How to make a canopy in the bath

The most important attribute of any steam room is the so-called canopy, the comfort of which depends on the comfort of bath procedures (including their safety). A competent approach to the choice of material and design of the regiments will make it possible to turn this functional element into a worthy decoration of the interiors of the steam room.

Before you make a canopy in a bath, first of all you should familiarize yourself with the existing designs, as well as decide on the material from which you will make it.

Material selection

How to make a canopy in the bath Edged board

When choosing a material, you should take into account the characteristic features various tree species, as well as the specific conditions of their practical application. To ensure comfortable operating conditions for the wood used for the manufacture of the regiments, the following requirements are met:

  • low thermal conductivity;
  • fibrous structure strength;
  • lack of resinous emissions;
  • resistance to high temperatures and moisture.

Of all the wood species we know, these varieties such as cedar, linden, alder and aspen quite satisfy these requirements. When choosing a specific material from the specified series, as a rule, linden is preferred.

Design shelf

How to make a canopy in the bath Dimensions of the shelf for the bath

Before making the canopy for Baths with their own hands, it is necessary to determine the order of its individual elements, which will depend on the ease of operation of the entire facility as a whole. There are several options for the manufacture of regiments in the double room, the choice of which is determined by the specific operating conditions. Let us consider each of these structures in more detail:

  1. The step arrangement involves arranging individual shelves in three tiers; moreover, the canopy is located in this case along the wall farthest from the furnace or in the corner. With this design of the shelf, it is possible to obtain two temperature zones in which different conditions for the adoption of bath procedures are created. Within the limits of one of them (the upper one), the hottest conditions are created, while on the lower shelf you can relax and catch your breath in cooler air. One of the indisputable advantages of this design is its efficiency, which allows to expand the useful area of ​​the double room.
  2. The so-called "L-shaped" version of the location of the shelf involves the installation of upper and lower shelves along one wall, and the middle - along the other. Such a design is used, as a rule, in steam rooms of limited size, where there is a need to save every meter of occupied space.
  3. Well, in the very small paired area, the arrangement option is often used, similar to that used in wagon compartments. In this case, only two shelves are made, placed one above the other. Thanks to the fastenings of a special design, they can be folded, freeing up the necessary space (similar to the side shelves in the cars).

Surface Treatment

How to make a canopy in the bath Wood Impregnation

After installation the canopy will need to worry about protecting their surface from destruction, as well as giving the finished structure a more attractive look. But before you treat the surface of the shelves with any of the known methods - you must carefully polish them with a special grinding tool. When choosing a protective decorative composition should take into account the fact that not all known types of wood coatings can be used in conditions of elevated temperatures.

Thus, typical paintwork impregnations are completely unacceptable for steam rooms, since at high temperatures they form a film on the surface of wood.

It is for this reason that special compositions and impregnations are used in the steam rooms that are resistant to high temperatures and moisture and do not form films. As a sample of such a coating can be considered a universal composition of the brand "Supi Saunavaha" (Tikkurila), made on the basis of natural wax.

Recommendations of specialists

How to make a canopy in the bath

  1. Under certain conditions, the most convenient option for the manufacture of a shelf is a collapsible design that allows to dry the elements contained in it in the open air.
  2. When fixing the elements of the shelf should not be placed close to the wall of the steam room, providing a small gap (about 5-7 cm). For these purposes, you can use special wooden spacers placed between the boards and the wall (see the video).
  3. Structural elements in direct contact with the floor should be protected from moisture. Gaskets cut from a piece of rubber can be used as such insulators.


This video details the assembly of the canopy in the steam room:


How to make a canopy in the bath Corner canopy in the bath

How to make a canopy in the bath Canopy in the steam room

How to make a canopy in the bath Located in the corner of

How to make a canopy in the bath Simple option

How to make a canopy in the bath Bath curtain

How to make a canopy in the bath Made from



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