How to make an infrared floor with your own hands

Thanks to the development of production technologies, new materials constantly appear on the construction market. The choice is expanding all the time, and the same task can sometimes be solved in several ways. So, for example, when there is a need for warming a room, heated floor technologies will come to the rescue. Among them the increasing popularity is gaining infrared floor. How to make such a floor, will be discussed further.

General description

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Film

To begin, define what it is and What are its main operational characteristics. An infrared floor is a type of electric flooring that is heated by the action of an electric current on carbon emitting elements. In the modern building materials market one can find several varieties of such floors.

  • Film. Perhaps the most common option is a film, inside which the active elements are located. Monitoring and control of the intensity of heating is carried out using a special temperature controller, which is part of the system.
  • Rod. Another type of warm floors, which is supplied to the market in the form of core elements, inside of which there is a heating part.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Rod

There are no fundamental differences in the functioning of infrared floors, but to some extent technology of their installation and some operational characteristics will differ. By the way, we note the most important characteristic qualities:

  1. First of all, it should be noted that the system is extremely easy to install. With basic skills and a minimum set of tools, almost anyone can do the job.
  2. Economy of the system. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, the efficiency of the entire system is very high and allows you to get maximum results with minimum energy consumption.
  3. Another quality that can be noted is its versatility. In general, infrared heating elements are designed to be installed under the floor covering, but can also be used as additional measures for heating the room, in the form of mounting them on walls or even the ceiling.
  4. Reliability also characterizes the system from the positive side. With proper installation, such a floor will perform its functions for many years.
  5. Among other things, the system is devoid of open heating elements and even in the event of a failure it remains as safe as possible for humans.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Laying the pivot floor

But, as mentioned above, in order these qualities have shown themselves to the full, the installation of the system must be carried out with the highest quality possible.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Laying in strips

It is unambiguous to say which infrared floor is better, perhaps, not. Both the pivotal and the roll version have their pros and cons.

The laying of a tape type in a room with a lot of heavy furniture, such as wardrobes, beds and other things, is undesirable, since a large mechanical load can put heaters out of order.

Mounting technology

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Mounting pattern

Speaking of mounting technology infrared floor, it is worth noting that regardless of the production version, the main stages of work will differ minimally, therefore, below we will consider how to lay the tape production version. Immediately it should be said that the work is better divided into several stages and carry out them consistently.


As in all other cases, work should begin with preparation. Here, special attention should be paid to the quality of the foundation. The fact is that, in accordance with the rules for the installation of film (and the rod also) floor, the maximum height difference of the base should be no more than 3–5 mm per m 2 . If necessary, it is necessary to level the surface with a leveling compound or a concrete screed in especially critical cases. Among other things, the base must be clean.

Thermal insulation

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Foil substrate

After the base is ready, you need lay a layer of insulation. As this, it is best to use foil rolled material. Bands of the required length are laid on the surface and fixed with a stapler.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the absence of gaps between the sheets of insulation, and the joints must be taped.

Installation of a film floor

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Installation of a film floor on a substrate

The film floor can be laid on the thermal insulation layer. To do this, strips of required length are cut from the material roll and are laid similarly to heat insulation.The task is not difficult, but it is impossible to prevent damage to the contacts or the active element, so all work should be carried out in strict accordance with the attached instructions.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Connecting the wires to the terminals

After the heating film is laid on the surface, you need to make the initial connection , that is, connect the wires to the terminals on the film. For this design provides special clips. It should be added that in order to follow the results of the work, the wires do not protrude above the common surface of the floor, before they are laid in a heater, special grooves are cut, along which wires are laid.

All connections must be insulated.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Connecting to the network

Next, you can make a test connection of the system to the network.

It is necessary to make the connection of a heated floor through a special thermostat.

As a rule, the work does not cause difficulties. It is necessary in accordance with the instructions to attach the wires to the contact points on the regulator. If done correctly, the heating will be smooth and uniform.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Wiring diagram for infrared floor heating

Laying the finish coating

The final stage of work is the installation of a finishing floor covering. It should be careful not to damage the connection points or active heating elements. This work will be completed, and the film warm floor can be considered ready.

How to make an infrared floor with your own hands Installing the flooring

Finally, you can add that installing a warm infrared floor system will make your stay the house is more comfortable and safe, which is especially important if there are young children in the house who spend a lot of time on the floor. Yes, and adult comfort will also appeal.


This video shows how to mount a film infrared floor:

And this is a detailed installation guide for a rod infrared floor:


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