How to find water on the plot with your own hands

A well or a well in its own country plot is an excellent solution to the question of an independent water supply to the house and full watering of the garden. By making a well, you can significantly reduce the cost of paying for drainage from central water supply systems, and reduce the cost of utility bills. Traditional and modern methods of finding a watercourse make it possible to quickly and reliably determine the presence of water in a suburban area.

In this article we will tell you how to find water on a site for a well or a well with your own hands, we will demonstrate different ways and methods of finding water.

Search features

How to find water on the plot with your own hands Search for aquifer

Aquifers are of particular interest to consumers layers located at a considerable depth (over 10-15 meters). Water from such sources can be used for watering the garden area, washing laundry, filling the tank in the shower and other household purposes.

The most valuable and pure water, optimally suited for use in the domestic sphere, drinking and cooking, enriched with useful salts and minerals is located at a depth of 30 meters and below.

It should also be noted that in some areas there may be problems with finding water, namely:

  • near rivers, especially from the steepest coast;
  • in hilly and mountainous areas;
  • near large water intakes and quarries;
  • near ponds and springs;
  • in places of active growth of beech and acacia.

How to find water on the plot with your own hands Groundwater table

There are areas where poor water quality is initially observed therefore, it is necessary to look for it at considerable depths or use only imported water for drinking.

There are several methods for finding water in a suburban area. Among them are new, innovative techniques and old ways used for many centuries. Experts recommend that before looking for water at the dacha, familiarize yourself with the most popular methods and select the most suitable system. You can use several methods at once to optimize the cost of finding and further developing the soil.

Search method using clay pots

How to find water on the plot with your own hands Finding water using clay pots

One of the oldest ways to find water is using a clay pot. It is pre-dried for a long time in the sun, then they find a place for the approximate location of the water core and set the pot on it upside down. If there really is water under the ground, then the inside of the pot becomes very misty.

At present, craftsmen have improved this method. For a greater probability of detecting the source, a certain amount of silica gel is taken, dried thoroughly and put into a pot. Together with the tank, everything is weighed, and only after that the container is placed in the intended location of the water intake. Some owners bury several earthen pots at the same time and then select a place with the highest humidity. In addition to silica gel, you can use ordinary red brick made of clay.

With the help of plants

How to find water on the plot with your own hands Search by plants

Many types of vegetation belong to clear water level indicators. This is due to the fact that plants in the process of growth consume moisture from different depths. The following plants indicate the presence of water in this area:

  • wild rosemary;
  • lice;
  • bird cherry;
  • bearberry;
  • lingonberries;
  • buckthorn;
  • blackberries.

And vice versa, the birch growing above the water course will have a small height and a twisted, knotted trunk. Pine and other conifers do not like water.

Neighborhood Assistance

How to find water on the plot with your own hands Variation of the depth of the waters

To the easiest ways to search Water at the site is considered a conversation with neighbors who can provide comprehensive advice on the standard depth of water in the area, the predominant types of wells and boreholes. In addition, maybe one of the neighbors ordered or is going to order official geodetic surveys to determine the water level and features of the local water intake. It is also important to clarify the features of the fluctuation of the water level during the year, its composition and other important factors.

Using the frame

How to find water on the plot with your own hands Finding water using the biolocation method

Very accurate and long-standing method Water search is considered to be a biolocation method for which frames are prepared from aluminum wire. Usually, segments of length no more than 400 mm are used for this, of which the last 100 mm are bent strictly at right angles. For maximum effect and convenient use, it is best to insert the wire into the branches of elderberry, in which the core was previously removed.Sometimes willow, hazelnut and viburnum branches are used as frames.

With the frame, they move strictly from north to south, then from east to west. When moving, elbows should be pressed to the body, and the frame should be like an extension of both hands. Keep it easy to do without effort. In the locations of the watercourse, the frames should begin to intersect and move.

Thus, using simple accessible methods, you can find water courses on your own site and provide yourself with clean water for many years.


How to search for water using biolocation method, see below:


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