Heating a country house do it yourself

The presence of an extensive heating system in the house is considered the most important condition for ensuring the required comfort and coziness in it. In this case, issues relating to the selection and preparation of the heating system are usually worked out during the creation of the project of the future building.

In this article we will consider the system of space heating, which is called water. This way of heating rooms is relatively simple and more efficient than traditional stove or steam heating.

Design of the heating system

Heating a country house do it yourself Schematic diagram of the gravitational heating system

Before proceeding to prepare a project for heating a country house with your own hands, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the device of the system as a whole, as well as with its main elements.

The classic water heating circuit contains the following components:

  • a heating boiler, which is a tank with a heat carrier, which is heated in one way or another (gas, electric, etc.) .);
  • an extensive network of pipelines that circulates coolant through the water circuit;
  • heating elements (radiators and floor heating pipes, for example);
  • expansion tank, necessary to compensate for the excess pressure in the water circuit.

During the operation of the heating boiler, the liquid in it (antifreeze or water) is heated to a predetermined temperature and is directed through the pipeline to an extensive network of heaters. At the end of the complete cycle of circulation, the cooled liquid under the influence of the pressure differential enters the boiler, where it reheats and re-flows into the circuit. The required pressure drop is created due to the temperature difference between the heated and cold coolant flows, due to which the cooled liquid coming out of the batteries goes down to the boiler and displaces the hot water in the riser.

The independent production of the heating system of a private house is possible only if you have certain skills in working with the technological equipment of the class in question. The final installation of a domestic heating system is carried out in accordance with the recommendations given in the following sections.

Scheme of water heating

Heating a country house do it yourself Scheme of the heating system of the house

The heating system we are considering contains in its composition two interconnected coolant circuit. One of them is designed to supply hot water, and the other - to drain the cooled liquid (the so-called "return").

The shrub scheme for the construction of a two-pipe system involves the installation of pipes with cold coolant on the same level as the batteries. In accordance with this scheme, the "return" is laid, as a rule, at the level of the floor or slightly lower. With an underground arrangement of pipes, the installation on them of any connecting elements (fittings, for example) is unacceptable due to limited access to the channel. In addition, such pipes should be further insulated.

Hot water pipes are usually laid in the upper zone of the room (at a distance of about half a meter from the ceiling).

In order to increase the efficiency of the entire system as a whole, a so-called expansion tank is introduced into its composition, which contributes to the acceleration of carrier heating. The technical parameters of the expansion tank depend on the heating scheme you choose and on the volume of the heated room. For a country house is enough tank with a capacity of 20-30 liters, located at an altitude of about 3 meters above the heating boiler.

Features of installation

Heating a country house do it yourself

Installation of the heating system is impossible without the following conditions:

  1. In order to maintain the required temperature difference in the system, the main the riser should be well insulated, which will significantly reduce the loss of heat consumed for heating the air.
  2. The condition for trouble-free functioning of the system is the constancy of filling with the coolant of all its branches; however, the temperature difference of the liquid in the riser and the return pipe should be at least 25 ° C.
  3. For effective circulation of water in the system, the distance between the heating boiler and the batteries must be normalized (at least 3 meters in height). That is why the boiler is often located in the basement.
  4. If there is no basement in the house, the boiler can be placed on the basement floor. However, it should still be located below the level of placement of the heating batteries by about 10-20 cm.

Effective operation of the heating system of the type we are considering is possible only at distances of up to 20-30 meters. At smaller distances between the heaters and the boiler, it is recommended to use pipes with a larger diameter.

Expert Tips

Heating a country house do it yourself Tips from Specialists

Country House Heating Do your own hands with the following recommendations:

  1. Everything necessary for assembling the system equipment, as well as couplings and adapters should be prepared in advance and placed in accordance with your chosen heating scheme. The following elements must be present in the set of heating equipment:
  • radiators for space heating;
  • heating boiler;
  • piping system;
  • auxiliary fittings (plugs, fittings, valves, valves, etc.).
  • For the hot water riser, inch pipes (or at least 3/4 inch) are best suited, while half-inch ones are quite suitable for other parts of the system.
  • All pipelines of the system should be laid with a slight bias towards the flow of coolant (from 0.06 to 0.1 degrees).
  • It is recommended to install a separate tap on each battery with which you can control the water supply and, therefore, the heating of the rooms.
  • We recommend to familiarize yourself with:

    • how to make a heat pump with your own hands;
    • how to make a boiler for working out with your own hands.


    Analysis of radiator installation errors:

    You can see how a boiler room can be arranged in a country house by example:


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