How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

When carrying out construction and repair work, a wide range of tools is used, among which chain saws occupy a special place. They are available in various configurations, ranging from simple manual, working on gasoline, and ending with modern electric, powered from the network or from the battery. How to choose a chainsaw correctly? It all depends on what exactly the equipment is purchased for. Attention should be paid to the parameters of the equipment, motor power, the presence of various functions that facilitate the use of the device.

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Electric chain saw functionality.

Which saw is better: electric or gasoline?

When choosing, it is necessary to decide which functions of saws are better - gasoline or electric. This question is quite complicated, but there are a number of parameters by which you can select the device that is most suitable for work. Among such useful criteria it is necessary to take into account:

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Kinds of electric saws.

  1. You can use both equipment for construction.
    The chainsaw is more productive, even if the power of the tools is the same. If performance comes first, then the electric chain saw no longer fits this criterion.
  2. Electric saws require a power connection. If this is not possible, then you need to prefer gasoline or battery. When there is a network in the accessibility area, an electric saw will be the best choice.
  3. It is not hard work to do with an electric saw, but for domestic use it is the best option. Such a saw is not only cheaper, but also easier to use. Chainsaws can not work indoors.
  4. Too powerful models are not worth buying. If the usual work at the dacha is required, then it is the electrical equipment that comes first. But for the professional building more suitable gasoline model.
  5. When choosing any equipment, you need to look at how comfortable it is in your hand. If the device is inconvenient to hold, then it will be difficult for them to work. Therefore, it is recommended to try out several different models, if possible include them. After choosing the best option, attention should be paid to the parameters, engine power and other characteristics that are important when working.

Selection criteria

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Design and principle of operation of an electric chain saw.

It is necessary to choose chainsaws to give on the basis of numerous parameters that will allow to perform the work more efficiently and effectively. This is not only power, but other indicators that make the equipment more convenient, safe and easy.

How to choose a chainsaw? Attention should be paid to what will be the power. If the work is supposed to be serious, then it is necessary to give preference to good power. If simple work in the garden or building a fence is assumed, then more power is not needed. For industrial logging requires the most powerful saws, then a hacksaw can not do. Today there are special professional models on the market, the engine power of which allows you to perform complex and long work without fail. Power may be about 4 kW, but it must be remembered that the weight of this device will be significant . For garden work it is necessary to take a chain saw at 1.5-2 kW, this is quite enough.

Location of the motor

Unlike other chainsaws, electrical equipment can have a different arrangement of the motor:

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Comparison table of the characteristics of the chain electric saws

  1. The cross-section motor is more convenient for vertical cutting of planks when it is necessary to cut from top to bottom. The similar equipment is applied when cutting obliquely. The chain electric saw is usually bought for periodic summer work, it can also be used in construction.
  2. The longitudinal location of the engine is distinguished by equipment of greater value, but it is more convenient to use. The saw turns out balanced, the work is done better and faster. You can cut already under any bias. If the device is purchased in order to procure firewood or work on the construction of an outbuilding, the longitudinal location is not necessary. For professional work it is best to take a longitudinal motor.

Tire length and the presence of a chain brake

The working tire to which the chain is attached may have various modifications. If the length is sufficient, then the workpiece will be cut immediately. But if the length is too small, then quickly cut the workpiece will not work, you have to perform not one, but 2-3 actions.

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Classification of chainsaws.

What is the preferred tire size? For example, for cutting large logs, the maximum length is needed, but for ordinary household work at the dacha you can take saws with a tire of medium length. It is quite enough for the preparation of firewood, cutting material for the construction of the fence. It is believed that the optimal length of the tire is 30-40 cm, which is enough for homework.

An electric saw can create a so-called kickback during start-up and contact with a hard surface. During such an impact, the saw is thrown upwards, towards the operator. In this case, all those around are exposed to great danger, especially the hands of the operator. To prevent such throwing up during operation, you must have a special chain brake. What is he like? This is a lever near the handle and shield against impact. During the flip, the operator's hand hits the shield, and this completely stops the engine. The response time is minimal, it is only 0.1 seconds, injury will not occur.

Protection against overheating

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Engine location at the electric chain saw.

The saw engine becomes very hot during operation. If you do not follow the rules for use, it can burn out. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to purchase equipment that has a special function of protection against overheating. Its presence is not at all necessary, but desirable, so you can protect the device from damage, especially if the saw is used often.

Thermal protection is a special relay that shuts off the engine when it reaches a certain temperature. Quite often it happens that such a relay saves equipment from overheating. When does overheating occur? For example, the oil for lubrication of the chain in the tank is over, and on the surface of the tank there is no scale to monitor the amount. In this case, the motor, after the oil runs out, starts to work on a dry one, the circuit is not lubricated, the saw begins to heat up. If you do not pay attention to this, then the motor in one far from the most beautiful moment, simply burns out. Such a function may not be present in the equipment, then this model must be abandoned in favor of the one that has a thermal relay.

Presence of a lock button

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Sharpening of an electric and gasoline chain.

The chain for the saw is used sharp, the injuries may be related to the fact that the operator may inadvertently pick up the saw and turn it on. As a result, injuries can be serious and dangerous, so the blocking function is extremely important. You should not buy models that do not have such a function, since handling them is quite dangerous, especially if there is no experience with it.

Today, models of well-known and time-tested manufacturers have such a button to lock the chain and motor. They do not offer devices that do not have this protection. If you come across a model under a well-known brand, in which this function simply does not exist, then this is a fake.

Smooth start and brake of the motor

When turning on the saw, it is necessary to ensure the greatest safety, since this particular moment is considered the most dangerous. During switching on, a current is applied to the winding, its value is maximum. This shortens the life of the motor.

To protect the equipment and yourself, you need to choose a device that has a soft start function and a motor brake.

The engine will gain momentum not sharply, but smoothly and gradually. The presence of the inertial brake allows you to stop the motor almost immediately during the shutdown, which reduces power consumption. This feature also allows you to increase safety of use. Such functions for electric saws of the chain type are not obligatory, but when choosing equipment, preference should be given to models with them, since safety is paramount, and the cost of the saw is slightly higher.

Equipment weight and oil capacity

How to choose a chain electric saw to give?

Chainsaw device design.

The chain saw has a different weight, the mass depends on the power, the presence of additional functions. For example, powerful equipment has significant weight, since the body itself and the motor will be large. But with such a saw it will not be very convenient to control for a long time, this should be taken into account. Hands will be tired, as the weight of the equipment can be up to 5.5-6 kg. If the saw has a power of 1.5-1.8 kW, then the weight will be 3.5-4.7 kg. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand what the chain saw is bought for, often too much power is never used, but overweight interferes during operation.

Electric saws may have a special tank for oil. It is necessary for lubrication of the chain during operation, to improve the quality of cutting.As a rule, conventional saws have oil containers of 0.12-0.2 l, which is enough for 2 hours of intensive work. But after 2-3 hours the tank must be refilled, so the oil must always be on hand. For convenience, you should choose a model so that there is a scale for visual determination of the residue. This will allow time to see that the oil is running out. Otherwise, the saw can start to work "in the dry", and this threatens to overheat the motor, its rapid breakdown.

Choosing an electric chain saw is not as simple as it may seem from the very beginning. Attention should be paid to a variety of factors, including power, motor type, the presence of a variety of additional functions, including protection against overheating, blocking, and smooth start. We must immediately decide for what work is needed saw. For the suburban area, the procurement of firewood, minor repairs or construction of fences is best to use household and semi-professional saws. But in the construction, professional logging is recommended to use professional devices that can ensure uninterrupted operation for a long time.


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