How to increase the pressure in the water supply

One of the pressing problems of owners of country houses or apartments located on the upper floors is the pressure in the plumbing system. The lack of pressure leads to the fact that a thin stream of water flows from the tap, which not only creates certain problems when using water, but also annoys residents.

What is the reason for the low water pressure? A trickle means that there is not enough pressure in the system. Therefore, the main task is the normalization of water pressure.

Normal pressure in water pipelines

How to increase the pressure in the water supply Water pressure standards

Pressure in the water supply system is measured in special units - atmospheres or bars. These units have almost the same value, so they are completely interchangeable in calculations.

According to GOST, the normal value of this parameter is 4-6 atmospheres.

A smaller number of atmospheres will not be able to provide comfortable use of water, and more - will lead to failure of plumbing or pipes in the water supply system.

The value of atmospheres selected as the norm should take into account:

  1. Possibility of simultaneous use of several household appliances that need a constant defined water pressure: washing machine, dishwasher. If the pressure in does not allow switching on two devices at the same time, then the usual water supply during operation, for example, of a washing machine, will be completely unsatisfactory.
  2. Possibility of simultaneous switching on of water both in the kitchen and in other places of the apartment without loss of water pressure.
  3. Certain household appliances, such as a jacuzzi, require fairly high pressure in the water supply. Therefore, before purchasing a bathroom with additional functionality, you need to consult with a specialist about the possibility of installing and using the desired object.

How to increase the pressure in the water supply If there is a jacuzzi, you will need a more powerful head

Insufficient water pressure in the pipes early or later forces the owners to address the issue of increasing pressure in the water supply system closely. In practice, this is not as difficult as it seems.

There are several ways to do this.

How to increase the pressure in the water supply Water supply plan with hydroaccumulator

Independent source of water

Owners of country houses have the opportunity to organize their own independent source of water on the site. Equipping it with modern tools in the form of a submersible pump, hydroaccumulator and water delivery system from the well to the house in all remote corners. However, the pressure will largely depend on the size of the aquifer, as well as the power of the equipment used.

In the case of an independent water source, it is necessary to set the water consumption rate per person as soon as possible in order to properly distribute the water resources of the well or well.

It is not uncommon when, with an uneven use of water, its level decreases, and water in the required amount becomes impossible. Equipment independent source of water is associated with the following tasks: the delivery of water to the house, as well as its distribution in the house. The main problem is the preservation of constant pressure in any part of the building, be it a kitchen, toilet or shower. This problem is easily solved by using the accumulator already in the house. Thus, a private well requires two pumps: a submersible well to deliver water to the surface, and a pump that dispenses fluid.

How to increase the pressure in the water supply Accumulator device


If unavailable to organize your own water source on the site can be placed in the house a special installation that regulates the normal water pressure during the day. To install it, you need a roomy water tank, as well as equipment that reacts to insufficient water pressure in the system. At night, when the pressure stabilizes, the tank will be filled with water. During the day, with insufficient pressure in the water pipe, the system is activated and increases the pressure with the help of the water in advance. This method requires a separate room for the location of the accumulator and other equipment.

How to increase the pressure in the water supply Circular pump in water pipe

Circular pump

Not less popular is the method requiring the installation of a circular pump. This device helps to increase the flow of water due to the "sucking" of an additional amount of liquid from the plumbing system. However, with a variable head, the efficiency of such equipment does not exceed 20-30%. Therefore, this method is justified in the presence of constant pressure, which requires only a little change.

It is not always clear to homeowners themselves how to increase the pressure in the water supply system.Therefore, it is recommended to use the services of specialists to obtain an objective picture of the water supply and choose the best way to get rid of the problem. The consultant can describe the overall picture of the water supply to the house and offer several options for optimizing the water supply using modern equipment.


The following video provides detailed information regarding pumping stations:


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