foundation preparation, installation, instruction (photo and video)

How is laminate being laid on wooden floor? Currently a very popular material as a floor covering is laminate. It can be mounted on various types of bases, including wooden floors. To install the coating base of the tree must be prepared.

foundation preparation, installation, instruction (photo and video)

Laminate construction.

How to lay laminate on wooden floor

First of all, you need to check the foundation for strength. They check not only the surface of the base, but also the frame itself. The coating must be examined, clarified its horizontal position with the help of the construction level. Then you need to tap the surface to determine the presence of deformations. Dismantling the lag is made only if they become unusable.

Laminate on a wooden floor can be laid in the event that it does not have cracks, gaps between boards, does not bend from the load, does not creak, does not have rotten boards and noticeable unevenness. If the base does not meet these requirements, it is necessary to repair it.

Preparation of wooden base

Materials and tools:

foundation preparation, installation, instruction (photo and video)

Laying the laminate.

  • construction level;
  • putty;
  • cement;
  • linseed oil;
  • plywood;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • wedges;
  • grinder;
  • circular saw.

If there are broken boards, they should be replaced with new ones. If the boards are loose, they are fixed with screws. If logs stagger, they are fixed with concrete to the base. To do this, drill a hole and fix the logs with anchors. After that pour concrete.

If the floor sags, you need to disassemble the floorboards in this place. Then put special wedges under the logs for support. If all the logs are deformed, then dismantle the floor and replace the logs. If there are gaps between the boards, they are sealed with putty.

In the event that the base has minor irregularities, they do a scrubbing with a grinding machine. After that remove sawdust and garbage.

To level the base, you can lay sheets of plywood on the old wooden floor. Apply plywood 15 mm thick and more. Sheets are pre-treated with linseed oil. Before laying plywood base level. Under the logs enclose wooden wedges. If adjustable lags are used, the required level is set using adjustment screws.

Sheets of plywood are cut to the required size using a circular saw. Plywood stack and check the horizontal surface. If it is not even enough, then under the sheets enclose the slats. Plywood is fixed to the base.

foundation preparation, installation, instruction (photo and video)

Tools for laying laminate.

After the base has been leveled using one of the above methods, it is necessary to lay a plastic wrap on it for waterproofing. On it lay the substrate under the laminate. The substrate is designed to eliminate irregularities that remain after alignment. In addition, it serves for thermal insulation and noise insulation.

Substrates come from various materials: polyethylene foam, cork, bituminous cloth. They are rolled or sheet. Mounting the substrate do butt. In order for the sheets not to move, they are secured with tape. After that, laminate is laid on the substrate.

Laying laminate

Materials and tools:

  • laminate;
  • wood stoppers;
  • jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • safety bar;
  • plinths.

The first row of the laminate is mounted on the installed substrate. Panels begin to stack from the corner. They are combined ends. At the same time control their location relative to the wall.

Laminate on a wooden floor must be laid across the board. An 8 mm gap is left between the panels and the wall. Along the perimeter stack limiters of wood.

When the first row reaches the opposite wall, you need to trim the panel with an electric jigsaw.

Then they start laying the second row. It is necessary that the seams of the panels do not coincide with the seams of the first row. Due to this, the appearance of the panels will be more aesthetic.

When laying the panels, the seams are displaced. To do this, the installation of the second row start with the rest of the panel, which is located in the first row. The fragment should be more than 20 cm. It is advisable to use 2/3 of the panel.

The second row is performed in the same way. Then join the rows. At the same time, locks can be hammered through a special safety block.

After that, the installation of the panels is continued. They control the correctness of installation and the presence of a gap between the wall and panels.

Details of the last row should be cut along.

It is necessary to observe accuracy. The cut-off line is masked with the help of baseboards.

Thus, they continue laying all the other rows. After installation, when the entire surface of the room is covered, wedges between the wall and panels are removed.At the end of the work around the perimeter of the room install the baseboards.

This is where the laminate flooring on the wooden floor ends. If all stages of the work were performed correctly, in compliance with the technology of laying the coating on the pre-aligned base, the material will be laid firmly and securely. The coating will be durable.

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