Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo)

You have a beautiful cozy country house, but you would also like an extra useful area where you can sit and listen to birds singing or gather friends for a pleasant chat on a quiet summer evening. You need a spacious terrace that perfectly complements the look of the house and makes it even better. In this article we will describe how to build a terrace with your own hands.

The construction of a terrace can be planned during the design of a country house or after the start of its operation. The entry of an easy extension to the house in the project is mandatory. If you do not have an official permission to build a terrace, you will have to start with the paperwork.

Preliminary preparation

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Planning

The construction of the terrace should not break the created landscape design of the site, and the finished structure must necessarily be beautifully combined and in harmony with the conceived exterior design of the house.

When construction is carried out simultaneously with the construction of the main building, it is not difficult to achieve harmony. It will be a little harder to finish building the terrace to an already-operated building and create the corresponding outer and inner world.

There is no need to build a foundation for a terrace because it is a non-capital structure. First you need to determine:

  • from which side of the house the building will be;
  • area of ​​the rest area;
  • where the entrance will be located;
  • of what material it is better to build a terrace;
  • the amount of building materials to create additional space.

The best place for a terrace

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Choosing a place for a terrace

Very good, when the terrace can be accessed directly from the kitchen or living room. When the terrace is built from the main entrance to the house, you need to make an extra wide access to the garden and another door to the building. The closer the terrace is to the kitchen, the more convenient the hostess is to care for guests.

The main requirement is convenience and comfort.

For residents of the middle climate zone, experts recommend building a terrace on the south side of the house. On sunny hot days, a light roof and planted plants will help to protect the terrace area from the rays of the sun.

In the southern regions it is better to build a terrace on the north side of the house.

In order to protect a light structure from thorny snow and gusting faith, it is necessary to take into account the wind rose when planning.

The outdoor recreation area should be located so that you can admire beautiful flower beds on the plot, luxurious rose gardens or a small pond near the house. This is a quiet nook in which you will relax your body and soul. If necessary, it is necessary to cover the rest area from prying eyes.

The size and shape of the terrace is chosen based on the parameters and style of the house, as well as on the terrain and size of the free area for the construction. The most economical is the project of the terrace along the wall of the house from one corner to another. The length of the zone depends on the wall of the house, and the width is at least 2 m. Such a project does not require much financial investment and complex roof structures. The roof structure is made shed with a rainwater outlet.

Choose a material

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo)

Requirements for building materials for a terrace - a high indicator of resistance to gusts of wind, snow, frost and rain.

From natural wood, preference is given to oak, teak and larch. Today, houses with high elevated foundations are mainly built, so the terrace is raised above the ground. Concrete blocks are used for flooring or wooden posts are set around the perimeter. So that the tree is not rotten, it is treated with a chemical composition that does not allow the appearance of purulent sticks.

Polymer-wood composite or dry, smooth wooden boards are great for flooring. Before installing the flooring is done waterproofing wooden poles or concrete blocks. Flooring boards carefully treated with special impregnation. From the wall of the house towards the garden is a small bias. Do not make slippery flooring to avoid injury.

A structure raised above the ground is protected by a low wall. Raise up to a meter-high wall of bricks, metal structures, or wood. There are many options for fencing and your choice depends on the style decision of the structure and personal preferences.

Before building a terrace, it is best to cover the construction area with rubble of medium fraction or gravel.

Plan for the construction of the terrace

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Construction of the terrace

  • Clear the area under construction and make the markup.
  • Install blocks or dig in wooden poles, taking into account the location of the porch.
  • Install angle and intermediate supports.
  • To build a terrace frame.
  • Mount the flooring.
  • Make a railing and install them around the perimeter.
  • Make the stairs yourself or buy a finished structure on the market.
  • Build a lightweight roof frame and cover the terrace with the selected roof covering.
  • Proceed to decorating.

Do-it-yourself interior design

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Interior

No need to call designer to create a recreation area adjacent to the house.

Continue creating landscape design by placing your favorite plants near the terrace and on its low fences. You can hang climbing plants in pots. Installing furniture on the terrace does not make sense, it can be spoiled by accidentally caught raindrops or high humidity.

Wicker-wicker furniture is perfect for an outdoor seating area. The decoration will be forged tables, chairs and sofas. To feel comfortable on them, use decorative pillows. I clean them in the house in case of bad weather.

Place containers with small trees and decorative bushes on the terrace itself. If the area allows, build a barbecue or grill. Now on the terrace you can prepare treats for guests.

The lighting on the terrace should be soft. Install table lamps or beautiful outdoor sconces.

View selected photos of various terrace designs. They will help you in creating your own recreation area.


Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Terrace and arbor

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Terrace without fences

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Glass terrace

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Terrace with a canopy

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Light open construction

Do it yourself terrace - how to build a veranda (photo) Beautiful view

That's all the details of building a terrace with your own hands. Maybe you thought everything was too costly, both in finance and in time. Do not panic - it is not difficult. The main thing is to start doing and very soon there will be a great place to rest at your home. Make and immediately to our site to share your experience with other readers.


After reading our article, you decided to build a terrace yourself. To help you, we offer you to watch a video about the independent construction of the terrace.


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