How does the septic tank

Very often in country houses, and even in residential private houses, cesspools or some other storage tanks are used for waste. The main problem here is that such facilities do not meet sanitary standards. In addition, the unpleasant smell from the place of accumulation of effluent can spread very far. But this is not all the disadvantages of ordinary septic tanks. Periodically, all tenants are faced with the fact that the drains from the pit must be pumped out. And for this you need to call the vacuum trucks, whose work is not so cheap.

But all these problems can now be solved. After all, specifically for your comfort, a biological treatment station "Topas" was created. This aerobic installation will comply with all sanitary standards, and there will be no odor at all.

How does the septic tank Does not spread unpleasant odors

This septic tank is popular not only in Russia. Moreover, it is used not only in the CIS countries, but also in European countries. As you can see, when choosing a cleaning station, many people prefer the company "Topas". To some extent this can be explained by the fact that the company has been on the market for more than twenty years. And for all this time, she had only positive feedback.

Septic tank models

How does the septic tank Topas 150

Most importantly, an aerobic septic tank Topaz has a large number of different modifications. This means that it can be used in different cases. For example, there are such models that are designed to service the whole cottage village. These include "Topas 100" and "Topap 150". There are models designed specifically for residential and country houses. These are “Topaz 5”, “Topap 8”, “Topap 10”, which are designed for a certain number of people in a house, according to the number in the name. For example, "Topas 5" can serve the house in which five people live. With the volume of incoming flows, he will cope.

How does the septic tank Topaz 8

In addition, each model has its own subspecies. For example, the biological treatment station "Topas 5" has the following varieties:

  • "Topas 5 Long". The design has an elongated hull system and is installed in cases where there is a need to lay sewer pipes to a depth of one and a half meters.
  • If you need to make a forced water outlet, then you should use the “Topas 5 PR” station. The peculiarity of this design lies in the fact that water is drawn from it by a special pump, and not by gravity. The need to install such a station due to high groundwater.
  • In the Topaz 5 station, water flows out of the compartment arbitrarily. It is installed in the event that sewer pipes need to be laid at a depth of one meter.

How does the septic tank Difference in the depth of the inlet of the supply pipe

Principle of installation of the septic tank

Biological treatment station "Topaz" must be installed at a distance of five meters from the house. The bottom of the pit must be filled with cement-sand mixture. The height of such a platform must be at least 15 cm. Thus you protect the installation from damage. Although she has a reliable case, additional insurance will not be superfluous.

How does the septic tank Mounting diagram using the example of Topas 8

How are drains

Septic tank cleaned? Topaz "works as follows. Waste treatment is carried out in several stages. For this, four special tanks are used. First, the waste enters the receiving compartment through sewer pipes. There is a separation of wastewater into larger and smaller particles. This procedure is carried out using specially installed filters. Thus, it turns out half-purified water, which then goes into the so-called aeration tank. It produces an aerobic effect that splits the remaining large particles. Further bacteria come into action. They, with the assistance of the supplied oxygen, produce the decomposition of waste. This results in fine bubble aeration. After this procedure, the effluents enter the stabilizing compartment in which the activated sludge is located. And then, arbitrarily or with the help of a pump, they are brought outside, but the drains no longer have any odor.

How does the septic tank Internal device

This treatment process helps to clean household waste by almost one hundred percent, without the use of chemicals. Due to this, the installation is absolutely harmless to the health of others. What can not be said when using a conventional septic tank.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any thing, an aerobic system can break down. Therefore, it should say a little about the cons of a septic tank.

The most important negative point of such an installation is the flooding of a septic tank. This can happen if one of the pumps fails, which is extremely rare. But it is possible. It is worth mentioning the other "sores" of such a station.It may stop working if the membrane deteriorates, which is located in the compressor, or the air supply tube breaks. It is important to ensure that the channel through which the purified water is displayed on the street is warm in winter. If it freezes, this will also cause the installation to fail. But these are organizational issues.

How does the septic tank It may fail, as any technique

Thus, the aerobic installation must be closely monitored , take care of it and carry out system diagnostics at least once every three years. Because of this, it will serve the entire due time until the established resource is completed.

The advantages of an aerobic station include its efficiency. All the work consumes exactly the same energy as a regular light bulb consumes. But it should immediately be said that this kind of biological cleaners work from the network. Therefore, installing such a station, you must immediately take care of the source of energy. Otherwise, the installation will simply work as a settling tank.

How does the septic tank A high degree of purification

A significant advantage of Topas station is the fact that the waste is not require additional processing. Therefore, there is no need to install additional cleaning filters.

Among other things, the installation is practical. There is no need to call the cleaning machine, which will save not only your money, but also time. The only thing that is required of you is to remove the container with residues that accumulate in the process.


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