How to make a mezzanine do it yourself

In essence, the mezzanine is a shelf located under the ceiling, installed in the corridors of apartments, in kitchens, in bathrooms and toilets. The main thing is that such a design does not adversely affect the ceiling height. It should fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the house. The presence of a mezzanine will solve the problem of cluttering a living area with items that are not used so often. It is easy to make and install a mezzanine; anyone who can use a simple tool will cope with the task.

The main construction details are the frame and bottom. It should be noted that most often the frame is equipped with doors - hinged or sliding. If heavy objects will be stored on the mezzanine, you should equip a reliable mount and the bottom of this simple design.

Since the mezzanine is always located above the head, and this construction is held solely on the side fasteners, they should be made very reliable and strong. To do this, calculate the load mezzanine, because the heavier things will be stored on it, the more powerful should be the fasteners.

How to make a mezzanine do it yourself What is a mezzanine

Before you begin work on making a mezzanine, carefully measure the dimensions , make sure that the construction will not interfere with any of the households, that no one will bang his head against it. It is worth noting that the minimum distance from the mezzanine to the floor is 2 m. The entresol, among other things, must have a comfortable not only height, but also depth. After all, the deeper the design, the more it will be possible to hide things in it, but it is inconvenient to get something out of an overly deep niche. And, then, the depth and height of the mezzanine must be reasonable.

Technological process

Plan how far the mezzanine will be from the floor, draw a horizontal line on the mark. A bar or profile of the required length will be attached to it. All materials must be reliable. And fasteners as much as possible fixed. Cut two of the same length of the bar, and then attach them to the walls on two opposite sides. These bars will form the basis for flooring. The fixing of the bars to the walls depends on the material from which the walls are made.

How to make a mezzanine do it yourself Production of

The bottom of the mezzanine can be made of boards, plywood or chipboard. You will learn about the arrangement of the mezzanine with the bottom of the boards. Lay them on the bars, and then fix it on them. The width of the mezzanine cut plastic profile with grooves. The doors will be fixed on it later. Such segments should be 2. On the ceiling, profiles are fixed with a perforator - one by one.

At this stage you need to make the doors, in this case sliding, moving along the profile. Cut them out of chipboard, you can also use laminate for this purpose. If you have made doors from particle board, then they will need to be opened with paint on the one hand, and on the other - covered with a self-adhesive film of suitable color. To one of the doors if desired, you can fasten a handle.

How to make a mezzanine do it yourself Mezzanine scheme

Insert the finished doors into the profile grooves. Check how easy the doors move on it. Bars and other parts are closed with plastic frames, which should be selected in accordance with the color of the hallway or the doors themselves. Depending on how the ceiling of the corridor is trimmed, finish the bottom of the mezzanine.

How to make a mezzanine do it yourself Screen

It is not necessary to use the doors for the mezzanine, instead you can hang a beautiful curtain. This, so to speak, is an economy option. To do this, take a piece of fabric of the desired size, turn up the bottom and stitch it along the length, leaving a small hole on both sides. Thin fishing line is put into it. The line is fastened to dowels.

Now the finished structure can be loaded with things. To make mezzanines with his own hand is not as difficult as it may seem. Although it is quite difficult to apply the fantasy here, by applying efforts, the mezzanine can be made an attractive part of the interior. Maybe you do not understand something or have any questions on the topic? Then write comments on the article!


The mezzanine production principle is shown in the following video:


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