convex, concave, how to choose, photo

The entrance hall is a small room where it is important to use space wisely. Here it is necessary to organize places for storing clothes and accessories, but sometimes it is extremely difficult and even impossible to choose a place to place a traditional wardrobe. Radial wardrobes have an interesting geometry, smooth corners and allow you to solve this problem.

Advantages and disadvantages

Radial furniture has a curved facade, often with decorative elements. It can be installed in difficult areas with external corners, in niches, with limited space.

The advantages of a radial wardrobe:

  1. Exclusive design. In the curved shape of the facade can be combined curved and concave lines. Such a facade will have a wavy shape.
  2. A large radius in the form of a sector of a circle helps soften corners in a room.
  3. Ergonomics and compactness - on narrow sections of the hall you can use concave facades, and on wide ones - convex.
  4. Suitable for storing items with non-standard dimensions.
  5. They are built-in and modular.
  6. If necessary, the sliding doors are supplemented with hinged doors.
  7. Convenience of operation. Even overall items can be placed inside. ;
  8. Silent opening of the valves.
  9. Underline the radial design of multi-level ceilings.

convex, concave, how to choose, photo The facade of the cabinet repeats the lines on the ceiling

Structural deficiencies should also be considered:

  1. Fewer things fit in a closet cabinet than in a regular cabinet due to its internal filling.
  2. Such furniture is about half as expensive as the consumption of materials, the cost of their processing and quality requirements increase.
  3. A mirror cannot be installed on the door, because the reflection will be distorted.
  4. It is difficult to replace radial guides, because it is difficult to select a part with the necessary radius.

In the confined space of the hallway, radial wardrobes perform their functions 100%. They make it possible to usefully use any amount of free space, while complementing the interior with an interesting design.


Angular models are installed at the junction of walls. The back wall must repeat the angle, therefore the dimensions of the structure are determined by the shape of the angle and the length of the adjacent walls.

Built-in wardrobes do not have a back wall, roof and bottom. The role of these elements is played by the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the hallway. This allows not only to save on the material, but also to maximize the use of free space. Cabinet furniture has all of the above, so you can reinstall them in any suitable place, including in another room.

convex, concave, how to choose, photo The corner cabinet must fit into the corner

In the built-in wardrobes, the guide along which the doors move , mainly attached to the ceiling, and the lower rail holds the sash. This so-called suspension system is a solid foundation that can withstand numerous openings and a considerable weight of facades. In cabinet furniture guides are fixed at the bottom (support type). In this case, the rollers move along the bottom guide, and the retaining profile is located at the top.


Standard radius cabinets are installed along walls. Even a narrow space can be used.

If the facade is concave, then with its help the proportions of the room are easily corrected. Such furniture does not take up extra space, is very compact, creates an atmosphere of comfort and softens the corners.

convex, concave, how to choose, photo A concave facade makes the corner of the room less noticeable and functional

Furniture with a convex facade is best to install in niches of small hallways in the form of embedded structures. Convex cabinets with a large radius can be installed even where there is very little space.

Wave-like facades have convex and concave elements. They are interesting smooth lines and are suitable for hallways with long walls.

The wardrobe has smooth doors. This is a must, because they must slide along the guides.


convex, concave, how to choose, photo Radial wardrobes are often made of MDF

In the manufacture of individual elements - facades, housing, internal filling - use the following materials:

  1. Chipboard - a popular and durable material from which the body is assembled. The facades of chipboard do not, because the material bends poorly and deforms.
  2. Laminated chipboard - moisture-proof and durable plates. They, like chipboard, used for the manufacture of shells and shelves.
  3. MDF - widely used for the manufacture of facades radial wardrobes. They are relatively soft, so they allow to make facades of different radius. For these purposes, special brand MDF.
  4. HDF - the material is similar to MDF, but has greater density. It is ideal for the manufacture of facades.
  5. Veneer is natural wood, a thin layer that is glued to MDF and chipboard.In this embodiment, the material looks like natural wood.
  6. Natural wood - if the cabinet is made of solid wood, it will be expensive, weigh a lot. However, in terms of environmental friendliness and solidity, nothing compares to it.
  7. Furniture shield - is a slab of glued lamellae. From it make boxes, shelves and cabinet body.

The facade plays a special decorative role. It is made of laminated plastic, acrylic, triplex with tint, glass with sandblast decoration, bamboo. The base is also decorated with imitation leather, photo-linen with a voluminous effect. Due to the complexity of manufacturing facades, the cost of the cabinet increases significantly. For example, the 3D photofield effect is created through the use of special inks that polymerize under UV rays.

Filling options

The closet in the hallway should contain clothes, accessories, hats, shoes, but at the same time be compact. Filling includes heterogeneous elements:

  • rails and rods;
  • drawers;
  • open shelves;
  • baskets;
  • curved shelves;
  • bedside tables;
  • racks;
  • shoe racks;
  • hooks;
  • mirrors;
  • side racks.

convex, concave, how to choose, photo Example of the internal filling of the cabinet

What exactly will be placed inside depends on the wishes of the owner , the radius of the facade and the dimensions of the furniture. Sometimes it turns out that there are many shelves in the closet, but it is inconvenient to use them. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the convenience of operation in advance:

To place the trousers, you should order a bruise box. This hanger will compactly place several items of clothing.

  1. The optimal width of open shelves is 60 cm, and the distance between them is 35 cm.
  2. A bar of up to 70-90 cm is enough for a family of 3-4 people. If a more spacious boom is required, the holder must be installed. Moreover, the usual bar parallel to the back wall is fixed if the cabinet width is more than 45 cm. Otherwise, retractable holders for hangers are installed.
  3. If the boom is too high, then a pantograph is recommended instead. This device will allow you to lower the barbell with a slight movement of the hand.
  4. You can build an ironing board in the cabinet, then you will not have to look for additional space for it.

How to choose

Radius wardrobes are recommended to be ordered by individual sizes. Such an approach will make the most of every free centimeter of the hallway, design the necessary content, choose the appropriate style design.

convex, concave, how to choose, photo It is necessary to think in advance about how the cabinet should be inside and outside

Selection criteria:

  1. The doors of the wardrobe should move silently and easily.
  2. The frame of the sliding elements is better to choose from aluminum, not steel. Rollers slide along aluminum guides better.
  3. All mounts must be sturdy.
  4. Oval and semicircular facades will complement the interior in a classic style. They also look good in large hallways decorated in modern style.
  5. Cabinets with a wavy facade are installed along walls, often with a grip on the corner area.
  6. Built-in furniture will allow you to maximize the use of space, and cabinet is more mobile.
  7. A dark wardrobe will approach the light walls and ceiling. Light furniture harmoniously looks on a dark flooring.

In order for the radial closet to last a long time, it is necessary to regularly remove dust between the rollers and the guides. This furniture emphasizes the wealth of the owner, his taste and originality.

Photos of radius sliding wardrobes

The original design, the variability of designs of radial wardrobes attract buyers.

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo

convex, concave, how to choose, photo


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