How to hang the bracket on the wall

If another flat-panel TV appears in your house or apartment, try not to put it on any furniture (as was customary earlier), but hang it on the wall. To perform this "operation" you need to learn how to hang the bracket on the wall neatly and quickly.

Height, reliability, safety

How to hang the bracket on the wall At what height should you hang up the TV

If you decide how to hang the bracket on the wall, pay attention to the following points:

  1. The reliability of mounting the bracket to the wall - remember that the TV has a rather large weight, so you need to mount the bracket carefully and tightly.
  2. Attachment height - so that later you will not be tormented by headaches due to the need to watch TV in an uncomfortable position, try to determine the right height before starting work. You can do this as follows: take the masking tape and glue it on the wall, repeating the outline of the TV in the place where you are going to place it. Sit in front and spend 20-30 minutes watching TV. If at the end of this period of time you do not have a desire to move the "TV" lower or higher, you can proceed to the mounting bracket.
  3. The presence of electrical wiring - since the TV is powered by electricity, there must be a power outlet near the place of its future installation. In addition, before you begin to fix the bracket, make sure that it will not be in the same place where the electrical wires pass. In addition to electric shock in case of unsuccessful set of circumstances, you still get a lot of additional work in the form of the need to change this part of the electrical wires.
  4. Safety of the location of the TV - make sure that the TV will not be touched by the doors of the furniture (when they are opened), as well as by you (and your household) when you pass by.
  5. TV weight - for heavier TV models, choose more powerful brackets, not the cheapest ones.


How to hang the bracket on the wall Drilling holes

Because hang the bracket on the wall must be of high quality so that the TV does not collapse under its weight, for work you will need a drill (or a hammer drill if the wall is concrete) and a screwdriver.

In addition, you can use a regular vacuum cleaner - with its help you will be able not to stain the wall with dust when drilling a hole.

Dowels with screws, with which you will mount the bracket to the wall, always included in its package. However, if you find that their length is insufficient, you can use other fasteners.

How to hang the bracket on the wall Determining the height of the mount

You will need a simple pencil (or pen) to mark on the wall is the location of the mounting holes of the bracket, a small level of construction and a hammer (with them you will drive dowels into the drilled holes).

How to mount the bracket

How to hang the bracket on the wall Installing the bracket on the wall

  • Defining what height you will hang the TV, it is necessary to note the location of the bracket fixing elements:
    • remove the stand from the TV if it came with it;
    • open the bracket package and look for instructions for assembling and fastening;
    • carefully read the instructions (you should not do everything at random if you are fixing such a bracket on the wall for the first time in your life);
    • attach the bracket details to the TV, according to the instructions;
    • attach to them the rest of the bracket and measure the distance from the top of the TV to the top of the plate that attaches to the wall;
    • set this distance with a pencil on the wall from the top of your “TV” from the painting Scotch tape (if you determined the height of the TV position convenient to you in the manner described above).

How to hang the bracket on the wall Attaching the bracket to the TV

  • Attach the bracket plate to wall and check its horizontal position with a building level.

How to hang the bracket on the wall Marking of holes on the wall

  • Mark the location of the holes on the wall with a pencil in the plate. After that, the plate can be put aside - in the next few minutes you will not need it.
  • Before you start drilling holes in the wall, ask someone to hold the tube of the vacuum cleaner (do not forget to turn it on) as close as possible to the drilling site.

How to hang the bracket on the wall Checking horizontal installation

  • Attach the plate to the screws using dowels with self-tapping screws the wall. Make sure that it is horizontal and secure.
  • Then attach the second part of the bracket with the support bar (its position on some models of the bracket can be slightly adjusted horizontally, so if you fixed the plate itself on the wall a little crooked, compensate for this with the horizontal of the support bar).

How to hang the bracket on the wall Bracket level adjustment

  • Hang the TV on the bracket and fix it position using special bolts located on it.
  • Put decorative caps on the bracket, if they are included in its package.
  • If there is no cable channel for a TV cable in the bracket, you can fix it with nylon clamps.


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