires good thermal insulation. In addition, the walls of the stove can be lined with bricks, which will make it possible to achieve indicators of heat transfer comparable with the “classical” variants. Such a stove will heat up longer, but it will also cool longer.

So, the direct installation of the furnace in a wooden bath, as, indeed, in any other one is performed as follows:

  • First, the base is prepared. This means that even at the construction stage it is necessary to concretize and level some space that will be required for the installation of the furnace and the formation of an outboard space. Here it is important to take into account the type of fuel used, since, for example, if coal is used, then to reduce the risk of a fire-hazardous situation, it is necessary to equip a fairly large sheet that will protect the floor from flying sparks.
  • A stove is installed on this base. As mentioned above, the finished version can be used, and you can make the stove yourself. But you need to understand that for the manufacture of a homemade stove will require not only the availability of tools, but also considerable experience in the work, so it is better to just buy a finished oven. Moreover, there are plenty of models on the modern market. Usually, along with products of this type, accompanying documentation follows, in which the process of installing the furnace is described in sufficient detail.
  • After the furnace body itself is installed, it can be lined with single-row brickwork. As mentioned above, this technique will improve the heat output of the stove.
  • Next, install the chimney and heating tank. In the case of using a ready-made version of the furnace, the chimney is mounted in accordance with the instructions.It is important to ensure that all the joints of individual elements of the structure were tight. The heating tank can be located both indoors and heated directly from the burned fuel, and in the attic of the bath, where the heating will occur from hot smoke rising through the chimney. As it is easy to guess, in the first case the process will be faster, but it will require some space, and in the second case you can save space, but you have to sacrifice time.

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands Warming of the chimney in the bath

In addition, it is necessary to add that avoid the formation of ice and condensate on the part of the chimney that has contact with unheated spaces, it must be warmed.

How to install a stove in the bath with their own hands Bath Stove with Heat Exchanger

Finally, you can add that the installation of an iron sauna stove quite rational solution to the problem of heating the room, as well as water heating. Of course, for independent work you will need some experience, but with due desire and sufficient amount of information this task is quite accomplished. For the most complete understanding of the essence of the process in question, you can familiarize yourself with the video on the topic.


This video is about choosing a stove for a bath. You will learn a lot of useful information about home-made and industrially manufactured stoves:

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