How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Shower enclosures for nearly 20 years have been a healthy competition to familiar baths. Of course, in the shower there is no possibility to take water procedures in the supine state. However, compactness, space saving, the ability to quickly take a shower, and a number of additional functions - all of these positive qualities speak in favor of showers. How to choose a shower cabin, what are the main elements in its design should pay special attention, how to determine the shape, size and manufacturer - we will try to give exhaustive answers to all these questions in this article.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

We determine the type of shower cabin

By their design, shower cabins are divided into three types:

  • Open;
  • Closed;
  • Combined.

Open shower cabins

Open models are a shower cabin that is integrated into the bathroom layout. First of all, these models are prefabricated, that is, a floor tray is installed at the base of one of the walls or in the corner of the bathroom. The remaining one or two walls in the structure of the shower are faced with ceramic tiles.

Another characteristic feature of open models is the absence of the upper base, the roof. Therefore, in open-type models, mounting a cascade or tropical shower is simply not possible. While bathing, you have to be content with a shower head connected to the mixer with a flexible hose in a metal sheath. That is, open-type models are intended only for a person to quickly wash his body.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Open shower cabin with a low base.

I must say that when installing open shower enclosures, often even refuse the bottom tray. Instead of the purchased pallet, the lower base of the shower cabin can be monolithic, poured from high-grade concrete and lined with ceramic tiles with non-slip surface. The walls themselves are made of glass or plexiglass on metal profiles made of aluminum, brass or steel with a corrosion-resistant coating.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Open shower cabin without a pan.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

+ The advantages of open models

  • Very low cost, approximately 8-20 thousand rubles;
  • Possibility to make a shower cabin with any required area;
  • Simple and simple overall construction.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

- Disadvantages of open models

  • Capital installation of structural elements;
  • Difficult repair of water and sewage hubs;
  • There is no possibility to build in ozonation or a steam generator;
  • No upper common shower, such as tropical or cascade;
  • Increasing the overall humidity of the air in the room during operation.

Closed shower enclosures

Closed models have a completely autonomous structure consisting of a pallet, walls and the ceiling base of the booth. That is, it is a portable box in which a huge number of various additional functions are built in and which, if necessary, is easy to dismantle in case of moving or repair. Most often, in closed models, acrylic or steel pallets are used, less often - cast iron and sanitary faience pallets. Bearing elements of the structure and the cabin ceiling are made of metal with a corrosion-resistant coating or durable polymer compounds, and the side walls of closed models, as well as in open models, are made of transparent or translucent glass or plexiglass. On average, an enclosed shower costs 30-40 thousand rubles or more.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

A closed shower cabin with a low base.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

+ Advantages of the closed type

  • Quick installation and connection of necessary communications;
  • A wide variety of additional functions;
  • A wide range of different models;
  • Good sound insulation;
  • Isolation of the general microclimate in room.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

- Disadvantages of enclosed shower cabins

  • In general, closed cabins do not have pronounced common drawbacks, except for higher cost. If we consider specific models from specific manufacturers, then somewhere you can find some flaws, again, characteristic of a particular model.

Combined shower enclosures

Combined shower enclosures are a box that uses a very deep pan or, more often, an acrylic, cast iron or steel bath. Along the perimeter of the bath are shower walls, and the upper part can be open or closed, depending on the model.This combined design allows you to combine all the advantages of modern baths, for example, a jacuzzi or hydromassage, and all the advantages of shower cabins, such as Charcot's shower, cascade or tropical shower.

Combined shower cabins differ significantly in their large dimensions from ordinary shower cabins. For this reason, models of sanitary ware of this type can be recommended only in the case of a bathroom with a large area. That is, more than 7 square meters. m. On average, for the combined shower cabins the price varies from 70,000 rubles.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Shower box.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

+ The advantages of the combined type

  • Combining all the advantages of a bath and a shower cabin in one design;
  • A wide variety of models;
  • Possibility to choose an open or closed type.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

- Disadvantages of the combined type

  • High cost.

How to choose a shower cabin for a bathroom based on its size, shape of the tray and material of manufacture

Depending on the type of construction and the specific model, showers can have a variety of dimensions - sizes. Choosing for yourself the optimal model of the shower, in addition to its functionality, it is necessary to take into account the size of the bathroom and some features of the location of communications in the bathroom.

If we consider models with a classic square pallet, the statistics are as follows:

  • Open and closed models are most often made with dimensions of 80x80 cm, 90x90 cm, 100x 100 see
  • Combined models - shower boxes, with regular rectangular geometry of the bath tray, most often have dimensions of 80x120 cm, 90x120 cm, 90x160 cm, 125x125 cm and 150x150 cm.

The most common forms of wall-mounted pallets:

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video


How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video


How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video


How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Half Circle

Common Forms corner pallets:

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video


How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video


How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Quarter of a circle

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

A quarter of an ellipse

The dimensions indicated above relate to plumbing models with pallets with the correct geometry. If the area of ​​the bathroom is small, then you can get out of the situation by buying a shower cabin with irregular geometry of the pallet - in the form of a semicircle, or even a corner model in which the tray has the shape of one quarter of a circle.

