Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

For repair work or during construction, a tool is needed that can work with wood quickly and efficiently, ensuring it is evenly cut. Such a tool is a circular saw for wood, to work with it quickly and conveniently. But we can not think that all the saws are the same, it is enough to buy the model you like and 2 interchangeable cheap discs, then start the work. In fact, everything is much more complicated; when choosing a saw, one should pay attention to its power, technical characteristics, conditions of work with the equipment.

Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

Scheme of using the saw.

Special attention should be paid to saw blades, because it depends on them what material can be processed, what quality the cut will turn out. All canvases differ in the material used, the shape and size, the pitch of the teeth, and other important parameters that affect the quality of the cut. Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of wood processing equipment. When buying, you need to pay attention to what materials and types of wood disks are intended for.

Proper selection of the disc is a criterion for high-quality work of the circular saw

Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

Self-made bandsaw.

When choosing a power tool for working with wood, attention should be paid to the selection of the cutting blade. It depends on him, with what material it will be possible to work. Before choosing the disc diameter, it is necessary to take into account the rotational speed, the maximum and minimum speeds.

For the correct selection of the saw blade, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Type of work to be carried out. It takes into account the kind of wood with which the work will be carried out.
  2. A series of saw blade, where the dimensions of the teeth, their shape, whether there are special plates.
  3. The design of the saw blade itself (the shape of the tooth, the slope, the presence of plates, their shape, location, thickness of the disk).
  4. The outer diameter is adjusted for rotational speed.
  5. The diameter of the bore is taken into account according to the type of tool.
  6. Tooth parameters (thickness, shape, quantity, etc.).

Disk specifications for wood

Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

Band saw blade profile.

When the saw blade and the saw blade are selected, you should immediately decide which material will be processed, for what kind of work you need a tool. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range, but all models are designed for specific work, so the choice should be given maximum attention.

For example, the rotational speed can be highly dependent on which raw materials require processing. From the frequency depends on the selection of the diameter of the canvas. The following data should be considered:

The dependence of the disc diameter on the equipment rotation speed:

  • diameter up to 80 mm - rotation frequency 23,800 revolutions per minute;
  • diameter up to 100 mm at a frequency of 19,100 revolutions per minute;
  • diameter up to 120 mm at a frequency of 15,900 revolutions;
  • diameter 250 mm at a frequency of 7,600 revolutions;
  • diameter 300 mm at the frequency of 6300 rpm.

The larger the diameter of the saw blade, the smaller the rotational speed for the saw. This must be taken into account during the selection of equipment and its components.

The dependence of the cutting speed on the selected material:

  • for soft wood it is best to use a speed in the range of 50-90 m / s;
  • for hard wood - 50- 80 m / s;
  • for laminate panels with any coating - 40-60 m / s;
  • for exotic wood species the speed is 50-85 m / s;
  • for MDF panels, the work speed should be 30-60 m / s;
  • for ordinary carpentry work, a speed of 60-80 m / s is required;
  • speed for cutting chipboard is also used in 60- 80 m / s.

Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

The shape of the teeth of the saws without tacking.

When choosing a tool, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the saw teeth have different shapes, sizes, and can be used at different speeds of work. As an example, we can consider the following characteristics:

  1. With the parameters set by the manufacturer at n = 1500 revolutions per minute, u = 10 m / min, Z = 60, Sz = 0, 11 mm, saw blades can be used for cutting chipboard, hard and soft wood. Work can be carried out across or along the fibers.
  2. With the parameters set by the manufacturer in n = 3000 revolutions per minute, u = 5 m / min, Z = 40, Sz = 0.04 mm, saw blades can be used for particle boards that have a polymeric outer coating. They are suitable for cutting aluminum, laminated plates, plywood of various types.

It must be remembered that all manufacturers on saw blades must indicate the required parameters. You can easily determine what kind of equipment is needed to perform the planned work.But besides speed, thickness, speed and other indicators, it is necessary to remember that circular saws are of different types, not only hand saws. It is necessary to determine the tale for which tool the specific saw blade is made.

