How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country

Many owners of private houses even with a small territory dream of equipping a pond in order to run fish into it and plant algae. To achieve a positive result, you need to constantly monitor the quality of the water, because in a polluted environment the fish will not live, most likely, frogs will start in the reservoir. If it is still contaminated, it is necessary to bring it back to normal in order to do it correctly, it is important to follow the recommendations. How to clean the pond with high quality will be discussed in this article.

Main types and sources of pollution

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country Main types and sources of water pollution in the pond

Since the reservoir is under the open sky on the territory of the site, it is primarily exposed to natural and mechanical pollution. We distinguish three main groups of polluting sources:

  • Leaves, small and large debris brought by the wind.
  • Small biological sor - plant parts, insects, microorganisms and their vital waste.
  • Large biological sor - worms, mice, crawls, large earthworms.

If we are talking about an artificial pond with a concrete bottom, then you need to check the waterproofing layer. Most likely, it was broken and the ground gets into the water through cracks. Algae is also a source of water pollution and planting, it is worth noting that they grow quickly enough.

Careless attitude to the reservoir will also lead to its decline, so you need to constantly monitor the sanitary condition and carry out periodic cleaning.

Main types of cleansing

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country Methods of cleaning

Today Experts offer 4 ways to clean the pond:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical;
  • biological;
  • ultraviolet radiation.

Each of them provides for the use of devices that can be found in specialized stores in a huge range, which allows you to choose the best option for the quality of work and price. How to clean water from small pollution? For this you can use a special net. With it, you can remove small fractions of debris (leaves, chips) from the surface.

When choosing a cleaning method, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure instructions, as well as calculate the cost and profitability of the product or instrument.

Mechanical cleansing

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country

This option is the easiest and most inexpensive method of cleansing algae and debris from the pond. The whole process consists in the purification of the volume of water pumped by the pump in a special container where the filter is installed (granules, gravel, quartz sand).

Granules can be purchased at a specialty store, and sand - at a hardware store. It is worth noting that the gravel of the small fraction, which, when contaminated, is simply washed in warm water is considered a cheap and durable option.

In order for the installation to work at full capacity, it is necessary to periodically check the condition of the filtering substance and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

Biological Purification

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country

This method is based on the use of organic elements decaying at the biochemical level to carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide. It is necessary to equip the pond with a special installation, but before that you should read the instructions in order to know how to purify water using a biofilter and propagation of microorganisms.

In order for the filter to work as efficiently as possible, the presence of fish in the pond must be taken into account. You can buy a biofilter in the store, while the manufacturer offers a huge range of models differing in the number of fractions and filled with plankton.

For a large body of water, it is worth using mechanical and biological cleaning, which will give the best result.

Chemical Purification

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country

To carry out the chemical treatment of water in any reservoir, you must use special reagents that will perform the following functions and tasks:

  • restore the acidity level to an average;
  • bind metals and ammonia;
  • saturate the water with oxygen;
  • dissolve algae.

If there are special useful algae that cleanse it in the pond, then this method is optional, because they can also saturate the water with oxygen. These plants include:

  • marsh;
  • fontinalis;
  • tilley;
  • rogolovnik.

When using chemicals, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and also carefully calculate the dosage so as not to harm living beings.

Cleansing with ultraviolet radiation

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country with ultraviolet radiation

To purify water in a pond, use a special device, inside which there is a UV lamp and a mechanism. During operation, the radiation not only clears away impurities, but also prevents the formation of new ones.

When buying such a device, it is worthwhile to get the advice of the seller, since each model is designed for a certain amount of water. This parameter is very important, as the lamp of low power can not cope with large volumes. The same method can be used to clean the bottom of sludge.

For proper operation of the mechanism with ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to change the UV lamp every year.

Periodic maintenance

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country Periodic maintenance of water in the pond

To keep the water always clean, you need to constantly monitor its condition and carry out regular cleaning. If the reservoir was not pumped out for the winter, then in spring it is cleaned from branches and leaves, rotting vegetable garbage or algae that did not die in the cold. Do not forget about fish food and useful vegetation. In the summer heat, the water often turns green or a duckweed forms on its surface, which is removed by a net and using cleaning filters. In too hot periods of the year, due to increased evaporation, it is necessary to add water.

If a fish lives in a pond, then it must be borne in mind that during spawning it requires enhanced nutrition. Plants near the reservoir to prevent their growth must be carefully thinned. Reeds and reeds should not be touched, as they saturate the water with oxygen in winter.

It is possible to replenish the level in the pond due to rainwater accumulated after rainstorms. Its composition will be several times better than normal from a centralized water supply system or well.

Complete replacement of water

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country

With very severe contamination, it is necessary to replace the water. For this, it is pumped out with the help of pumps, cleaned, and sludge, algae and other contaminations are removed.

Fish are placed in an aquarium at this time. Dried and peeled plants are planted again. After all the cleaning steps, new filter systems are installed and water is pumped.

Only after the water in the pond is warmed up, it is possible to release the fish back, otherwise temperature fluctuations may adversely affect its health. It takes several days.

How to clean the pond with your own hands in the country Water filter

When using all cleaning methods, as well as carrying out specified activities you do not have to worry about the purity of the water in your pond. In addition, periodic purification will not complete its replacement.



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