Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

After you have made the foundation, erected the walls and installed the roof, you still need to solve a problem such as finishing a wooden house inside and outside. If you built your own wooden house, then its decoration will not be a difficult task for you.

Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

Finishing a wooden log house can be started no earlier than 2 years after construction, that is, after complete shrinkage.

Features of a wooden house

Regardless of whether the exterior or interior of a wooden house will be finished, all work is done only after the log house has shrunk. For a complete drying of a wooden building, it will take about 5 years, but its finishing can begin as early as 1.5-2 years.

Before the finishing of the wooden house will be carried out, all communications must be laid and the walls are covered with antiseptic.

Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

Before the start of the finishing work, it is necessary to cut all the cracks in the log house and treat it with an antiseptic.

Before carrying out these works, the house must be dug in, windows and doors must be installed in it.

There are 2 options for interior decoration of a wooden house: it can be made with preservation of the natural look of wood or it will be covered with modern materials. Now there is such a trend: those who live in a wooden house are trying to finish it as an apartment, and those who live in apartments trim them under a wooden blockhouse.

Interior decoration while preserving the natural look of a wooden house


This type of finishing of a wooden house is quite popular and affordable. The wall paneling can be used both for wall covering and for the ceiling. For the installation of this material is required obreshetka. Conveniently, under the wall paneling you can hide all communication systems and additionally install insulation.

Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

Scheme of interior decoration of a wooden house clapboard.

The wagon board is of three types:

  1. Plain wall paneling in the form of boards without recesses or cutouts. Galvanized nails or screws are used for its fastening.
  2. Universal wall paneling. It has a special lock, so the boards fit tightly to each other, to do it simply, the surface is reliable and even.
  3. The block house is made according to the principle of universal wall paneling; it looks like a round tree. Allows you to refine the house and give it a more expensive and attractive look.

The advantages of this type of finishing of a wooden house are that it preserves its primitiveness, it is not visible possible defects made during construction. The house is additionally insulated, laying is carried out simply and is available to any home master.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting that to improve fire resistance, the lining must be further processed, you must purchase a large amount of additional materials: bars, antiseptic, fasteners, etc.

Wall treatment with paint-and-lacquer coating

Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

Wood treatment with a paint-and-lacquer coating not only gives it a gloss, but also protects the wood from rotting and enhances its operational properties.

When using this option of finishing a wooden house, the building will remain as it is, and its inner surface is simply treated with a paint and varnish coating.

This option is only suitable when the house is built very well. Before performing work, the surface must be carefully polished.

Such finishing can be carried out almost immediately after the construction of the building, there is no need to wait for its shrinkage. If the house was built "in the paw", then the walls are painted, and if "in the bowl", then they are covered with varnish. With this method it is impossible to hide communications, so they should be laid closer to the floor and in the corners.

In this case, the original appearance of the house is preserved, but after shrinking the walls may be bent and this finish will not be able to hide this defect. It is necessary to update the surface of the walls at intervals of approximately once every 4 years.

Finishing a log house in a modern style

Modern style implies an apartment finish.

Use of drywall

This material is versatile and easy to work with. It allows you to cover almost any corners and shapes. To install drywall, it is necessary to make the frame of the profile or timber.

Installing drywall is simple and quick, and also allows you to hide communications. The disadvantage of this material is its low strength and the need for additional processing after installation.

Use of plastic

panels They are installed in the same way as the installation of drywall sheets. Having a choice of different colors allows you to create different patterns. Laying plastic is carried out quite simply and quickly.

Using plaster

Often used is also a type of finish, such as plastering walls. This allows you to level the walls. The disadvantage is that this finish will have to be updated periodically, it will have to be done once every 5 years.

Do not be afraid of experiments and choose the type of interior decoration of a wooden house that suits and suits you.

Exterior finish

This process is more complex. Many materials can be used for both interior and exterior decoration.

Block house decoration

Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

The exterior house decoration scheme of a wooden house block.

Although this method may seem meaningless, it helps to make the correct shape of a wooden house and additionally insulate it. During processing at home, you can add impurities to the antiseptic, then you will get the walls of the desired shade. The distance between the vertical bars of the frame should be 50-60cm.

The advantages of this method are to give the house clear forms, it is additionally insulated and protected from moisture, installation is quick and easy.

The disadvantage is that the material is quite expensive, it is necessary to leave space for ventilation between the walls and panels.

Using siding

Siding is also mounted on the batten, it can be either vinyl or wood. This option is well suited for finishing a log house, as it allows you to give it an attractive appearance and reliably protects the wooden house from moisture and cold.

The material is relatively inexpensive, has a long service life, but it is difficult to install and it is poorly assembled with other finishing materials.

Other finishes

Finishing a wooden house inside and outside with their own hands (photos and video)

The exterior trim scheme of a wooden house with siding.

Natural stone can be used to finish the basement of the house. A cheaper option is to use decorative bricks. This method allows you to reliably strengthen and protect the foundation.

Plastic can be used in conjunction with other finishing materials and it can be used to decorate a house.

Plaster is usually used as the primary layer, it will collapse when the house shrinks.

The use of a professional sheet is justified for a period while the house shrinks and then it is changed to more attractive material.

A rope or a jute rope can be used as a decorative finish, if they are used for processing the building outside, then it is necessary to carry out their additional processing.

In order for the finishing material to be firmly attached, the distance between the battens of the batten should be minimal. It is recommended to bring the caulking iron of all the cracks, no matter what type of trim you will use.

If you do not have experience in carrying out these works, but you still want to do them yourself, it is best to conduct a preliminary consultation with a specialist.

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