How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device

At the end of the main work related to the construction of a country house, its walls and ceiling have an unfinished look and need preliminary preparation for their subsequent finishing. Regarding the preparation, it should be said that the technique of its arrangement is individual for different categories of residential buildings and should be considered separately for each of the possible variants of building structures.

Based on the foregoing, before making such a ceiling , you must first become familiar with the technology of its manufacture for various types of structures, such as, for example, capital structures with concrete floors or buildings with wooden beams.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the order of arrangement of any structures also depends on the material used as a decorative finish.

Preparation of a concrete ceiling

When overhauling an old dwelling (and often when preparing in a new house), the surface should be first cleaned from foreign layers up to concrete slabs. This spatula removes all irregularities on the surface of these plates, as well as cleans the seams formed in the places of their joining. The ceilings in the houses of the old building are previously washed away from whitewashing or cleared of layers of paint.

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device The seams are cleared

In some cases, you have to completely remove the worn plaster layer, but in In any case, you will need to get a relatively flat surface on which you can later apply or mount a decorative coating of your chosen type.

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device The prepared concrete ceiling

All subsequent preparatory operations are carried out, as a rule, in such order:

  • first of all, the previously cleared joints of the slabs are sealed, which is necessary for reliable sound insulation of the room;
  • followed by the surface of the said plates is covered with a primer layer, and then leveled eliminating all minor irregularities on it;
  • at the final stage of preparatory work, the surface is treated with a finishing putty, after It is carefully cleaned with abrasive sandpaper.

Arrangement of wooden floors

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device Variants of floors

Prepare the draft yourself the ceiling in the house with wooden floors is not difficult. All works on its arrangement, as a rule, are carried out in the following sequence:

  • first of all, the carrier beams are closed from the side of the room with glass or polyethylene film used as a vapor barrier (they are attached to the beams using a stapler) ;
  • immediately thereafter, the beams are hemmed with any material suitable for this purpose (cut board, for example);
  • after that, a layer of thermal insulation is placed in the space between the beams; cotton wool or foam
  • insulation is laid on top of another layer of polyethylene film, used as a waterproofing (the order is placed with an overlap 20 cm).

At the final stage of the construction work, pre-prepared logs are laid directly along the beams, and then the attic flooring is laid.

It should be noted that the filing on wooden beams, as well as the formation of a multi-layered overlap cake, are made taking into account the purpose of the attic space. Small structural deviations from the above scheme will be observed if it is used as an attic, for example, or when arranging the so-called "cold" attic.

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device Foam plates as insulation

But for any use case of under-roof space, hemming boards they are attached to logs with the help of long nails driven "into the thrust" and with a minimum gap.

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device Attic overlapping of a cold attic scheme

Different versions of the ceiling in this case can be reduced to the following options:

  1. For a "cold" attic, the procedure for preparing the vapor barrier is noticeably different from the one we have considered earlier. In this case, in order to reduce heat loss through the overlap, a layer of aluminum foil is added to the composition of the cake to be laid on one side of the vapor barrier.
  2. How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device Attic When preparing the floor in a house with a mansard, instead of a layer of insulation, a special sound insulation layer of mineral wool or a mixture of sawdust and lime is formed. The thickness of this backfill usually does not exceed three-quarters of the height of the beams.
  3. For a “cold” attic, a waterproofing pad placed over the insulating or soundproofing layer is required in any case.As such a gasket is usually used dense polyethylene film.

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device Pie of a draft ceiling

Alternative wood floor

Known that the height of the ceilings in wooden houses is usually not enough for their living conditions to be considered normal. In this situation, filing the bottom of the wooden beams is uneconomical in terms of using the floor structure to increase living space.

How to make a rough ceiling - ceiling device With decorative beams, the scheme the top of the beams using a special batten. Such a decision, of course, will radically change the appearance by using protruding beams as elements of room design.


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