How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

The reciprocating saw is a universal hand tool with which you can handle almost any material. But most often such a tool is used for cutting wood, for working in the garden, during repairs.

How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

Saber saw device.

The choice of such a saw depends on many parameters, but attention should be paid not only to the equipment itself, but also to the cutting blade . How to choose a saber saw correctly? Among the parameters it is necessary to take into account the power of the equipment, purpose (household or professional), convenience of work, the presence of additional functions.

Reciprocating saw and its purpose

How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

Scheme of manufacturing band saw.

To select a saw, you must first decide on what it will be used for. The purpose of such a tool is as follows:

  1. It is used for gardening. It is used for trimming trees, twigs, dry branches. Often, this tool is used by professional gardeners to form the crown. Reciprocating saw can work at the expense of batteries. Such a tool is more convenient, faster, more reliable. Increasingly, ordinary garden shears are being replaced with this convenient tool.
  2. It is also intended for construction work. The usual chain saw works faster, but for many works it is simply not convenient. But saber more compact, it helps to perform work even in the most inaccessible places. This tool is easy to handle boards with nails, it saves time. Such work is safer and more convenient.
  3. The reciprocating saw is designed to work with metal parts, pipes, this equipment can be used during repair work. This makes it simply indispensable for the home when it is planned to overhaul or replace plumbing.
  4. It will also help in the construction of fences, arbors, and other not very complex structures. Especially to buy an expensive tool is not always possible, here comes the saber saw. It is always useful in the garden, for work in the greenhouse, for small household repairs. With the help of a saber saw, the construction of wooden pergolas for the site, light decorative fencing, can be greatly accelerated. You only need to choose the right blade for the job. Hacksaw for garden work is not the best option.

How to choose a hacksaw blade?

How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

The shape of the teeth of the saws without a hitch.

In order to choose the right saw, attention must be paid not only to the tool itself, but also to which hacksaw blade is used. Today, manufacturers offer many options for paintings, it is possible to purchase them to work with wood of a certain breed, with metal. This allows you to provide high quality work, clean cut. Today, there are special curvilinear cutting blades that are narrower, but convenient for processing.

The classification of blades for saber saws is as follows:

  • files for processing hard wood;
  • files for processing soft wood;
  • fabrics for work with knots, hard wood;
  • files that can cut wood with nails, staples;
  • webs for working with chipboard, fiberboard, plastic;
  • sandwich sheets panels for fiberglass;
  • files for cutting bricks.

The equipment differs in the type of attachment; tail attachments that can be used for any equipment are convenient. It is necessary to pay attention to what kind of device is available. Often, saber saws are designed for only one type of fastener.

How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

A saw from a hacksaw blade.

Usually saw blades have a length of 100-400 mm, but other options are possible, it all depends on the type of work. If the hacksaw blade is longer, this does not mean that the cut will be of higher quality. Everything depends on the type of material that will be processed. Today, the most optimal value is the canvas, whose length is 160 mm, it can be used for almost all works.

When choosing a saw blade, it is necessary to pay attention to the marking:

  1. HCS. This type of file is made of special high carbon steel, it is excellent for rubber, plastic, wood, and DCP plates.
  2. HSS is a special tool high-speed steel that is used to cut hard materials. Typically, these paintings are used to work with metal pipes and other elements of metals and alloys.
  3. BIM is a combined material that is distinguished by the highest rates of flexibility and durability, it is universal. The similar file differs in big service life.
  4. HM / CT are very hard carbide blades that are used to process abrasive materials, such as steel, fiberglass, tiles (natural). Such products are resistant to wear.
  5. There are other options for cutting blades; they can be designed to perform more complex jobs.

Selection parameters

How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

Types of saber saw brands.

In order to choose a saber saw, you need to pay attention to the numerous parameters on which a lot depends. Household or professional should be saw? Before you buy a saber saw, you need to clearly define the scope of use. For example, for working in the garden, at home, in the garage, you can use an ordinary household saw. The range is presented varied, you can always choose the most suitable model. If more frequent and intensive work is needed, for example, site improvement, construction, etc., then it is best to choose professional models that ensure smooth operation even in the most adverse conditions.

When all that is needed is pruning the bushes, you need to take a regular lightweight household saw. It has an affordable price, its maintenance is simple. Such a chainsaw is convenient, its performance is quite sufficient. This device will even help to procure firewood, but for cutting metal pipes, blanks with large sizes you need to take a higher-class tool.

Power of equipment

How to choose a saber electric saw - selection options

When choosing a saw, pay attention to the following parameters: power of the equipment, purpose, convenience of operation, availability of additional functions.

Power is important for any tool. It does not matter if the saw is powered by an electric or gasoline engine. Power depends on the quality of work, performance. The more power, the more complex work can be done, but there is one “but” here. More powerful equipment has significant weight, it will not always be convenient to work with it. Therefore, we must pay attention to the needs. For use in the garden or for minor repairs at home, taking a powerful device is not worth it; it will be difficult to work with it.

For electric saws, a power of 500 watts is enough; this is enough for a small amount of activity and infrequent use. For more complex work, you can buy a saw with a power of 900-1200 watts, but for professional equipment, you must already provide for a power of 1500 watts. Rarely a device is required, whose power indices will be 2500-3000 W, usually for a house it is unnecessary.

Cutting depth and the ability to adjust the speed

Cutting depth is an important parameter that is necessary to ensure quality work. The speed of the saw is very important, the processing efficiency depends on it. The difficulty of choosing according to this parameter is that the device is not always selected according to the type of work, it is often bought as a universal one, that is, it is intended for many works that may be required on a site or in a house.

Experts recommend paying attention to equipment whose cutting depth is from 220 mm or 240-255 mm. Such a tool is most suitable for many types of work, it can be used to cut both wood and pipes. The length of the blade is 28-32 mm, but for ordinary garden work only 19-25 mm is enough, the cutting depth will also be smaller.

During the selection, it must be remembered that the reciprocating saw of any model usually has 2 values ​​for the depth of cut. This allows you to apply it to various jobs, adjusting the cut in the manner necessary. For example, for a tree it is one value, and for metal it is completely different. We must not forget about this circumstance.

Any material requires its own speed during processing. For example, wood is easier to process, and for garden work on pruning bushes is a significant advantage.

For metal, the speed should be higher than for the others, which is associated with high strength and hardness of the raw material.

Modern equipment should be not only convenient, but also high-quality. Not every saw has a speed regulator, but it is extremely necessary for the work to be done efficiently and quickly. The saber saw can have a regulator of various modifications. There is a usual switch that needs to be translated manually, but models are released where the value is preset.

When operating equipment, it is important to prevent heating, as it can lead to overloading, damage to equipment. Such a pendulum stroke allows you to remove all sawdust, chips, to improve the work. Such a function is not required, but if the equipment is used in intensive mode, it is necessary that it be available.

A reciprocating saw is a universal equipment that is used for many works in the house and in the garden.To select the device correctly, you need to focus on many parameters. Quality, convenience of work, an opportunity to work with certain types of materials depends on them.

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