How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

Quite often, people in their homes set up a wooden staircase. This design is characterized by a long service life, reliability and high strength characteristics. Do not forget about aesthetic beauty.

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

Installing the ladder requires precise calculation of the design parameters and compliance with all installation rules.

Installing stairs of this type at first glance may seem like a simple task. There are no special details and mechanisms. Simple railings and the steps themselves are combined in a single design. However, to install it is actually quite difficult, since in the process of installation one has to face numerous nuances that must be taken into account. So, consider how to install the stairs.

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

The layout of the wooden staircase.

But first about the necessary accessories for the job:

  • tape measure;
  • hacksaw;
  • square;
  • grinder;
  • punch;
  • hammer;
  • level and others.

Installation of a wooden staircase

Even behind such a simple structure there is a very complex technological process. Best of all, if such work will be entrusted to specialists. They will decorate the house with the highest quality and in a short time. However, in this situation there may be numerous unforeseen expenses. Installing a wooden staircase for your own home is the best solution.

A lot depends on how well a wooden staircase is installed near the house. First of all it concerns the operation and reliability of the design. If the installation is done incorrectly, that is, the person will not adhere to the technology, this may lead to a change in the aesthetic appearance, as well as damage.

When installing a wooden staircase for a house, you need to adhere to the following rules:

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

Table showing the correct design of the stair steps.

  1. It is best to install using a team of specialists who work from the organization that designs the stairs. In this case, they will be responsible for their building.
  2. The installation of the structure is made in the place that was originally described in the contract, since all the structural elements are made for it.
  3. To the destination, the ladder must be transported unassembled. In this case, the probability of damage to its structural elements is reduced. At the same time installation of a design is made from already ready components.
  4. If a person has applied for a job at an enterprise that is making ready-made flight of stairs, then he must first make grooves in the fixing beams for their installation.
  5. Only after the railing has been completely adjusted to the level of the floor, you can begin to install staircases. When the lower string is adjusted, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the floor can be laid on the floor.
  6. Before you begin the installation of a flight of stairs, you must make a fence. Only after it is fitted perfectly to the future construction, can further work be continued.
  7. To get a solid and reliable construction, be sure to fasten the marches on the screws. So the design is more durable and tough. They are mounted in several places around the perimeter, attached through a support stand and through a string to the wall.

Methods of fastening construction details

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

Options for attaching steps to the bowstring.

Consider how the main elements of the stairs are fixed. Any construction that is installed at or near the house has the same structure.

And this is not necessarily a wooden staircase. Inclined parts and steps are always present here. In another way they can be called flight of stairs and platforms. Depending on how the spans are organized, the structures can be single-suede, two-suede and three-marsh. There are several different methods for attaching steps:

  • they can rest on the strings with two ends;
  • one end is mounted on a kosour and the other on a wall;
  • one end it is embedded in the wall, and the second hangs freely; This method can not always be used, it is appropriate only if the wall thickness is very large.

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

Methods of fastening steps to a kosour.

Before the final assembly of the stairs for the house, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it must withstand all the loads that are ahead of it. After all, not only do people walk along such constructions, but loads move as well. Stiffness is very important.All grooves that are designed for fastening structural elements with bowstrings should be made in such a way that the elements fit into them with tension, that is, as tight as possible. Their depth should be the same, and the grooves themselves must have a flat plane. This is true for all cases, including when using glue to fasten structural elements. It will evenly fill the grooves, giving them the desired rigidity and strength. If another fastening method is used, then the wedging method should be applied.

In this situation, the grooves are made in the form of a trapezoid. Its top will be in front of the bowstring. After installation and the process of wedging. After everything is thoroughly missed with glue, we can say that we have a fairly strong and powerful construction. It is always possible to use nails or screws as an additional fastener.

However, in this case, the appearance of the staircase may deteriorate. To prevent this, the caps must be buryed in a tree, and then closed with special patches. Now aesthetics will be on top. The appearance of the whole structure will not be spoiled. To increase the strength of the ladder for mounting using several nails or screws.

Installation of the ladder: features

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

The scheme of fastening the racks of the railing, lower and upper.

So, let's consider the independent installation of the ladder. This is done quite simply. Moreover, all components of the design are delivered in a ready-made, but disassembled form. Here you need to be extremely careful to observe all the nuances of technology.

The first step is the preparation of the upper and lower marches. The side parts must strictly comply with the parameters of the opening. The markup must be applied, according to which the preparation is made. If it is not made by the manufacturer, then you must do it yourself.

Now we need to proceed to the preparation of the upper support column. In it grooves are cut out, which will serve to fasten the upper span of the span.

You can use an ordinary pencil for marking.

With it, a horizontal line is drawn on the lower edge of the groove. Then you need to measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor and draw another line. It must be equal to this distance. The risers are installed in all the grooves, and then their lower part is sawn off in size.

Practical recommendations

The assembly of modern stairs for the house is done with glue. Only high quality material is used. All elements of the structure should be glued together in the following sequence:

  • the upper support column is connected to the lateral elements of the structure;
  • then the fences and railings join; lower support column;
  • the side parts of the structure and the lower rack are glued together.

How to install a ladder: recommendations, features (video)

Railing and filling elements.

Only in this sequence should the correct installation of the stairs be carried out. In the parts of the rack that are used to connect, wooden spikes are hammered. After all the elements are prepared, you must give them time to dry completely.

Now you can proceed to the assembly of the structure. With this one person can not cope. Be sure to get helpers. At least three people should be additionally involved in assistance. One of them is located at the top, and the rest - at the bottom.

Next, the ladder itself is installed on the floor, and then leveled with a level. Special marks are made on the floor that will serve as markup for future columns. In these places with a drill holes are made. In the pillars they should also be, and the same size as on the floor. Fastening is carried out using special bolts. The tread is attached to the crossbeam with two nails.

The single side part is attached to the wall with screws or bolts. They should be used quite a lot so that the connection is very strong and durable. If necessary, you can do additional trim upstairs. This is done using sheets of drywall or other material. You can apply in a similar situation and the tree. For example, clapboard or grooved board. In this case, the wooden staircase will not lose its original beauty and aesthetics.

Summing up

Thus, the installation of the stairs for the house is completed. There is nothing difficult in it. The main thing is to strictly follow the instructions given above. This is the only way to achieve the desired result. When working, be sure to use only high-quality glue. With it, you can get a really strong and reliable design.

When doing work, be sure to get helpers. Only with their help you can achieve a quality result.The wooden staircase is a very heavy construction element. It must be installed and installed only by applying the efforts of several people. To achieve the desired result, when installing on the street, you can use specialized equipment.

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