How to fix the cast-iron bath - fixing the cast-iron bath

Despite the great popularity of shower cubicles, an ordinary bath, nevertheless, is still an indispensable element of the interior of a modern bathroom. To think about , how to fix the cast-iron bath, and what are the requirements for the technique of its installation, you will have to update this element if necessary.

Preparation of the base

How to fix the cast-iron bath - fixing the cast-iron bath

The method of fastening different types of baths depends on the material from which they are made. That is why for possessing a considerable mass of cast iron baths, a special type of fastening is provided, requiring the use of a sufficiently reliable and durable base.

Currently, cast-iron baths are most often fixed on the podium, built at the place of its permanent placement. Immediately, we note that such a podium (base) must meet the following requirements:

  1. The base under the cast-iron bath should support only the bottom of the bath, while its supporting legs should only touch the floor;
  2. The podium is usually made of brick; in this case, the alignment of its support surface is performed using a bubble level;
  3. The height of the supports is set immediately after the bath is installed on the podium; at the same time, the alignment of the position of the bath in height is noticeably facilitated, since the main load is shifted from the legs to the podium.

Basic rules for fixing baths

How to fix the cast-iron bath - fixing the cast-iron bath Installing a drain on the bath

When installing baths of any type (including cast iron), the rules relating to the order of connection of the drain and fastening of the bath product should be observed. They are expressed by the following requirements:

  • before attaching the drain channel it is recommended to lay the bath on its side;
  • then it is necessary to connect the drain to the bath and only then proceed to its installation on the podium (legs);

How to fix the cast-iron bath - fixing the cast-iron bath Seals up the slots

  • immediately after this you need to gently move the bath to wall, adjust its height and firmly fasten;
  • then using a special hermetic composition should fill up the cracks formed in the places where the bath is connected to the walls;
  • without waiting for lnogo drying mixture can install the plastic collar or plinth used as a decorative plate.

Specialist's Tips (nuances of cast-iron bath installation)

How to fix the cast-iron bath - fixing the cast-iron bath Nuances of cast-iron bath installation

As for some details and subtleties of how to fix the cast-iron bath, here it is necessary to note the following:

  1. How to fix the cast-iron bath - fixing the cast-iron bath Level setting The bath is fixed on the base with the help of four molded legs, which are rigidly fixed on its body.
  2. The method of fixing the legs themselves is determined by the design features of the bath being mounted; at the same time, the fastening can be done either with the help of metal wedges, which are available in the kit, or with the help of special clamping bolts.
  3. When installing a bath of cast iron directly on the floor, a special metal plate with a thickness of at least 5 mm must be placed under each support.
  4. In the process of installing the bath, it is necessary to act with particular care when joining the floor siphon with overflow and discharge, so that the siphon nozzle easily sits into the sewer pipe without any distortions.

After the bath is completely fixed, its open side parts can be covered with sheets of drywall. On top of the sheets you can lay tiles or install a special plastic screen.

Accurate implementation of all the recommendations specified in the article, as well as compliance with all the necessary conditions, will provide you with a sufficiently reliable and stable bath attachment.

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The installation process of the cast-iron bath is described in the following video:

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