Why is it important to choose the right discs?

Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

Technical parameters.

When asking how to choose saw blades for wood, you need to pay attention to such parameters as the shape, size of saw teeth. Today, manufacturers offer such disc models for saws intended for wood processing:

  1. Carbide have special soldering, which provides cross-cutting. The products can be used for solid wood, it is used when cutting across wood fibers, for chipboard with one or several layers, for hard and soft wood with the requirements for a clean cut. The tooth of the disk has a trapezoidal shape, it is made of hard alloys. Carbide saw blades that have cutting knives in thicker, they are used for machines with automatic feed, ensuring high speed. The tooth has a straight shape. Improved ejection of chips occurs due to riving knives, a small number of teeth. All this allows to reduce the heating of the saw blade, resistance to cutting.
  2. Special saw blade with variable tooth, cutting special knives, reduced thickness for cutting. This disc is used only for longitudinal cutting, it allows you to make a thin and neat cut, the amount of waste is small. It is impossible to apply such cloths for work with a poplar. The shape of the tooth is variable, it has a slope of 10 °. The disk is used for two-, single-shaft multisaw machines. The field of application is soft and hard wood, the moisture content of which is up to 15%. The saw blades for working with soft and hard wood have cutting plates located in the body. Used only for edging and gusset devices. The tooth of the disk has a straight shape, while working provides high quality cutting.
  3. Discs with variable teeth, which can be used for pendulum, radial cutting. This model is used for hand tools, with the help of it, a transverse high-quality cut of hard or massive, dried or wet wood can be provided. The shape of the tooth has a negative external angle with a slope of 15 °. It is a similar disk for the saw is considered one of the most optimal for the execution of work on a country site, in the construction of houses, arbors.

Which circular saw is suitable for working with exotic and complex rocks?

Circular saws for wood: how to choose a power tool?

Disc shapes for circular saws.

For a manual circular saw, it is recommended to use a saw blade with a beveled tooth, which is great for a variety of construction work. With such a tool, wood can be processed in the transverse or longitudinal direction, soft and hard wood, cutting of panels, beams, which have nails, metal brackets and other fasteners of small thickness, is also possible. Such circular saw blades for wood are considered to be the best, since the field of application is wide, and preparatory work (for example, removal of nails) may not be required. The cost of saw blades is not very high, it is usually about 2 times lower than for specialized ones.

Variable teeth discs are used for hand saws, with which composite panels, wood plates, plywood, solid soft, hard wood can be processed. Cutting is possible in the transverse and longitudinal direction, the tooth itself has a positive front angle of 15 °. Such a disk is perfectly applied not only with a hand tool, but also with circular saws.

To ensure thin kerf, if the wood is used is massive, difficult to work, you can use special discs with variable teeth. They have a positive right angle and a so-called feed stop. The job is easy and fast, you can process materials that even have knots, which often causes many problems even when using expensive disks.

In some cases, when preparing finishing materials from abrasive, exotic wood, for the production of panels special discs are required that are able to cope with such a task qualitatively and quickly. For this, there are special blades with a variable tooth with a slope of 15 °. The cut is provided in the transverse direction, they can be used for format-cutting, conventional circular saws. It is possible to process such material as soft, hard, high-quality and expensive wood, laminated MDF panels with a thickness of 30 mm, chipboard with a thickness of up to 50 mm.

If you plan to work with a manual circular saw with exotic wood species, you can also use a disk with carbide taps and a straight tooth.

In this case, it will be possible to cut the material along the fibers, while the circular saw is excellent not only with exotic species, but also with very hard dry or wet wood, soft and wet.

When choosing a saw for work, special attention should be paid not to the parameters of the equipment itself, but to the characteristics of the saw blades. It depends on him with which wood the saw can handle, what working conditions are possible. For example, there are disks that cope with almost any type of raw material, but they cannot be called universal, since they are not suitable for exotic breeds.

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