As for the depth of the pallet, depending on the model, the walls of the pallet can be either level with the floor or elevated to a height of 40 cm. When choosing a pallet in depth it is necessary to take into account the location of the sewer pipe. If you need to buy plumbing with a low pallet, then sometimes you can solve the problem of connecting the sewage system, making a low pedestal for installing the pallet, or completely raising the floor level in the bathroom.

Another way is to connect a sololift, a compact pump designed for pumping dirty water. In turn, the pallets with a depth of 30-40 cm, do not have similar difficulties during installation, however, when visiting a shower cabin with high sides, you will constantly have to overcome these same boards. The solution to this problem can be the manufacture of one or two steps at the base of the high side.

From what material it is better to choose a shower tray for a shower cabin

According to the material of manufacture trays are:

  • Cast iron;
  • Steel;
  • Acrylic;
  • Faience;
  • Made of artificial marble;
  • Made of natural stone.

Cast-iron pallets - they are distinguished by high strength and durability. Even 10 years later, the enamel from the cast-iron base practically does not abrade. Among the shortcomings it should be noted that they are too heavy.

Steel pallets - by weight it is much lighter than cast-iron ones, with due high strength. However, the steel tray is not able to keep warm and cool quickly. Another disadvantage of it is a strong roar, which creates a falling water.

Acrylic pallets are considered the most popular, as they have a low price and the largest variety of shapes and sizes. Pure acrylic trays for showers are rare, mostly dominated by dual composite pallets. Exceptions are pallets from the quarry. they quickly heat up

Sanitary faience pallets - they are distinguished by their massiveness, overall structural stability and long service life. The lack of faience pallets - fragility, that is, you need to use carefully.

Pallets made of artificial marble or natural stone - they quickly heat up and maintain their temperature for a long time, have high strength, are easy to repair by grinding and do not lose appearance with time. The lack of pallets from cast marble or natural stone is their high cost.

Choice of door opening system and material for their production

Door opening systems

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Hinged doors

Swing doors for a shower allow to open the opening as wide as possible, which provides unhindered access to the shower cabin. Each such door is equipped with several hinges fixed on the side of the door panel, thanks to which the door opens to the outside.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Hinged doors

Another option for shower doors - the hinged door opening to the outside is also ideal for maximum free access to the cabin. Two swivel hinges are located on the upper and lower ends of the door. This type of door fastening is more reliable and safer than the one discussed above.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Sliding doors

If you plan to install a sufficiently dimensioned shower cabin, in order to save space should prefer sliding doors. These doors consist of two or more overlapping panels that smoothly “bump” one over the other and, when the door is fully open, “shrink” to the size of one panel.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Pivot (swinging) doors

When bathroom space is limited, it is a practical choice for your shower stall there may be a swinging (swinging) door. It opens smoothly thanks to the hinge moving along the hidden track, and you can get into the shower cabin with a minimum of effort.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Folding doors

Foldable doors (“book” door) - ideal if you do not want the door to open outward, or the free space of the bathroom does not allow it. This door is great for elongated or rectangular showers. The door opens inward, its halves fold together in a compact manner. Folding doors can be used both separately and in combination with sliding panels (for large showers).

Material of manufacture of doors

Each type of door construction has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the material used for the manufacture of walls and shower doors is not so simple.

Doors and walls of shower rooms are made of the following materials:

  • Polystyrene;
  • Glass;
  • Plexiglas;
  • Triplex.

Polystyrene is a transparent or matte plastic that is resistant to wet environments and has a low weight. The disadvantage of plastic doors is the short life span. So, shower cabins, in the construction of which polystyrene is used are more suitable for installation in the country house or guest houses. Another problem with plastic doors - the complexity of the care. On their surface often remain noticeable drips of soapy or dirty water, while choosing a detergent for plastic is quite difficult.

Glass - the shower used in the construction of doors is not simple, but directly tempered with a thickness of at least 4 mm. Glass doors are considered the most hygienic in the sense that they require minimal maintenance and the surface itself is not subject to mold or fungal formations.

Plexiglas - this material is often mistaken for many people with polystyrene. However, the real plexiglass is polymethyl methacrylate, but not polystyrene. Plexiglas on transparency is the same as ordinary glass, while it has less weight and greater strength than polystyrene. The disadvantage of plexiglass is that it is enough to simply scratch it, and polishing clear plexiglass is impossible. It is possible to grind a surface of a matirovanny plexiglas.

Triplex is a type of tempered glass that is very similar in its structure to the glass used in the manufacture of automobiles. As a rule, the structure of triplex consists of two tempered glasses with a transparent reinforcing film located between them. The main advantages of the material are high strength and safety. The disadvantage is a very high price.

