How to glue baguettes on the ceiling

The ceiling is one of the most labor-intensive areas in repair, especially when it is necessary to decorate and decorate the joints of the walls and the ceiling. One of the most original and effective decorating solutions is to glue a baguette (ceiling plinth). For mounting the baguette, it is desirable to use the services of dressers, but if there is no such possibility, then you can do it yourself. First you need to know what a baguette is and how to glue baguettes on the ceiling.

What is the ceiling plinth

How to glue baguettes on the ceiling The baguette for the ceiling

The baguette is decorative element, ceiling plinth, giving the repair a finished look and a certain style. Baguettes can be easily painted with water-based paint, so in the end they can be of different colors. Ceiling plinth can have various configurations. You can easily choose the desired type of ceiling decoration, depending on the design and style of the room. The main thing is to choose a good glue for ceiling baseboards and have the skills to work with baguettes.

The following materials are used as glue for mounting the ceiling plinth:

  • plaster mix;
  • gypsum plaster;
  • plaster mix without adding sand.

How to glue baguettes on the ceiling Gypsum putty

The use of building mixtures for gluing the baguette is explained by the fact that these materials it is easy to fill the crevices between the baguette and the walls or the ceiling and the baguette.

Since modern baguettes are made of foam plastic, liquid nails (glue) are also used for their installation. Using a special construction gun, liquid nails are applied to the surface and the joints of the baguette.

Types of flow decoration

How to glue baguettes on the ceiling Wooden ceiling baguette

Knowing the characteristics of the material, from which the baguette is made, it is possible to choose a necessary type of a ceiling decor:

  1. Plastic baguettes. Economy option. Durable, durable and reliable. Do not be afraid of moisture or sunlight. Universal, suitable for any style and design of the room, due to the fact that they can be of different shapes and are easily painted in any color.
  2. Aluminum baguettes. Strong, durable, but not cheap. Suitable for decorating apartments in a modern style, as well as for finishing office space.
  3. Wooden baguettes. Used in the design of premises with a classic design. Expensive and noble. In order for wooden baguettes to serve for a long time, they are treated with special compounds, since the tree is afraid of fire, moisture, dust and damp.

Since it is difficult to glue baguettes without experience and certain knowledge, it is necessary to learn how to properly cut a baguette, as well as to cut it in the corners in a quality manner. For cutting corners and straight sections, the miter box is used - a tool designed to trim both ceiling and floor baseboards made of different materials.

How to glue baguettes on the ceiling Suspension

The chair can only be used in rooms where the angle between the walls and ceiling straight. As a rule, in apartments the angles are far from always 90 degrees, so the corners often have to be adjusted manually.


How to glue baguettes on the ceiling Mounting the baguette

  • Preparing . This stage is important. It includes cleaning the surface from dust and primer. Primer is used to level the surface.
  • The next step is the markup, which will facilitate the process of gluing the ceiling plinth. To do this, the plinth is applied to the corner and the part that needs to be cut is marked with a pencil. The marking is not required only if the angle between the ceiling and the wall is 90 degrees.
  • After the joints of the baguette have been fitted, you can proceed to prileivaniyu plinth. If the room is large, it is advisable to begin to glue the baguette from the corners. Glue on the entire surface of the ceiling plinth should be applied with a surplus, which, after gluing, should be removed with a sponge or damp cloth.
  • If acrylic glue is used in the work, then before gluing the baguettes to the ceiling, you should consult with the seller of the building store or carefully read the instructions;
  • It is important to remember that after using silicone sealants, apply water-based paint on the baseboard can not be.

How to glue baguettes on the ceiling The plinth is put on the putty

Mounting recommendations

  1. Baguette should be glued along the intended line. To distribute surplus of glue on all length of a plinth. Then gently remove the unwanted amount of glue with a sponge or damp cloth.
  2. With a pencil it is necessary to mark the desired length of the ceiling plinth, remove the excess, smear the rest of it with glue. Do not forget to coat the baguette. Put small gaps on the joints with further sanding of the joints with emery paper;
  3. To extend the service life of the ceiling plinth, paint its surface in several layers.

How to glue baguettes on the ceiling Excess glue and putty removed

Paint can only be applied after as glue and putty will dry out completely.

The use of the ceiling plinth (baguette) in the decoration immediately transforms the appearance of any room.


Installation instructions for the ceiling plinth:


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