How to choose a gas meter - the right choice of gas meter

The gas meter is a special meter. The cost of gas is constantly growing, so the need arises for organizing an accurate accounting of the consumption of gas resources. A gas meter is capable of measuring the volume of gas that has passed through it. As a matter of fact, the device performs two main functions - it takes into account the flow rate of the gas mixture and is a stimulator to observe the savings. Having such a device, the consumer automatically begins to look for methods of saving. But it is necessary to take into account one condition - the choice of the counter should be performed according to certain rules.

Make your choice

How to choose a gas meter - the right choice of gas meter Turbine

There are plenty of types of gas metering devices - membrane, rotor, turbine and others. For use in everyday life is recommended version of the membrane model. But this does not mean that it is necessary to acquire it without taking into account a number of features. Before you choose a gas meter, it is worth considering the quality characteristics determined by price indicators.

How to choose a gas meter - the right choice of gas meter Membrane counters

Do not dwell on cheap models - they are quite likely in the course operation will bring you a lot of problems, and will be able to serve for a short time. To check such a device will have quite often, and the accuracy of the readings will always be questionable. The choice of domestic gas meter should be based on a number of conditions:

  • in the period between two checks the device should operate stably;
  • pressure losses should be minimized as much as possible;
  • the meter should have resistance to damage from open fire;
  • the installation of the device must take into account protection from exposure to unauthorized persons;
  • select a meter with the longest service life (usually 20 years or more);
  • The metering device must be compact and resistant to contamination.

How to choose a gas meter - the right choice of gas meter Rotary

Going to buy a gas meter, you should clarify the number of gas appliances in the apartment . Their number will affect the throughput of your future meter. You can clarify information for the estimated consumption in the documentation for the gas equipment in your home. Having counted all indicators on a gas consumption in one hour, you will be able to choose for yourself the counter of the required marking without difficulty.

When making a purchase, one more condition should be clarified - from which side the gas will flow through your meter. On this basis, the meter model for an apartment should be selected with the right and left directions of the gas flow.

Installation Rules

How to choose a gas meter - the right choice of gas meter Installation Options

Gas Appliance Installation - is not easy. First of all, you should contact the local gas organization, because only there you will be able to give all the qualified advice, clarify all the conditions and details of the installation. In case you have not purchased the meter yourself, you will be able to offer it to the gas organization. But remember that such a purchase will cost you a bit more. Therefore, it is recommended to make an attempt to self-purchase, it will help you save your money.

The meter that was purchased outside the gas organization will need to be passed for verification, but it is not free.

How to choose a gas meter - the right choice of gas meter Installing a gas meter

But installing the instrument still requires the participation of experienced craftsmen who have appropriate permission to conduct gas works, because they must be carried out in compliance with certain features. Installation should be done away from the stove, sink and other sources of heat and moisture. At the same time, the place to install the counter should not be "deaf". It is better to put the meter in a well-ventilated area. The choice of the place of installation of the metering device to gas appliances should be determined in accordance with the recommendations of the plants producing your gas equipment. If such information is not indicated in the passports, use the generally accepted minimum dimensions for installation:

  • from any gas-powered device — at least 80 cm;
  • from powerful gas stoves, cooking boilers , stoves - no less than 100 cm.

If the meter is installed outdoors, protection against the influence of natural factors and unauthorized persons on the device should be provided. Usually, in such a situation, the device is installed in a metal box that can be locked.

Cost of work and safety measures

Prices for work depend on a number of conditions. First, on the features of the installed device. Secondly, from the placement of pipes and household gas appliances.

When operating gas appliances, one basic rule must be remembered. In case of any malfunctions, it is necessary to immediately call experienced specialists authorized to carry out such work.


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