Shower cubicle controls and additional functions

The simplest models of open type, as a rule, do not have any complex control functionality. For example, everything can be limited by the presence of a mixer, a backlight and a primitive fm-receiver in the cabin.

Most models of closed or combined type are equipped with electronic control, the interface of which is a console and a small digital display.By pressing the console buttons, almost all the functions provided for in the design of the shower cabin are controlled.

Additional features:

  • Cascade shower;
  • Rain shower;
  • Charcot shower ;
  • Hydromassage;
  • Chromotherapy;
  • Ozone Therapy;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Steam Generator;
  • Built-in Receiver;
  • Built-in DVD player;
  • Radiotelephone.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

Here everyone decides for himself which additional functions of the shower he needs. But in order to make it easier for you to decide on the presence of one or another function, we will tell you what they are.

The cascade shower is a bathing mode when a person is in a reclining state, and a powerful stream of water with a temperature of 35-36 ° flows onto it from a height of over 100 cm C.

The tropical shower is the mode when the human body is washed by a large number of very thin water streams whose direction is strictly vertical from top to bottom.

Charcot's douche - in this mode the body is washed at the same time by 6-10 moderate jets of water from different sides. Water temperature is regulated individually.

Chromotherapy - exposure to the surface of human skin with ultraviolet rays, which have an additional antibacterial effect and stimulate blood circulation.

Ozone therapy is the effect of oxygen bubbles on the skin steamed in water. In principle, this mode involves a jacuzzi.

Aromatherapy is the ability to set a pleasant aroma mode by pressing a few buttons. When taking a warm shower, the skin is slightly steamed and in this state it is able to absorb volatile ether compounds. That is, soak up the pleasant smell.

Steam generation - this is an opportunity to recreate the microclimate of a Finnish or Turkish bath in a closed shower stall. The effect of steam on human skin leads to the stimulation of blood circulation and skin pore cleansing.

The largest manufacturers and importers of shower cabins

From domestic manufacturers of shower cabins stand out Russian manufacturing companies 1 Marka, Alavann, Aqualife, Bach, Bas, Eurolux and Finn. The quality of Russian sanitary ware is not inferior to products from Europe, but the price for our showers is usually lower. On average, you can buy a good shower cabin for 30-40 thousand rubles.

Products from Germany on the Russian plumbing market are represented by Edelform, Stiebel Eltron, Sturm, Wasserfalle, Westerhof. The quality of plumbing is very high. Understandably, the Germans are doing, who are famous for their meticulousness to any trifle. However, the minimum prices for the products of these companies start at 70-80 thousand rubles. For the quality you need to pay.

Plumbing fixtures from Italy are represented in the middle price segment and of good quality: Primo, Valencia, Sturm, Axa; Finland: Master Finn, Novitek, Oras, Timo; Czech Republic: Riho, Vagnerplast, Luxus. The cost of production of these manufacturers can start from 40,000 rubles and reach up to 120,000 rubles. It all depends on the functionality of the model.

Separately, it is necessary to say about products from China. The situation here is such that if you buy a shower stall from an unknown Chinese manufacturer in general, then with a very high probability you can buy a blatant hack or a production bathroom of poor quality. If you buy plumbing from well-known manufacturers, you can save a lot and at the same time get quite a high-quality shower stall for 10-30 thousand rubles. The most famous Chinese manufacturers: Avanta, Ammari, Baraka, Goldman, Fresh, HX, Ika, Optima, Eago, Gllon.

How to choose a shower cabin - professional advice

Tip 1.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

If the goal is to take a shower. and once basking under the jets of a tropical shower or in the oxygen bubbles of a Jacuzzi you have no time, then the simple choice is a simple, inexpensive, classical model of a shower cabin. It makes no sense to buy expensive plumbing with a large set of functions, if you are not going to use these functions.

Tip 2.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

If you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and a lover of various recreational water treatments, then the best choice for you will be a combined type that combines everything function and bath and shower.

Tip 3.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

If your bathroom is not impressive with its size, then the most optimal would be to buy a corner shower cubicle with a quarter-circle pan shape and sides from 80x80 to 100x100 cm. At the same time, it is best to have sliding-type doors in the model.

Tip 4.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

If your bathroom area exceeds 8 square meters. m, then, you can say, you have virtually limitless possibilities in choosing a non-standard shower.In such a room you can install almost any shower cabin of the combined or closed type.

Tip 5.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

If there are children of pre-school age in the family, then when choosing a shower stall, it will be best to purchase a model with a deep tray. In this case, you save yourself from buying a baby bath, and its function can be replaced by a deep pan.

Tip 6.

How to choose a shower - professional tips + Video

If your apartment is on the 8-9 floor or even higher, or you have very low pressure in the water pipes, When buying a shower, be sure to pay attention to the minimum water pressure requirements specified in the technical documentation. The minimum pressure at which the full functioning of the plumbing is possible is 1.5 bar.

Video: How to choose a shower cabin

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