How to choose a drill screwdriver: features of the acquisition

In a house, it is very difficult to do without such a tool as a power screwdriver, especially if you are building, rebuilding or repairing something. If the perforator is rarely used, the drill screwdriver is useful for making holes in various materials, and for assembling furniture, installing shelves and many other household chores, so the question of how to choose a drill screwdriver is very relevant.

How to choose a drill screwdriver: features of the acquisition

A drill screwdriver is useful for making holes in materials and for many other household chores.

Features of the acquisition of a screwdriver drill

A drill screwdriver can be used if you need to make holes in wood, metal, brick and concrete, but if you need to make many holes, especially in concrete, then for these targets it is better to use a punch.

Before you buy a drill screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with the device, and only then you can make the right choice.

To attach slate, metal sheets or similar material, you can use a drill and a screwdriver, but you first have to drill holes, then look for suitable bolts or screws, it all takes a lot of time and effort. It is much easier for these purposes to use the drill screwdriver and special fasteners, they are selected according to the type of material with which you will work.

How to choose a drill screwdriver: features of the acquisition

Screwdriver drill device.

When fastening sheets with a drill, there is inevitably a gap in the attachment points, but if a screwdriver is used, the screws securely fasten the materials. These fasteners are specially processed, therefore they are not susceptible to the negative impact of natural factors.

In order to establish the force of rotation of the drill of a drill or a screwdriver attachment, there is a special adjusting ring. The master must choose the torque tool that is suitable for carrying out a particular type of work. The choice of rotational force depends on the material with which you will work.

Such adjustment of the drill of the screwdriver allows screwing the screws or tightening the bolts with the same force. That it is reached, you will be notified by characteristic clicks. Setting the ring to the last position allows the tool to operate in the drill mode, and the power limit does not occur, it is all sent to the drill. The cartridge can be fast-locking or hex.

How to make a choice of a screwdriver drill

How to choose a drill screwdriver: features of the acquisition

With a rigid screwdriver, the torque is 2 times greater than that of a permanent screwdriver.

When you select the specified tool, the main indicator that you need to pay attention to is its power. Distinguish between tough and permanent screwdrivers. In hard screwdrivers, torque is 2 times more than permanent ones. This allows them to exceed the current limit that is in the permanent tools.

The power of the tool will determine what diameter and how deep the screw can be screwed into a certain material, and what diameter the hole can be drilled.

At the speed of rotation also need to pay attention before you choose a screwdriver. From this indicator will depend on how quickly you can tighten the screw or make a hole. For household models, a rotation speed of up to 500 rpm is suitable, and for professional models it reaches 1200 rpm.

Power type: if electric tools require a power network, the battery tools can be used in a convenient place for you, while there are no cables around them, which interfere with work. If we talk about gears, they can be metal or plastic.

The engine can be of two types: brush and brushless. Recent engines are more durable, as they do not have brushes, so they do not sparkle and are not erased, which significantly increases the service life of the engine, everything is controlled by electronics. Such models have a higher efficiency, just serviced, but they are more expensive.

Features of batteries

How to choose a drill screwdriver: features of the acquisition

It is advisable for the instrument to have a replaceable battery, so as not to wait until it has sat down and continue to work.

Charging time is very important, it depends on the used charger. The battery is the main element in the specified tool, so its cost is more than half the price of the screwdriver. Purchasing a separate battery is difficult, and if you damage it, it will be easier to buy a new tool.

It is better to purchase a screwdriver, which comes with 2 batteries. It should be borne in mind that each battery has a certain number of charging cycles.

Battery capacity will depend on the type of battery. There is such a thing as a memory effect, the battery must be fully charged and discharged, otherwise it will lose its capacity.Any battery, even if it does not work, is self-discharging.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of batteries

The advantages of NiCd batteries are their low cost, resistance to low temperatures, the ability to store in a discharged state.

Their disadvantages include high toxicity, memory effect, a small number of charge-discharge cycles.

Nickel-hybrid batteries are environmentally friendly, have low self-discharge, high capacity, 40% more cycles.

Their disadvantages: the cost is quite high, they are not designed to work at low temperatures, the battery can only be stored charged.

Lithium batteries have no memory effect, almost do not self-discharge, have a large capacity and can be charged many times. The voltage of each battery is 3.6 V, so the overall weight of the battery is quite large, it also has a high cost and, despite its advantages, users often choose cheaper, but lower quality batteries. Another disadvantage of a lithium battery is that its shelf life is only 3 years, after which lithium begins to decompose.

What other functions can a power screwdriver have? In addition to standard functions, depending on the model of the tool, there may be additional functions, for example, alternating changes in the speed of rotation. This allows you to work with different materials, and to change the specified parameter, simply turn the ring.

There may be an additional function such as blow drilling, but in battery models it is practically not used because it increases the weight and dimensions of the tool, so if you need to drill a lot, you should also get a drill.

The presence of a flashlight makes it easier to work in low light conditions, and it is more convenient to carry and store the tool in a case.

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